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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I had the pleasure of taking a very very VERY quick trip to Seattle and hang with my friend Becka and go to a Con at the Seattle Center.  It was really really fun.  I almost wish there had been more time for me to bounce around between all the workshops - because I only got to go to a few.  And it would have been neat to learn some more stuff - but there were some DISTANCE issues between several of them, and I just coudn't walk fast enough - nor did i bring a compact mode of transportation to make it FASTER! Either way, I had a are some highlights!!!!

This was my view coming towards Seattle the last minutes of the flight! AMAZING!!!!
The Fremont Troll - thanks to Becka for us finding it - sad to say he was he looks like he is wearing some bad makeup. :) lol!
Made it to the Pike's Market to see flying fish and we bought FABULOUS vintage hats. :)  I almost gave up til we found the Duffers store and found my AWESOME pink hat!!!!
This is Becka's ab-fab tea hat I like to call it. :)  It is a fabulous orange with ribbony tulle feeling stuff woven around it. She got TONS of compliments!
If it is not rainbows seeking me out, I thought it was hilarious that I found another green stripey shirt!  I love it, so I took a picture! of course! :)
A puppeteer from the movie Labyrinth!
From the PUPPET making workshop - I only had 10 minutes to make a puppet cause I was SO late.  But I made it in time to see a few other awesome puppets people had made!  SO FUN!
Me, with the OE girls.  I stood first in line for an hour to see their panel and meet them.  Then i was fortunate to hang for a bit later that nite after the Con.  Good thing too, they played the WHOLE movie Labyrinth at the end! WOW!
It is moments like this - that i love!  A random mini photo shoot in the bathroom at the Con!  A Monarch Henchgirl....and I could NOT pass up this amazing tile and coloring with her yellow and orange fabulousness. Thank you!
So, I had PLENTY of spare time since I missed the YODA PUPPET workshop...and they wouldn't let me i went to the space needle and had a few great moments with just me and my camera. :)  The view was really great too! (from up top) and got my obligitory souvenir photo in the blog post below. ;)
OK! and SHE didn't miss the Yoda puppet workshop, so I took her picture!  This way I can make my own sometime.  You know, just for fun!  She also had an r2d2 HAT plus made a Yoda and R2D2 stick puppet!  The large yoda is a paper sack. :)  It all works out in the end, and was GREAT fun.  I vote for a longer workshop next time.

Thanks to everyone!  I think you are all awesome!!!!
My trip was fast and fun.

I hope to go back someday. :)

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