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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

about a MONTH til the Dream Center!!!!

Hey everyone...just checking into Jen's life today....and remembering that on July 2nd, I'll be heading to Los Angeles to the Dream Center.  I cannot wait to get going....and see what God is going to show me and teach me while there.  I know my heart is to simply SEE better and be able to help others the way God does...u know, by shining the light...and maybe even just giving hugs.  They help almost everyone you could ever think of there.  The pastor has such a big heart...and they use an old hospital building (which is fitting) for anyone hurting, lost and just plain wounded - they can find hope and healing there.

Sometimes I know, God meets us where we are - in our homes, on our job...but sometimes we need to remove ourselves from what is move into a place surrounded with healing and hope.  There are so many factors that stop us from moving forward in our lives...and not having God's's kinda harder and less peaceful.

I'm just kinda nervous, as usual, about what will happen - what I'll see...and will I cry A LOT. ahahah!!! I've found myself being touched by scenarios in which people find hope. I think in this world...we all need a little hope. :)

I have to thank EVERYONE that help to donate financially....and also to everyone that is praying for me...and sending warm thoughts with me.  Really, this was never about me - but I'm the one being sent to see what is out there....and bring it home with me. :)

I pray that in your giving, it is given back to you and then some.

I really appreciate it.  Sometimes I feel alone, but I also remember....i have lots of people I don't get to see much...supporting me.  I may not hear it or see it, but it is there. :)


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bridal Artwork!

Jenny and I didn't get a chance to do bridal portraits...but we did get to steal a few moments during the wedding day to have fun!  i saw this window opening later in the day...and thought, why not merge a picture from earlier in the day to this one....kindof like this simplistic architecture....she seems to float in between everything...and it all makes sense!  I made this one last nite while prepping their images. :) yay!!!!

Hope you enjoy it!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Art in Progress.

I am still working on this one...........I love the purple tones...I love the left side - but am still not sold on the right side.....I've reworked it a few times...and this was the last one so far............

I'm going to step away...and re-visit soon!

meanwhile, enjoy the "so far".

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Makin art.

U know that TRASH and TREASURE saying?
yeaaaaaaaaaa sometimes webcams with bad lighting give you mushy grainy crap. :)
But man, i was in love with my *in transition* blonde hair....and my profile-y face-y shapes.


what is that nasty dark GRAIN on mah faaaaaaaace! oh yea, BAD LIGHTING! :)
Then i was, i know i can make something of this! (as per usual)...I take a few moments to brainstorm by playing in PS or something like that.  U know a combo of LR and PS makes me happy.

So i decided to make it a focus on my hair...and blow out the background.

I also noticed the weird shape my wet hair gave I changed that too. :)

I don't reveal all my secrets...but it is clear...I have fun when I create.

Here is the AFTER:

who is this!?! Oh, itz meeee!!!!
What is the last mess that you made AMAZING? :)

Let's talk.

Friday, May 18, 2012

A little bright light, in a mass of darkness.

I have been feeling so feeling....since coming home from vacation....while trying to jump back into life...and also realizing that taking time to chill is very very important.  April 2012 kicked my butt...and I definitely had a blast working hard and fast...but now, I'm slowing the pace for May. :)  I'm excited to mentally and emotionally prep for June...because I have 2 weddings for sure...that I have a lot of fun to prep for, and amazing images. :) YES!!!!

Anyways, what I have felt lately is just a little quieter....and needing to just sit down and soak some things in.  I've also desperately needed my washer fixed, and itz not fixed yet.  This week I took myself to the laundrymat SUPER large one (6 loader) and did laundry. :)  It was awesome. :)

My heart feels for those right now that are hurting and feel alone....I can't tell you how many times I've felt soooooooooooo alone just in my ideas/heart/thoughts.  Sometimes you just want to be understood or recognized or remembered.  Sometimes, you just simply need the quiet and the darkness.

To express what I'm talking is my photo.

Mexico 2012 - Full Moon over Playa

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Matt+Jenny - April 2012

Here are a couple of small teasers...right out of camera....
I know she thought i was a tad crazy, but LOOK AT THIS, amazing light and amazing bride.
One of the most natural moments I caught the whole day. :) 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thank you ocean!

So, every year my hubby and I go somewhere to chill for a week...we've done so...since we've been married.  Such a great feeling to UNPLUG and really just be and enjoy.  :)  No life expectancies...just enjoying!!! :) so, here you are some of MY favorite images....I really just captured a lot as is....and then did just a few creative things.  MOSTLY with the FIRE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES PLEASE!

one of my FAVORITE of the fire images!!! :) I love it.
Night-time ocean.
this is the moonlight....and wish that was me and zak, but itz not! :)
moon donut.
slow shutter in bright sunlight...looks like hair, LOVE me some palapas.
still have no clue what these berries are on the palm trees!
totally DIGGIN this palm in our backyard is twisted and sideways!
one of the main atriums - was messing with the statue and architecture.
waiting for the theme night of Caribbean buffet!
The only thing this is missing...LIGHTS on the awesome shell where the band is. :)