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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photographing Sentimental Objects!

I photographed sentimental objects that were from my great-grandmother's remaining items from when she passed away. I still have a whole bunch to go, but itz been fun to know that great-grandma had her own unique style and that through the years...she came to be known as "red lips" . ahahah!!!!

ENCOURAGEMENT: This goes to show you that at can use your gift as a photographer to document things that most others don't have a desire to.

As I was on my trip - i realized just how much ppl don't like their photos taken...but let me ask you do you want your children's children's children remembered? How will they know where they came from? Have you looked at your grandparents photos when they were in high school? SOMEONE had to take the photo. That someone is YOU! I had SO much fun learning about my grandparents & looking at their photos. I took PHOTOS of their photos so i could bring them home with me!!!! I also took secret video with my point & shoot so that i could bring them home on a video for more LIVE re-living. :) You can see them on my facebook.

Anyways - hope you all have a wonderful WONDERFUL week....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Yet ANOTHER fabulous wedding on 8/15!!!!

I was EXCITED to work with Joy on this one. She has been a great friend & fellow photographer. I brought along my friend Catoe who did a very successful photo booth down the hallway during the reception. I believe all turned out wonderful...We all got different photos...and I know we HAD to have all gotten complimentary photos. :)
Here are some highlights...but most of the preview photos will be on my smugmug...

we are waiting for the "big reveal" when the bride & groom return from their honeymoon!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Why not me?

Why not you?

What i've learned so that you can teach at any level....there is always someone to learn from...AND someone to teach. You may find yourself gathering around friends with like-minded passions...and you discover you sharpen each other, you help each GROW. :)

I've been thankful to have a handful of ppl that help me to grow as an artist.

I'm looking forward to the future...

Tomorrow...i'm going to help a friend do a wedding...first time to work with her!!! Course, i've been "working" with her for months now as friends. Sharpening, enhancing...sharing. Itz been wonderful. I hope to help her do a GREAT job! YEA!!!! We already had fun at the bridal shoot. :)

So, where I volunteer my Space Studio...and we were discussing having our Space Commander Hal do a workshop....but also maybe ME doing a short-topic speak/teach thing. I think we all have something to say where we have come from...what we have experienced. The joys, the frustrations...and ALL that is our dream!!!

We'll see...details will be TBA....

meanwhile.......i'm going to be EXCITED to see my family next week.

Until next time,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I believe in INNOVATION

I believe in INNOVATION.

I'm sure most ppl will tell you"whatever photo you can think of has already been done"...well i choose to just toss that aside and as i'm on this journey of creativity and photography...i'm going to FOCUS on these images that pop into my head...that is DEFinitely from DIVINE inspiration. I don't care about copying magazines or ideas from others. I know there are awesome "cookie cutter" ways we capture things...and to keep myself on the path...i'm going to aim to continue to be myselfAND innovate new things!I'm going to follow through w/ trying new things...yet still maintaining ME.I'm too excited about this mini-revelation...that God is every so me the innovations I desire.The creator IS creativity. :)
Examples of what i have been given so far:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Gorgeous Wedding!!!! on 8/8

Ah! there was ART and LOVE in the mix this entire weekend!!!

My Team and I shot a wedding on Lovers Lane...AND...out at Winfrey Point at White Rock Lake! I tried some new ideas...and overall had a great time watching the families join, celebrate and have fun. I was truly blessed to be given that was amazing.

Course, after I left the wedding...I went straight to finish out my weekend with nite 2 of my art show ATOMIC PINK! It was a blast and I had to say i crashed til about 11am today. :)
Here are some favs from the wedding so far....
we do some quick bridals....near the pipe organ...VERRRRY kewl.
there were also a lot of stained glass windows we stole a few moments here.
and definitely stole a few MORE moments w/ the happy couple for their lovey dovey shots! YEA!
i'm very proud of this was that sweet time of nite! oh yea...w/ a street lamp lighting up the green grass...and that time right at nite when your shutter is low...and the colors are bright...i did NO photoshop or lightroom on these. This is just practice makes more perfect.
we were only allowed to be in the balcony or at the rear of the church during the me & my hubby did the best we could! but i love this shot...the newly married couple, followed closely by the flower girl. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So, my artwork was graciously hung in LIFE in deep ellum.
along with 30+ other artists that have done amazing work!!!!

The LIVE interactive artist event starts this Friday, August 7th at 8pm-til midnite.
I will be doing FREE photography in my "booth" space towards the back. I hope you can make it out and come see us!!!! Tickets have been reduced to $8 a nite.

August 8th - we have day #2 of the event!!!! Lots and lots of live art, live music and MORE photography from very talented ladies!!!! :)

You will not be disappointed.
Come support your local artists...and make a difference in your community!