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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On the hunt!!!!!

I have been having a GREAT old time collaborating with my friend Sherry for this photo booth for girlShow.  I'm so blessed to keep meeting awesome people...artists...photographers living inside their creative gifts & talents.  We found the perfect accessory to our ideas for the "set".  I think both she and I are NOT going to go prop crazy, but will have a theme moving along.  I was kinda disappointed in Goodwill I was hoping to find some photo trees, cause most likely ppl would have tossed them out by now...but no such luck!  I do have some ideas as to think of a solution.  But with no wall, no real table space - WE HAVE TO BE CREATIVE! :)  So, I'm excited to keep pushing through...and again, with my ZERO budget - attempt to keep something awesome together...yet simple. :)  I'm about to think about getting that putty that hangs sticky mess...and no holes in the wall...and a great result. :)  Yes? I think so! :)

I realized the past couple of days that I haven't taken a photo of myself with an "I am So art" card....ahahah I should do that soon. :)  I'll be selling the ART versions of those at GirlShow for $1.  I hope everyone gets to come out & see what the ladies/artists of DFW are doing.  There are truly some awesome ladies out there and I'm just now getting to know some of them. :)  for more info on girlShow:

I hope that you continue to have an awesome productive day!  I'm doing some research and quotes on decals for my car....coming soon...i'm sure! :)  Finding the RIGHT place to invest at the right time is key for me.  All in good time...abundance is near....and God's on my side.  I can't lose!

Love Jen

Monday, June 28, 2010

Unbelievably purple nurple.

We had our girlShow meeting today (really, Sunday)...and there are still so many details to think of! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!

Sherry and I will be doing the LIVE photo booth experience Saturday nite (JULY 10th)...and BOY will it be an experience!! I can't wait to get behind the camera and smile and laugh and do what I love and show you the beauty inside yourself.

I have to admit as I talk out my vision and texts of my heart with my ART....I figure out more and more what to say to truly express how I feel about working with people in my life/business.  I can say without a doubt...sometimes we can all see a little more in others than sometimes ourselves.  I may see 10 people in one day...and just say one encouraging word...and that is an art all itself.  To reach out and LOVE people around us...and I know that ART is only one of those tools that make a difference in reaching out and help people love themselves. :)

I truly believe there is the seen AND the unseen.  More and more I believe part of my job is to capture the un-seen in you, your life, your event....letz face it - we can this we are the most observant eyes in the world...AND still miss some details that we didn't see! :)  I'm thankful that some of these times...I get to encourage with those details...those POSITIVE  details that you may or may not see about yourself.

I'm excited to keep going through the process of freedom....
that is the only way to live.

Love Jen

Thursday, June 24, 2010

girlShow 2010 - SAVE THAT DATE! July 9th & 10th, here are some videos!

"THE PERFECT 10" with passionate purple!

So, if you hadn't guessed yet - I'm doing some fun stuff in the girlShow this year with Sherry!  We are going to have a photo booth on Saturday nite of the event.  8pm-midnite.  We hope to see you there, meanwhile, enjoy this LOVELY video preview of what you can expect!!!! 

Also, a quick snippet of Sonya Jevette talking about her year of "yes"...and how she got involved with ALM.

How can YOU get involved in this large community event?

They have monthly FREE events as well as a few LARGE events throughout the year. 
Don't miss it! :) 

Invite your friends that in need of a creative *jumpstart*!!!!!!

Love Jen

Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm the Firestarter.

I'll be honest. I was ticked off. Angry. So i grabbed my camera...and with my lovely "screw you" attitude, I just started shooting. Then I created. I'm going to make this a habit I think. There are a lot of emotions I can channel to create. I give you "Firestarter"...and yes, inspiration from Drew in that movie. :)
(somewhat inspired from both movie picture & song)

You get the idea.

I took about 100 photos tonite...just working through a process.
Here are 2 photographs for you.  The above "Firestarter"....and the below....

Here is my poem for that one.
The wind of your light pushes more of me away and reveals more of you. There is no denying now. Resistance is futile. I'm the firestarter. KISS MY LIGHT.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I had the funniest feeling this morning!

HAHAHAH Go ahead and laff at me now....

But I just got a new camera....and itz a lovely upgrade from whenst I came.......

I got this cam in the mail last nite...and immediately I plowed into the box...and started fiddling.  I was already familiar with it a bit...and was amazed how easy it was to use...since it was just a quick upgrade to a full-frame.  Most of the buttons were the same...and it was great.

