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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Wonderland Wedding.....

I know I know!! You are waiting for some details on this !!!!

I was called in ONE WEEK before this wedding to come on out and capture it.
A long time creative friend I knew from way back....and her brother was getting married.
I was never more excited to be a "surprise" gift than this wedding.

This wedding, I was the surprise. :)  It was super super super cool to see the details in MOTION for this wedding....from cupcakes, to a checkerboard cake, drink me bottles, tidbits of gooey chocolateness to eat....and of course...the Alice Bride and the Mad Hatter groom.

This place was very unique....and so were the settings.........

more pictures to come, but for are some of your teasers!!!!!

The Ceremony! The lights were shifting consistently in and out of color.  I chose to shoot both with and without flash! It turned out really cool.  And even cooler, I knew the Pastor performing the ceremony. Now, that was a great surprise!
I really loved the guestbook table at the entrance of this space.  So I grabbed the bouquet and shot down kinda low perspective with my flash.  There was very little ambient lighting near this table that would work! :) I love it.
With the urging of my friend at the wedding, we started to create long exposure fun images! Oh my GOODNESS we had so much fun! I can't wait to post all of them.  I just chose this one really fast because it was like a splash of light exploding all around them.  I love that about light, you can capture it in many ways. Thank you, Angela!
These tea cups were PRECIOUS, and also the settings of the tables were really neat with the mis-matched saucers and cups.  It was perfect for this wonderland.  So I captured their rings atop the flipped tea cup with the text on it.
Again, another venue shot! They have a screen/sheet that you can create your own shadow dancing & shows.  I shot this just as I was leaving...because everyone was having so much fun just playing.  :)
In addition to the bride/groom vows- the daughter was given this gift and vows of her own in the new adventure and marriage.  I have other pictures, but I chose this one quickly to show how pretty she and the gift was.  I don't think you could have said or done it better! :)  Love indeed.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Herez to a new year.

2012 isn't here yet, but my mind is already there. 

My body is not.  I have been pigging out a little too much over these last 2 weeks...and I'm feeling the effects.  I don't like it and I don't really care for myself right now! Oh my GOODNESS! 

I realized also, that my attitude in not feeling good about me -makes me also not very likeable or energetic anymore.  I don't like that.  I like feeling good about me and where I'm at physically!  I am strong....I am more fit than I've ever been...but yet my body fat percentage is just nutz.  I'm here to tell you, January 1....this will change.

I'm formulating some great plans and thoughts in my mind to get myself educated on the nutrition factors of what it takes to be leaner, and yet stay strong for my body type. :)  I have some serious reading to do...some serious meal planning to do...and more importantly - the DAILY walking it out to reach goals. :)

I'm sure we can all relate at some points in our lives....:)
I'm happy to make some changes, because when I don't feel my best - it shows. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week, I'll be checking in later to update you on my business stuff...and of course, my random personal musings!!!!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, HAPPY HAPPY all-holidays.

I can't wait to share the fun things of 2012 already coming my way.  I have some things to get together before anything happens - but I have a few weeks to do so.  So many many many fun things to prep for...and enjoy on this journey. 

My article about the business is going to be featured in spring now, instead of this week.  I can't wait to see it because I think the writers on this are super duper.

A few of my weddings are also going to be featured in an online magazine in the UK.  I can't tell you how exciting THAT feels just to know that the images will be appreciated beyond borders.  I can't wait to see how that one turns out too.  I'm open for whatever surprises are coming my way - as well as staying in tune with opportunities that are for me only.  I've spent a lot of time trying to stay focused on MY purpose here...not anyone else's. 

That is probably the only piece of advice I can give anyone right now. 
Stay true to YOURSELF and what you were created to do, not what your friends and family tell you ...or even the lies you may tell yourself to convince yourself.  I've always thought I'm weird anyways....I like things others don't like.  Though, I still find commonalities with others. :)  I love relating. 

I'm really in a great place of loving life...and living life.  More than ever before.
I can't turn back now.  I'm all in.  and.....

it is my time.

Thanks to everyone who has made this possible. Yes, even the bad experiences took me much as the good.  I"m thankful for every bit of every relationship I had to get me here.  I've learned a lot...about others and about myself.  Thank you. :)

I'm sure I'll have more to write later...for now....

Happy Holidays (whichever one you choose to celebrate this year)

Sending love your way,


Monday, December 19, 2011

When I make art....................

