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Monday, November 30, 2009


I have to say I was amazed this Saturday by 2 Ukrainian teens that ROCKED their very own photo shoot like no other.  Their mom was equally gorgeous and it was a blast hanging with them in the CRAZEE wind!  I wanted to quickly share some of the images that came out of this.  I tend to use lightroom to edit, but also wanted to give photoshop a quick looksie.  :)  So out of all the are some of my favs!  I hope you enjoy them and get inspired to CREATE and play with your images! :)

Love Jen

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Friday - Dec. 11th! Starting at 7:30pm! Come see my art and me!

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for all information!

Snow White, like you have not seen her!

There are people in your life that at some point are just super-special right?
Well, this young lady IS super-special because her real name IS Snow White. :)  AND for our fun times we did a shoot as Snow White....and then again with our photography life team.  I have to say I'm amazed when you group like-minded people together - all the fun things we can play with! 

Here are just some fun photos from our shoot!  I haven't done much editing yet...I would like you to see her right now as she is, who she is.  And that is, GORGEOUS. :)


Friday, November 20, 2009

I had fun today!!!!!!!! WOW.

The below video is my model Alyssa who was "working it" today!  We stopped for a few moments in a wardrobe change and she was getting both hair/makeup done at the same time, CHALLENGING!  Thank you team for putting this together, it was a blast!

With Rarmai Photography

To see more:

All post-processing art was done in Lightroom 2. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Changes for 2010!!!

I was talking with my mother this weekend...and we kinda laffed about one aspect of our lives...CHANGE.  I had moved a lot when I was a kid...and now that i'm older and "settled down"...i find myself getting ancy for change and not keeping the usual around for very long. 

Long story short - when you are in business for yourself and just starting tend to be EVERYTHING!  Your web designer, accountant, business-minded, marketing and so on and so on.

Well, after many weeks and months of being frustrated with my website (self-designed) I had started making subtle changes to simplify and make my vision more visible!  For those that know me, sometimes I'm really good at talking about it and sometimes I'm not.  I'm definitely not good at selling myself right now.  But my goal was to update my website to bring a more professional look AND a better way to communicate my vision!  I'm way too excited to see what 2010 brings. 

For now, EXPECT a great big change to before 2010 gets here!
You will LOVE it! And i hope to get a LOT of feedback!!!!

To my readers, clients, friends & family...
thank you for your prayers!

Jen Sulak
owner & principal photographer of Rarmai Photography...

where it is all about reflection and radiance.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Special Guest coming!

I'll be doing a few shoots this weekend w/ some families, kitties and a friend of mine. :)  I can't wait to actually see how all this turns out....So, i've been resting up comfortably...and taking in information...chilling...getting some housework done. :) 

Ah the glorious times to chill before each shoot! It helps to just rest...clear my mind...and bring to light any ideas...creativeness...or whatever i need to work my next job. :)  All 3 shoots this weekend will be different....i'm definitely looking forward to having FUN. :)

I hope you are all shooting away!  Some ppl have some FABULOUS halloween costume photos up! How about you? :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Me in Photographic action...and talking about Atomic Pink 2009

ATOMIC PINK and Rarmai Photography

Looking forward to NEW THINGS for 2010!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Art Love Magic (
and Daniel Perez & Rod Pena for filming!

Love Jen

Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Prints of Peace" now on sale! yea!!! great Christmas gifts!

I have opened a gallery up of my favorite images....i love working with creation, light and whatever my camera seems to capture.... - the gallery is "Prints of Peace" :)

I hope you enjoy them!  All are for sale!