So, as I was leaving this morning on my adventure...I had this FEELING come over me about this emotionally connective relationship I had with my previous camera.  I felt like I was leaving it lonely...and without a purpose for that day.  I felt my attention had turned to the new cam and was leaving the old cam.  Now, as most professional photographers don't just get rid of all your equipment.  This is now going to be my backup body, but STILL.  I felt like I was betraying it!  I felt like my relationship and that time & investment over the past couple of years was just stopping and moving to the new camera.  I can't explain it, but I felt how much I connected to that old cam this morning.

We had become ONE with each other. :)

Now, for the next level of learning and moving forward....tomorrow I'm shooting a Ju-Jitsu event...and I'm taking both cams with order to have some fun with the shots and really get warmed up to my new camera.  After all, I'm shooting a wedding next week - and I wanna have lots of time in on it so I can be fast & ready when I'm assisting!  :):):):)

On top of being amazed at the upgrade....I'm also amazed with the range I have now with my ISO.  It is like a huge blessing to have "paid my dues"...and learned from the bottom up.  I have worked and learned & failed & succeeded.  I feel like I'm in a place in life where what is next is going to blow my mind. I can't wait! :)  I am ok with not knowing....because I love surprises! yay! :)  God, you do your thing. :)

Meanwhile I leave you with these. :)

 In the last 24 hours...I have tested the WIDE range of ISO - even up as high as H2....and then experimented in Lightroom 3 for noise reduction.  (middle photo).  I am amazed and I love being creative & learning this stuff.  Herez to new change...and new things! :)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

♥♥♥Wedding Photography for 2010 and 2011!!!♥♥♥

New chapter of life!

I have been consistently bringing in new thoughts, positive attitudes & actions....
but it doesn't mean I don't still have my days!  :)  I was listening to Joyce this morning and she was talking about attitudes and how we can change them.  I know that for me, it is not always immediate - but throughout the day it will either brighten or darken as I feed whichever choice I lean towards.  Today is starting out kinda slow for me.  I know it is a huge networking week for me....and I try not to think about it.  I shouldn't have to!  I have fun wherever I go KNOWING the connections I do or do not make don't affect my day!  :)  I still get a little moody from time to time.  That is just me, That is just all of us I'm sure.  But I'm determined to let today be a great day....while improving my knowlege of my craft...while finding out more about myself...and more about God and our walk together. :)

I hope you have a wonderful day!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sometimes I just don't know.....................................(and itz ok!)

U know I was just thinking about my really awesome visionary friends....

They know what they want and are setting out to do it.

I admire that.

They are living their dream and some are so close to their dream, they can taste it.

I sit here & think, wow, what am I really wanting to do here?

I have a list...but am not sure by whatever means that I would LOVE to accomplish.

For some, maybe it is a full studio, to be like David LaChapelle, travel the world and get paid for it.

I can't really honestly pinpoint ANYTHING right now that puts me in the dream box. Because I want it all. I want to travel (and get paid for jobs). I want to have a studio, but not like the ones I've seen. I want to work with people around the world and see cultures and see God's ART everywhere. I want to work with Lady Gaga. I want to see and know my city better. I want to see and know my current world better. I want to keep learning photography even when I don't feel like it. (letz face it, I get super lazy and hard-headed about LEARNING!) I want to be inpsired so that I can inspire. I want to be encouraged so that I can encourage. I feel like the vision/dream is SO BIG that I can't even comprehend it right now. That is why I don't see how others see yet. :) I don't want to follow in someone's footsteps. I'm making my OWN way. I guess that is why I find it hard sometimes to keep going even without knowing the full vision - TRUSTING that every thing leads me to right where I'm going. I get reminded over and over about PREPARATION. While I'm helping others live their dreams...I'm still on the path to mine. :) Do I get tired? yes. Do I get a little mopey (well a lot sometimes)? YES. Do I get a little jealous? Yes! I'm not afraid to admit the journey in itz good and bad lighting. We all know about GOOD AND BAD lighting. But in the light, all is revealed. I would rather be real than fake. I would rather know myself better than pretend I don't know who I am. :)

Itz halfway through the year...
what excuses have YOU made. (to not get started on your dream)

Letz go folks, the only thing holding you back most of the YOU.