I am finishing up the last stages of my Corsicana Wedding!
WHAT A FANTASTIC time I've has been busy, but I am getting it done.  The rush of Christmas and hub-ub of life...has got me going full-steam-ahead!!!!! 

So today, I sat down for a bit to create some art...
I really wanted to explain something out...that I think is actually quite fun. :)

....during the wedding time...I stole them away to get some couples' portraits....
well, intitally i had found this GREAT spot! omg, it had lighting already there, (i hate my flash, i really do) ....and I had this great layout my brain...............

Here, let me show you.  (this was my personal spazzy smiley moment)

OOOO my insides were giddy on this! can u imagine the fun....hmmm?????  Minus the blue would have been really really neat lighting.  Later that nite, the sky was not there. :) It was super pitch black night-time.
In between THIS picture above and THIS picture below...there was a long long long time of waiting, parades, searches for music...introductions, reception time....and.......BAM!  (read the caption on the picture) ......heheehehe

What? what is this car? can we move it? Whose is this? Where did it come from, oh no, itz in my am i going to get that picture i wanted...oh my...we're all in a hurry, i better hurry...don't have time, i guess i'll compromise a nice window shot, v. the awesome i saw. :) (these are my thoughts) :):):):)
Ok, so let's try this....let's see how it goes...and if I'll be ok with it! Hmm, so I try this, and several others poses in this spot...still doesn't measure up to what I wanted....

It is ok, but not what i wanted.....however, I do like it - just not my initial vision right? Hang on with me...itz a Jen-land. 
I proceed to try other things in other spots...and then end the night with the getaway...all the while in my mind...thinking, wow, I may have to just settle OR..........later on I'm thinking to do still have this great test image....what would happen if...................

In the end, Knowing i would have to come home and maybe try to get a photoshopped version of what I really wanted....I was kinda pleased w/ the outcome.  It is very simple, very ghostly feeling...but very romantic.  I wouldn't take it back! :)  I really really love it. 
What scenarios have you wished you could have CHANGED immediately to get the shot you wanted?  Why didn't you change it? What stopped you?  What will you do the next time you run into this?  These will be the questions I'll ask myself.  I hope to always push past compromise - but sometimes it wins...and sometimes, I get to have exceptional fun making art, post-process. :)

Go have some fun!


BIG THANKS and the upcoming fun of 2012.

So, I know itz not 2012 yet...but I feel like it is right around the corner. U know, cause my mind and heart are already there!  I"m too excited for what is on my plate soon.  Got some GREAT weddings lining up for 2012...already...and each all so unique. :)  I will take them all on with my whole heart and embrace ALL challenges!!!!  I cannot wait.

I really am going to take some time this year and compose a huge THANK YOU to all my clients....from the past 4 years....I wish i could personally thank you all, and I'm going to do my best to let you know how I've appreciated the support!!!

There is an article currently being written about me...that I'm quite nervous about...I asked for it...and I helped contribute points...but still, I'm very nervous about the outcomes.  This is such a big deal to me...I'm super nervous...yet super confident about what is coming. :)  It has been a blast so far, I only imagine that there are many great things ahead. :) 

I hope that in 2012, I see you.....say hi, take your picture, capture your life...and give a hug or smile!

Stay tuned ....cause itz gonna get fun yall. :)

Love Jen

Thursday, December 15, 2011

One of my favorite Groom pictures this year....

I don't know if I shared this....but I'm sharing again...if I already did. LOL :)

This picture makes me laugh, a LOT!
When shootings weddings we do try to get as much done "before" as know...getting ready...tying ties...all that fun detail stuff that the bride & groom want....

We kinda went all out this time....Mark was SO funny, he actually crawled back in bed with his covers up to his face....then pulled out his laptop....and THEN pretended to throw a pillow at us...and THEN...this was kinda this moment just after the pillow...where I feel like it is a "surprise" that we are!

I just love this picture, but you had to be there. :) lol!!!!!

Again, congrats  Mark & Kabinda.

Monday, December 12, 2011

the best THANK YOU!!!!!

Rec'd from the Wednesday's Child office!!!! :)  In which I did the photo sessions with Santa!!!!

