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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On the hunt!!!!!

I have been having a GREAT old time collaborating with my friend Sherry for this photo booth for girlShow.  I'm so blessed to keep meeting awesome people...artists...photographers living inside their creative gifts & talents.  We found the perfect accessory to our ideas for the "set".  I think both she and I are NOT going to go prop crazy, but will have a theme moving along.  I was kinda disappointed in Goodwill I was hoping to find some photo trees, cause most likely ppl would have tossed them out by now...but no such luck!  I do have some ideas as to think of a solution.  But with no wall, no real table space - WE HAVE TO BE CREATIVE! :)  So, I'm excited to keep pushing through...and again, with my ZERO budget - attempt to keep something awesome together...yet simple. :)  I'm about to think about getting that putty that hangs sticky mess...and no holes in the wall...and a great result. :)  Yes? I think so! :)

I realized the past couple of days that I haven't taken a photo of myself with an "I am So art" card....ahahah I should do that soon. :)  I'll be selling the ART versions of those at GirlShow for $1.  I hope everyone gets to come out & see what the ladies/artists of DFW are doing.  There are truly some awesome ladies out there and I'm just now getting to know some of them. :)  for more info on girlShow:

I hope that you continue to have an awesome productive day!  I'm doing some research and quotes on decals for my car....coming soon...i'm sure! :)  Finding the RIGHT place to invest at the right time is key for me.  All in good time...abundance is near....and God's on my side.  I can't lose!

Love Jen

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