Meanwhile - please enjoy this photo taken by Dee
And a lovely video I made yesterday about the "Colors in the Wheel".............
I wore my rainbow dress to church last nite...and would love to have a shoot in that someday. :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

There once was a girl.............

who was standing in her home...looking at pieces of a she walked by...something rose up within her to call something out to the objects laying haphazardly around the floor...."you are SO art"....

Calling things as though it already was....ART.

When I think of myself as a creator of sorts...I think of the many things that we start...and don't know where they go, but know that the project will be completed at some points in our process of life. 

As I thought about this moment...I realized...wait a minute!  Am I not CREATED out of dust...formed with every hair on my head accounted for, every curve, shape, line and texture? Am I not walking art?

"I am SO art" was born a few years ago out of those silly moments of declaration.

What I would like to tell you today is..."YOU ARE SO ART" are a beautiful creation of lines, shapes, textures, colors, smiles and laughter.  You are beautiful...You are walking art. :)

This will be an on-going project...but I believe we all are artwork..and we ALL hang in the gallery of the world as an interactive display of God's creation.  This is the largest gallery in the world.  The world. :)

Here are some lovely works of art that I met over the past 2 share with they could remember...I made art cards...and will have them for sale at girlShow 2010 this year.  Only $1...every dollar goes towards my business of encouragin, inspiring and giving all of who I am to my community. :)  I thank each of you for your support spiritually, physically, financially and emotionally.  I couldn't live my dream without you, because YOU are a part of it, and YOU are art. :)

more to come.......................
spreading the love!!!!!!!

OH and herez our video from the day!!!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

SAVE THE DATE - July 9-10th 2010

Thanks so much to EVERYONE who made it out to the opening at the Wit Gallery!  If you didn't make it, be sure to stop by and say hi to Jay and view my work.  It is up there for a while!  Bring your friends out, enjoy the city and have some fun! :)  I had a blast. Thanks again to all who came!

NEXT UP is the girlShow!!!!!!!!
save your dates for July9-10th (Friday AND Saturday)...I'll be doing some FREE photography at a booth there on Saturday...hope to see you there...and I can't tell you in words how fun it is - you just have to go.  And if you feel you need to be involved or would like to?  contact them to get involved!!!

for more info:

Much Love

Thursday, June 3, 2010

2 AWESOME community events I'm involved in!!!! :)

Greetings from Rarmai Photography and Jen!
Here are some AMAZING community events that I'm involved in this summer!  Come see!

SUMMER SALON opening at the Wit Gallery!
Rarmai Photography has pieces for SHOW & sale! :)

Friday, June 4th - 6-10pm
I have 11 photographic-blended pieces for sale!  Go talk to Jay about purchasing!  They are truly one of a kind!  I also have my very early PAINTINGS.  If you are not bashful for color & spunk - I have it! :) 
for info:

The Wit Gallery
830 Exposition Ave suite 102
Dallas, TX  75226
open Tuesday-Saturday  12-8pm.


Friday, July 9th & Saturday, July 10th! : 8pm-12am
A 2-nite spectacular event with  MANY other women artists, musicians & MORE!  This is truly a community event where the women of DFW shine!  All are welcome to attend!  Tell your families and friends!

ART LOVE MAGIC presents : GirlShow 2010!
"The Perfect 10"
A 2-nite spectacular event with
FREE photography portraits by ME
(on Saturday nite only)

Life In Deep Ellum
2803 Taylor St. Dallas, TX 75226
8pm - midnite both nites.

Please feel free to email me with questions about either event!
I hope that you are doing well in 2010...and hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm inspired by a 4 month old! hah! :)

I have to tell you...sometimes I get a little down....every once in a while...sometimes I doubt....sometimes I feel like things go nowhere...but it was when I was looking at my new nephew's face...that I got these words....
"go for it Jen! I LOVE YOU"....

I know photos mean so much to so many of us....this weekend was a nice rest after one of the busiest weeks of my life.  Not day, WEEK.  I'm thankful for everything about my "career" calling....for it is SURE and it is CREATIVE. :) 

As I work through the thoughts...and weed out the things that matter and don't...I come back to this face:
How can anyone hold a straight face when looking at this? OMG. 
The wonder and surprise in his eyes....
The little fist almost in a motion of "you can do it!"....
That tiny little smile....
One of my fav photos from the weekend....
and inspires me to stay keep know that out there somewhere a little baby makes faces, talks, laughs...and it is a sure message as if he could already speak english. :) 
I can only imagine as time moves on....
what inspires us next?
what is that next message? :)
It is around us...every day. :)