            Thank you for coming out and celebrating the holiday with Friends of Wednesday’s Child and North Texas foster children on Saturday. You guys were amazing! I can hardly believe we had 174 youth here on Saturday in our offices.  The kids loved their hot chocolate, making crafts, seeing Santa and decorating cookies.  Kids were all smiles after they asked Santa for a gift and then went to pick out a gift from our toy collection and found what they had just asked Santa for.

We almost doubled the amount of youth we served this year compared with last year’s holiday party.  This could not have been done without our gracious volunteers or our wonderful donors who donated gifts, money and supplies!  We greatly appreciate all that you have done for the foster youth!  I wanted you to hear thank you from someone other than me so here is a thank you note I received from a foster parent today.

“On behalf of me, my wife and my 4 foster children I wanted to thank you for having that wonderful Christmas party, the children enjoyed the activities, Santa and the gifts they received. Please continue in doing the wonderful job you and your staffs are doing to help these children. I
know the parents appreciate it and I know you don’t always get the recognition you deserve, but believe you me, my wife and I see it, and we had to let you. Once again, thank you and please thank your staff and volunteers for spending part of their lives with these children, god knows they need more days like the ones they had Saturday.
Thank You”

I hope each of you enjoy spending the holidays with your loved ones!
Merry Christmas!

Here is a highlight of what we did, but I can't show any faces. :) The only faces I could show, are the workers of the office. ;) lol!!!!!

Hope you ALL get a chance to show your love this season....It is NOT just one time a year. :) 

Much Love


Saturday, December 10, 2011


I was in the mood to create some nature-y types of art for Kellie & Jason.
I did several versions, but decided to post this one.  I just loved the idea of the branches surrounding them.
I also played with a "globe" type feel, with a spherized effect. (in their album)  
Art is a process....and so, it evolves. :)

But, tonite...I leave you with this one!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Corsicana Teasers!

I have worked on some very brief art....for this lovely young couple!!! Jarod & Hayley!

We did a drive into Corsicana to shoot their wedding last Saturday...
it was raining...most of the way in.........and of course, night-time settles in by 530pm. :)
Here are some fun teasers I scooped up so far!!!!

Supreme night-time flash shot - you can see the rain sprinkles reflecting off my lens! lol :)

I had wanted to shoot them in this hallway.  IT was hilariously TINY to walk through and it was one of the main passages from the ceremony room to the reception room.  Here they are, waiting to be announced.  This was probably the best lit area in the whole building! :) Way fun!
The bride with a VERY joyous smile coming down the aisle. :)  We had a delay from a Christmas parade in the well as a delay to find some music for her to walk to.  She handled it like a pro. and like a woman ready to get married to the love of her life! :)  

Congrats you two!!!! More to come...these are just me playing around! :)

Much Love,

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Continuing Teaser-Ville.

Because I've been in a spazzy mood....I've been trying to be super-productive before the wedding TOMORROW....(saturday)...err, today. whatever. ;0

So, I wanted to breeze through some more photos from my Nov. 20th wedding. :)

Simple, elegant-tay....and woodsy. :)
You will see more nature-y inspired art with them, because she is a HUGE lover of it. :)
By art, I don't just mean these lovely eh-hem presets or whatever you see come out here...I tend to go a step further with my couples...there are some GREAT ideas out there waiting to be used...and I plan on exploring EACH wedding to their own artistic potential. ;)  This should be a really fun one.

I aim to please my clients. :)

more to come soon.....................

Kissing the was so quiet out there...and so peaceful...
I didn't even set her up for this.  We were starting to wonder when the groom was going out there...and sure enough...she was LOOKING for him!!! tee hee hee. :)
Jason & Kellie, hope you start to enjoy the many pictures coming your way!!!!


The SURPRISE wedding gallery.

So, very soon I hope to gather the entire story for you...the fun tidbits of how all this came about....and the secrets we kept, til the day of. :)
The dad had no idea when he walked out of the house, he would give his daughter away!
The mom had no idea....
and this was the result. :)

Love me,

Nathan & Katherine - SURPRISE Princess Bride Wedding

Hope to see some of you soon, especially my future brides for 2012. :)

Let's get creating!

Here are a couple of nice fun ones. ;) I was feeling the vintage old picture style for them.


Monday, November 28, 2011

WHY am I not having specials or discounts today? :)

Because there are AMAZING things ahead for the dreams of my business in 2012.  I aim to give TIME to you....for ALWAYS an amazing price.  I am spending the rest of my year gearing up for the dreams that are ahead...and the things on my list that need to happen.  I cannot wait to share them with you as time goes.  I am excited to meet the future people that I can share my passions with.  The faces I'll capture, the moments I'll embrace.

