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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Pink Light Images has had a growth spurt....

I've been dreaming big...the bigger I dream, the more I push myself as an artist.

The coolest thing about 2012 is that I have come so much closer to finding my voice and myself as an artist...I have traveled coast to coast...and met friendly faces in every city. 

I have tried new things...I am finding out what I love...

I am finding that i love TRAVEL and i love capturing WEDDINGS.

If you have worked with me in the past, then you have amazing recommendations for me....I know this to be true!!!  I also know, I'm always pushing more of my heart every time I take a job.  I've never labeled myself perfect, simply creative...and doing the best I can with the gifts I have been given.  :)

ALL of my wedding pricing is changing effective 1/1/2013.

My packages are being refined.

What I offer is going to have a voice of its own.

I am offering only the uniquest part of wedding photography I have....


I am an artist, true to the core-  from the days of a child...drawing and doodling on a piece of paper.
 I've been featured in a magazine in the United Kingdom 3 times for my wedding photography and stories.  I cannot imagine how much more awesome it can get? :)  (and more)

I've sat in front of very talented photographers I admire, and had my work extensively critiqued.
I'll never forget that moment this year.

I also understand, that in working with me - you have to be ok with Pink Hair.  


My heart has always been to serve you 100%.  In serving you, I'm serving the community and the world.  The art I create goes out into the digital world and is seen all over the USA and beyond.

I make look like a flake, but I take my creative gift very seriously and EVERY JOB requires thinking, prep and being open to flexibility.

I've made it through the depths of discouragement....the never-ending questions and critiques to myself.  I've made it through almost 6 years of business without any giving up.
If anything, I'm charged even more to broaden the dreams I have.  
I WILL USE MY CREATIVE GIFTS no matter what!!!!

The artist inside is calling me.

Please contact me ASAP to BOOK YOUR WEDDING DAY photography.
2012 is gone in 5 days....

Then, itz HELLO WORLD,
Pink Light Images is here to *LIGHT YOU UP* :)


A more formal announcement coming soon......


Fun times, post-snow day! :)


If you don't live here, we got some amazing snow yesterday in the dallas area.  It was quite fun...and definitely made a lot of folks happy.  Today, was post-snow - meaning...just be careful when driving.  We just cannot drive here apparently. :)  I personally am familiar with the cold/ I just take my time LOL!!!! :)  Needless to say...I braved my first "wintery" day capture some great images of Mariya.  Thank you girl for your fun times and face!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Mad for each other"......

I was SUPER excited to finally receive my copy of the next UK magazine!!!!!

This little story was just so fun....and being that I was a surprise gift for the bride and made it all the more fun and creative.  I'm very thankful to have been able to capture this wedding.  I'm a fan of the girl who hired me and her passions for photography and artsy things....and after meeting the bride and groom in person - i mean, the WHOLE WEDDING was so very Alice in Wonderland in all ways.  Super cute, super outfitting, super details. :) It was all wonderful. :) 

Enjoy the sneak peek!

Looking forward to the NEXT ISSUE!!!!
We are currently in talks for the next wedding feature....

Merry Christmas everyone!
Happy Holidays to all!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pre-conceptual images - from today.

I'm in the beginning stages of some reflective images and scenarios.
These are the beginning "rough draft" images....
meaning, i'm just playing around - and the full concept will not be posted yet!!! :)

I was just really excited to enjoy this today....and just play around. :)

Thanks to Carrie and Venetia. :)

You are awesome.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Salon Purple - fun salon in FORT WORTH!!!!!

be sure to go check out the folks at Salon Purple!  They have done a great job at a show I was at well as one of the ladies had done my orange and pink.  I had a lot of fun getting their updated salon headshots as well as some other things. :) 

Here are some fun ones.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


This is a day where we remember the AWESOME of the small business!!! Started with passion and determination....and moving towards GREATNESSSSS!!!!! :)

Please give me a call if you need the following:

Photography for your wedding of any shape/size/location.
Various headshots or promotional materials.
Customized ARTWORK and portrait enhancements for you/family/home.

Friday, November 23, 2012

TIS THE SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tis the season for ENGAGEMENTS!!!! get in touch with me now for my packaging and yummyness for your wedding day. I have more than enough awesome to go around for ya. 2013 will bring much fun to be had, much art to be jump on in, the water's fine! :) ♥ - get in touch now at: - THIS INCLUDES DESTINATION WEDDINGS!!!! I'm based in dallas, but an accomplished traveler.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Teasers !!!! - Heather + Jim

here you go! here are some quick fast-like teasers....i wasn't able to grab too much - but have some fun images to post!  This was more a sunset wedding out near the Science Center in Arglington! :)  Daylight savings definitely "saved" us light LOL :)