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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A trip to the prairie!

Little know fact that i spent a few months in Canada over 10 years ago.........and i'm about to see my sister who lives there.  I haven't seen her in 3 years! I'm too excited to go up and see her!  I definitely plan on taking a lot of photos of her bring home with me their faces, their life, their surroundings. :) 

I'm almost done if you don't see me...I'm gone til October 8th! :)

Have a super week! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Photography is...

a tool!  to SERVE my customers and clients!
The following is a wedding where I helped my fellow friend & team-mate in growing photography businesses....Catoe. :)  She needed a 2nd photographer to help her out...and i took it and ran with it.  I also invited a newly found friend to join us at 3rd. :) 

This was their 35th year renewal of vows.....................and there are many reasons to celebrate that...for more reasons that one.  When someone struggles with any type of cancer or illness - having something uniquely special to celebrate and touching! :) 

I have found that for me, itz not about what I can get out of these ceremonies of love & is really about capturing the entire day and MORE for them to enjoy for years to come.  I have found that I do not choose my clients - my clients choose me.

Here are a few highlights that i wanted to share!
They were so happy....dancing....laughing....she was TRULY surprised by a wonderful new ring that he gave her while they exchanged the rings. :)  IT was shock, amazement and much laffing!  It was sooooooooo great.  I just can't tell you!  We gave them many hugs before we left...knowing they were tired, had partied their hearts out...and were on their way to their next journey. :)


Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 weddings to never forget!!!!!!!! by Rarmai Photography

Wedding 1.........a last minute ordeal...they booked me less than 2 weeks before their wedding...and all the rain we've had moved EVERYTHING around! We ended up indoors at the church offices...which turned into a very LOVELY evening...all around...and it ended with a tearful celebration via web with the bride's parents in Bolivia!
To see their album - go here: David & Patti

Wedding 2.............a lovely couple...with a rockin bridal party and lots and LOTS of homemade decorations!  The weather outside was kinda gloomy - but the ceremony went along inside without a hitch.  We were at the Wildwood Inn in Denton...and we all had fun w/ the photographs. :)  The bride had her very own requests for us to do - and we got all of them!  I love when people get involved in creating their own memories..itz AWESOME! :) 
To see their album - go here:  Chris & Michaela

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For fun!

This was just for fun I'm working on a new concept....this is not the concept, but a nice side-product of what you can do in less than an hour with a model...with limited props & things. I used a pink tutu that i borrowed as the "prop" and make some lovely images out of them. I'm actually amazed at these two and how awesome they came out. :) ESPECIALLY the top one. Lightroom is awesome.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

the GIFT of photography........

This post can go 2 i'm going to go there!

I haven't seen my sister for THREE years. This has been a hard time for I have felt personal connection be lost...#1 long distance phone costs, #2 flight costs and so much more. I have not been able to connect the way i have wanted for some time. I saw her THREE years ago in the summer of 2006.

Today, I booked a flight to see her for a week. I'm TOO excited about this. There are so many levels of fun-ness brewing in me. I get to see her, help her, spend time w/ her, love her and her family. ...and most of all........TAKE PICTURES.

So, I have been giving the GIFT of a way to capture those moments in time that no one else cares to. You will noticed 50 years ago that SOMEONE, yes SOMEONE took a photo of your family so you could see what your family looked like, where they lived over 50 years ago. If no one would have taken that picture, how could u have known?

My goal is to take so many photos while i am there...of my lovely sister...of us together...of the kids...both as a unit & individually...both in action & rest. OMG, i can just see the results in my mind. My GIFT of photography as a GIFT to them. A gift to my family that I can send for Christmas cards. A GIFT that you can't take back or return to the store. Someone has got to do it...and that someone should be you! If this is your calling, don't wait til you have the "right" equipment! USE WHAT YOU HAVE. :)

Then go print stuff at which has amazing quality for cheap. Print yourself a slew of 4x6's! HELLO! get creative! Make collages...hang them on your walls. There is nothing like seeing the faces of family when you are separate by 6 16 hours...and 32 hours...

I have a spread out family and this year I have ached to see them all & spend time with them.
I'm too excited.

More to come.........
and I leave on my journey Sept 30th and stay til Oct. 8th. :)