If you are needing ANY kind of portraits right now, I have just a few slots left in December. :)

For those of you that participated in the EYES project, keep a look out - this is going to start happening soon.  I still need to secure a gallery to show at, but first - I must get the pieces completed. :)  Stay tuned for THAT!!!! You are going to love it, I just know it. :)

Meanwhile, if you are someone you know are getting married or are about to get engaged!  Please have them contact me for my package for their wedding day.  :)  I have some more amazing stories coming up in 2012 that I cannot wait to capture!!!!! 

I look forward to hearing more amazing stories this next year...and meeting some of the coolest people in the world, yes YOU. :)

Take care, and talk soon!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Inside Portrait : The Artist.

i've noticed....while most seem to jump into the flow....i seem to want to swim against it.....and make my own way. lol. I dunno - I move slower than most...but what I do - has meaning to me now. I fail and succeed. But, mostly succeed.
because failure does lead to success.
some may call it stubborn, but what i see it as now....I want to know what i'm doing and WHY. I don't want to blindly "copy" things to get where I'm going.

i still have my many seas of doubts...but in the end...i'm free, i love...and i learn...i think if i ever stopped learning and growing, i would be in "failure" mode. The light is green. So I'm GOING! :)

I'm thankful for all of you. 
I'm thankful for my husband.
I'm thankful that I have a life to live, and a creative gift to explore.
I'm thankful for quiet times.
I'm thankful for crazee times.
(inside and out) 
I'm thankful for forgivness.
I'm thankful for redemption.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A wedding summed up, in HEART sparklers.

Hey I thought it was super cool, these sparklers were heart-shaped.
But more than that, I think it FITS with the whole theme of this wedding.
We all had a little SPARKLE that nite. :)

From the surprise, Princess Bride, 20's themed costume party turned wedding day.:)

Monday, November 21, 2011

A fun-filled weekend! HIGHLIGHTS here!

So! I had a fun fun fun filled weekend with a TRIPLE action packed wedding weekend.  This normally doesn't happen to me, actually it is rare. My professional goal usually, is to stay at one a month..... :)  However, with the weddings that came my way this weekend - it was a plan that fell in place with such precision, that I could not help but surrender to it all and embrace the challenges and most of all the LOVE that came out of these events. :)


A long time friend of married.  It was a true celebration of finding love and committing love...before all to see.  I was fortunate to be called up to shoot the wedding and meet the man she would spend the rest of her life with.  We went to Biz school together (CTI Business) , so I have a fondness and a story with this lovely woman!  I would like to say congrats to Kabinda, my friend.

A quick picture of them together (L) and her getting ready and adjusting the veil (R)

Another long time friend of the family. ;)  I'm very fond of! I got the call one day...about a secret wedding...NOT to be shared with anyone til the day of.  It was masked underneath a birthday party...and later I found out - a costume party. :)  So everyone was AMAZED when we walked in...and there stood the officiant, the bride and groom, best "Maam"....and MOH. :)  There were gasps...squeals...tears....and I actually hope to share their entire story with you.  I could not stop tearing up.  How is one supposed to take pictures and cry? :)  Congrats....Nathan and Kathy. :) This is the video of the will be coming soon .... :)  The video is important - because of the VOWS.  Take a listen. :)

Kellie found me through a sometimes hit and miss channel in craigslist.  I love surprises like this.  She and her family were so welcoming and fun.  They were partying it up out at the La Cantera ranch...and the weather, while chilly, was quite amazing.  We had a super overcast of cloud cover with just enough time and NO thunderstorms!!!!...and it was gorgeously beautiful and fast. :)  Thanks to her and all the friends & family for having so much fun.  We truly enjoyed our time!  Congrats to Jason & Kellie!!!!  And thank you for the lucky bamboo!!!!!
The announcment! Mr & Mrs (here comes the bouquet) (L) -
A lovely naturey photo request from the bride GORGEOUS shot (R)

Thanks again, to all the friends & family of all the couples.  You helped make their day VERY SPECIAL!!!!!
I could tell in each event, LOVE was present in all the greatest forms!!!
Lots of smiles and laughter. :)

Until next time...............

from Pink Light Images

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Engagement Art.

