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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A time to dream, A time to live the dream.

There are cycles and changes in our lives all the time.
There are times when we are asleep, hibernating, there are times of growing....
There are times when you get discouraged...and just plain up impatient....
There are times when you spend so much time comparing your life to others...that you always forget that you have YOUR life to live too....
We have all been given a chance to live a dream....
It doesn't always make sense, but it should make some sense to you.
It should shake and quake your heart if you cannot do this dream inside you.
It should make you uncomfortable, even though it is the right thing and the true thing for you.
The unknown usually IS uncomfortable.
All I know is - I'm tasting the next year 2011...and it is good.
I cannot believe the things I'll be walking into.
The things that won't make sense to you, but PERFECT sense to me.
I've spent 34 years to get here.
Wish I could have come here sooner, but you know that timing is everything.
I can't wait for this next year.
May YOUR year be a year of awesomeness, of dreams coming true and happiness and joy, wherever you are. 

Much Love

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas to all...........and Happy New Year!!!!

I am SO thankful to all my friends, family, husband for this has been QUITE a journey!!!
I only expect 2011 to hold more surprises....and more wonderful experiences than ever before.

Thanks to you all for experiencing my $50 special - it was a pleasure to serve you this season, and I sure hope you enjoy all the awesome pictures we were able to create!!! :)   I will see you in 2011!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

What is going down SATURDAY NITEEEEEEEE? :)


Rarmai Dallas-Fort Worth Area Photographer -

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jen's Photo Booth Experiences.....

So when I get the FUN honor of shooting "Photo Booth" style...I usually try to see what can happen in the space I'm in.  Sometimes I keep it simple, other times I let myself go on a decoration spree.  This time, it being so close and i mean CLOSE to Christmas - I opted for the Christmas paper and decorations along with my wondeful collaborator Sherry - we created a simple and fun scene fit for all those to enjoy. 

I'm glad to be around the creative energy that is Art Love Magic, because I usually get to have fun without even trying.  It is like watching things happen and just sitting back & snapping.  Other times, I get to direct or zoom in on someone's features if they let me. :)  I understand there is a lot of trust when it comes to the photographer and the client.  I just don't think about it.  I usually throw myself out there heart & soul and see what happens.

So forgive me if I move fast....:)

Jen's Photo Booth Experiences:

"Where you can get tangled up in decorations and not get into trouble!"
"Where snowflakes and sunglasses become a theme of the evening"
"Where you can BE yourself!"  (Eddie's first time in booth EVER!)
"Where friends can laugh and make silly faces all nite"....
"Where hyper-creativity can be cool, like this picture above"
"Where you think you are having a bad hair day, but really it is gorgeous, especially when standing next to Josh."
So there you have some fun pictures and captions from my experiences.
Really, it is not me, but when YOU bring yourself and interact with me is when the Imagery comes to life.

My tips for the rest of 2010:

When it comes to booking your next Photographer
-realize that you bring something to the table too!
-don't hesitate to bring ideas & creativity to the scene!
-what may look "bad" to you, can actually be gorgeous in art.
-embrace your own BEAUTY within.  *****IMPORTANT*****

Have a Merry Merry Christmas !!!!!!

Love Jen

Friday, December 10, 2010

Guess the Celebrity!

so i have NO DOUBT who this client looks like.
What do you think? What are your guesses? :)

She looks amazing. :)
This was from my shoot today.....and boy, was I surprised at the fun and art that I just created for her.
More to come I'm sure, but for now...just check this out. :)
This is her teaser album so far: 

Headshots and Artwork....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fun Art from tonite....

Just doing some fun art....
having fun...and looking into the future.

and i look much better, than i look right now. :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A futuristic outlook into 2011...

In this very last month of wildness....
I'm in the process of trying to stay focused on the tasks at hand...
the things to be written, produced, thought about...

Change is the hardest, most fulfilling thing we do....i'd like to say it is easy to stay where I am, but it is not my destiny...I'm meant for more....I've got more potential to unlock...

I'm just ready to live the dreams in reality...more and more.
I can't wait. :)

It has been a long road of 34 years to get here...and I'm thankful. :)