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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Congrats to Crystal & Kevin!!!!!

this is my May bride Crystal! - she speaks a language most can't hear but can see....her wedding had a LOT of love in it...and a LOT of hearing impaired - so there was a common language spoken everywhere: Sign Language...but most of all, the language of LOVE. :) Congrats to crystal and kevin!!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pearls & Feathers.

So the wedding i'm shooting tomorrow is going to be delicously decorated.  I actually am looking forward to the fun details this bride & groom have in store for us!  She did mention feathers and pearls...and while i was thinking about what i wanted to WEAR....i had an idea pop in...

Letz go into my closet and look for something inspired by this!

I have an older dress bought at Ross a long time ago that is very lacy, sheer feeling, with blue velvet and simple sequins....then i remembered, oh yes - last good friend bought me a fabulous blue feather plume clip to wear in my hair.  *score* again.  THEN...I remember, my great-grandma's belt of pearls to be worn as a belt or necklace that was given to me.  I know this picture doesn't do it justice...but at tomorrow's wedding...I'll take a picture IN the outfit you will see.

You see, the bride is letting me be myself. YAY.

So in order to keep the professionalism, i'm wearing my black "work" pants underneath so I can have the freedom of crawling around and moving without worry. The lacey undershirt is to protect everything else from showing as well! lol!  Then my comfy shoes to keep my feet happy.  Neon stripey sox.  I look forward to having fun & sharing in all the creativity.

I'm praying for peace, creativity and ideas...and innovations while there. 


I know that my dreams are closer than I think.

When i start getting calls from new york city....this is when i get really trippy! lol!!!!
in 09, i got a call from a designer...
a few weeks a call from a family wanting portraits done....

I like these little teasers. ;)
Plus, the fact that i'm GOING to nyc in july...just makes me happy and happier.

I'm getting pumped about the BMG fun coming..the things i will learn & see...the friends i'll be with...those that have an understanding of art & all the things that i go through as an artist....Sometimes, i think you can be a photographer and not be artistic, you can follow a "formula" to do your job...and get things done...

That is great & all, but not all me.  I like the formulas, but i want something deeper and more meaningful...I am by no means a super-professional...but i am....

an artist. ;)

here is my brain on light.
my true brain scan...and if you didnt know...i have a SMILE inside it. ;)

Much love to you all.
I hope and pray you are doing well.

a picture of my brain....on SMILES

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It is time to believe.

I've had such a hard time believing recently that God has his best for me...mostly cause of how quiet it has been...and how so much silence has seemed to overtake me.  I tend to find words to encourage me just when I need taking the time to be still...and really embrace the silence & stillness - is hard for me.  I know I need it, but I most of time am running from it or trying to create "noise". 

This latest art piece is a reminder...that I'm preparing to see myself the way God sees sight will be restored...the empowerment of light will be ever-present even when I fail.  My only goal should be to just be a daughter of the King...and being a person that just relishes in rest and worship and time with God.  Am I there yet? I am on my way.

This piece is the last blinders coming off, so I can be truly soldified in this next phase of my life....and in the next level coming my way.

Love Jen

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It is decidedly so.

This year is turning very interesting so far.
I wish I could share more...but i'm afraid i'm too tired tonite. :)

I'm really inspired by Lady Gaga right now....and i think i heard her new song today...Edge of, that title speaks to me automatically.  God is always talking to me and pulling on my senses.  I sometimes wish i knew more...and sometimes wish i understood what is coming. I just don't...and it is time to ask some questions..and just rest at his feet. :)

I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Post-Vaca shoot! :)

I had a LOT to look forward to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lovely couple..............
a horse, a bike, a field, a building or two....much more to come...but these are some teasers...along with their gallery here:

Friday, May 6, 2011 amazing!

I recently just went on vacation...our yearly, in fact.  We wait all year to take this trip...and it is just a restful unplugged from technology time for us!  I had a blast this time...nothing but vegetation on the beach or in the pool.  Never-ending food for all-inclusiveness.  A few self-timered portraits on the beach...and just some overall fun....

The thing about sunsets in mexico...they are NOT on the beach...they are on the other side.  The sunrise is the icing on the cake that you get in the Mexican Carribean. :)  We had a great time..and actually talked to more people on this trip than we ever have.  Lots of newlyweds & some anniversaries....:)  It was superly duper and I have to say it was nice to soak up the sounds & sun....all in one! :)  Thank you Riviera Maya.  We love ya!

the piles on the beach...are seaweed stacks - about to be hauled off. :) love it.