Herez some ART for a recent engagement session! :)  fun times. :)

Kindof a mishmash of stairs. 

Architecture and color overload - I didn't really change THAT much of the original coloring.  But the blends brought out new things, as always. :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

And couch FOR THE WIN!

There are days...where things seem to come together...after many years...of collecting and using pieces of furniture that did their part.  I gave away 2 couches this past week...and left myself open to receive a new one.  Actually, I received more than that!  I was dreaming of a couch with legs...but I did not dream up this FANTASTIC shape...or COLOR!!!! WOW!  I'm a fan of what I call "Blue Man Blue"...or sometimes called Cobalt Blue.  It really truly is an amazing shade of blue, made just for me.  Colorful, bright and homey.  It is a little sectional couch, and all together probably about 8ft long - but apart pretty easy to manuever.

I made a quick stop downtown after having a late nite inspiration search online and on Facebook.  I found this couch on a website that I had seen the previous couple of weeks, but THIS couch was not on there. :)  I needed something multi-functional - and able to be used as a prop for photography - at my leisure.  This double win came as a big surprise...and def. a huge blessing.

These 2 you CANNOT find at Ikea...not even close.  Matter of fact, Ikea's cheapest couch is maybe $300 or so....and the 2 of these together were a great price, even on sale. :)  AMAZING.  They definitely have been loved and used, but still remain in really good structure and soundness.  I'm excited to present to you....a more "finished" look for my living room/studio. :) 

My car is filled to the brim with Cobalt Blue Couch!!!!
Fabulous vintage find at a local Dallas place..."sectional"
Using my 13yr old 1950's lamps as accessories, plus my lovely glass decanter.  I have bought various objects over the years, and it is really really NEAT to see them all come together in the matter of a day.

The wooden cube came from my previous full-time which as we were downsizing, extra furniture was being tossed out.  I had ALWAYS loved that cube.  Well, that was 2008 when I got laid off and I got to take it home!!!!  It has been in a corner and un-used since 08.   The lamp is a twin from a find in Paris TX in 1998.  It was the year I saw Titanic for the first time...and these lamps have traveled EVERYWHERE with me since 98 and have survived!  They never really "fit in" per say - but at the heart of it - they are totally my style and I was ALWAYS in love w/ the lampshades!!!!  I also added the little glass decanter, because I bought that also many years ago.  Probably in Oklahoma somewherz, because in 1999 I lived in the Adair/Tulsa area and often found cool things to buy.  I probably bought it there. :)  But it was not the whopping $40 that I see ppl charging for it - it was like $8. :)  Definitely a great find in my wild life of moving.

I said all of this to say.
In one day, all these pieces I've had for years - made sense. :) 
I was envisioning the completed project in which I could make various scenarios from these couches...leaving room for creativity and fun.  I'm in awe that God hears and knows our simplest desires to illustrate a point.  He is out there, and if we let him - he will be a part of our life and live through our every joy and our every moment of despair. :) Thank you God! U are awesome. :)

And yes, even when couch shopping. :) 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Introducing: the Aurora Borealis Bride! :) September 2011

I'm posting this picture...because to me, it is significant to what I do. :)
Plus, I was inspired when I PRINTED this!!!! It was very beautiful.!!!!!
This is from a September 2011 wedding.

So maybe most of you don't "get it".

That is ok!  The great thing about being an artist is just that.  There are a lot of things that I may do in this lifetime that make no sense to you, but simply are reflections of visions within ME.

This picture came about FIRST by observing the colors of the stained-glass windows of the Catholic Church....and having her sit among those colors to give a very interesting and different perspective on a bride to be.  Everyone has their own voice & style - and she is no different.  She is unique!

After I took this, I was pleased with the original outcome, but wanted to take it a step further when I saw this same phenomenon reflecting on the floor during the ceremony.  Then, with all my creativity in motion - I created this cloudy swirl of haze surrounding her.   I do call this my Aurora Borealis bride - because if you have ever seen those lights in real life or in picture - they kind give this kindof GLOW.  You know?

So, I ask you - photographers out there - what kind of lighting scenario can you capture today, that gives you that same "feel"?  Is it a streetlamp?  An oven light?  A laser pointer?  Go out and play and find your light!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I had the pleasure of taking a very very VERY quick trip to Seattle and hang with my friend Becka and go to a Con at the Seattle Center.  It was really really fun.  I almost wish there had been more time for me to bounce around between all the workshops - because I only got to go to a few.  And it would have been neat to learn some more stuff - but there were some DISTANCE issues between several of them, and I just coudn't walk fast enough - nor did i bring a compact mode of transportation to make it FASTER! Either way, I had a are some highlights!!!!

This was my view coming towards Seattle the last minutes of the flight! AMAZING!!!!
The Fremont Troll - thanks to Becka for us finding it - sad to say he was he looks like he is wearing some bad makeup. :) lol!
Made it to the Pike's Market to see flying fish and we bought FABULOUS vintage hats. :)  I almost gave up til we found the Duffers store and found my AWESOME pink hat!!!!
This is Becka's ab-fab tea hat I like to call it. :)  It is a fabulous orange with ribbony tulle feeling stuff woven around it. She got TONS of compliments!
If it is not rainbows seeking me out, I thought it was hilarious that I found another green stripey shirt!  I love it, so I took a picture! of course! :)
A puppeteer from the movie Labyrinth!
From the PUPPET making workshop - I only had 10 minutes to make a puppet cause I was SO late.  But I made it in time to see a few other awesome puppets people had made!  SO FUN!
Me, with the OE girls.  I stood first in line for an hour to see their panel and meet them.  Then i was fortunate to hang for a bit later that nite after the Con.  Good thing too, they played the WHOLE movie Labyrinth at the end! WOW!
It is moments like this - that i love!  A random mini photo shoot in the bathroom at the Con!  A Monarch Henchgirl....and I could NOT pass up this amazing tile and coloring with her yellow and orange fabulousness. Thank you!
So, I had PLENTY of spare time since I missed the YODA PUPPET workshop...and they wouldn't let me i went to the space needle and had a few great moments with just me and my camera. :)  The view was really great too! (from up top) and got my obligitory souvenir photo in the blog post below. ;)
OK! and SHE didn't miss the Yoda puppet workshop, so I took her picture!  This way I can make my own sometime.  You know, just for fun!  She also had an r2d2 HAT plus made a Yoda and R2D2 stick puppet!  The large yoda is a paper sack. :)  It all works out in the end, and was GREAT fun.  I vote for a longer workshop next time.

Thanks to everyone!  I think you are all awesome!!!!
My trip was fast and fun.

I hope to go back someday. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where was I ?

You have 1 guess!

My green screened token tourist photo. :)
I will expound....later.... :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lalo+Vi - in a stunning night of calm, peace and FUN!!!!!!

I was verrrrrrrrry excited to be brought in last minute for this wedding.  This is one of my new interns passionate about learning photography and what it will take to make things happen.  I've never met someone with the passion to make things happen like this woman.  It just so happens - I tossed her into a wedding - in which she had no knowlege - no experience....and she came out overwhelmed and learned a lot!  Just the fact she had the courage to do it- reminded me of me.  Sometimes you just gotta DO IT!  Anyways - back in July she was still a bride-to-be and actually taking "notes" at the wedding.  But here she is now, on the other side - the BRIDE and GROOM got married yesterday...and they celebrated all night!  Enjoy some teasers!

A brief moment in between wedding/reception - AH beautiful!

Exploring their room at the NYLO

As the night was closing down - I stole this light moment.

I think this was my first official Catholic wedding, so being far away was difficult, but manageable!
I hope yall have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!
It is time to have some great down time...and go see a movie with my husband!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Memorial Bride...

In my short sweet trip to DC - to see my lovely friend...(and fellow BLUE MAN GROUP lover)....I was able to see her perform in Batala, see a baseball game and then drop her into a wedding dress for a casual photo shoot involving some *monumental* areas. :)
a quiet moment, where she didn't know i was shooting...just yet. :)

another moment, in between moments.  I did have to photoshop a light pole out - it was just in the way, no matter what.
making our first walks towards all the monuments....but i saw this tree....

beginning, at Jefferson - again - removed light pole that came out of her head. :) 

A sweet moment at Lincoln - but please, the reflection pool was DIRT! omg!

another pretty moment walking through the FDR memorial....
We visited all sorts of locations, moving around - walking around.  Probably walked a couple of miles and hurt a little after, but WHAT FUN.  What city do you live in?  What can you explore around you that you have not before?  Go out, and play!