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Friday, June 18, 2010

I had the funniest feeling this morning!

HAHAHAH Go ahead and laff at me now....

But I just got a new camera....and itz a lovely upgrade from whenst I came.......

I got this cam in the mail last nite...and immediately I plowed into the box...and started fiddling.  I was already familiar with it a bit...and was amazed how easy it was to use...since it was just a quick upgrade to a full-frame.  Most of the buttons were the same...and it was great.

So, as I was leaving this morning on my adventure...I had this FEELING come over me about this emotionally connective relationship I had with my previous camera.  I felt like I was leaving it lonely...and without a purpose for that day.  I felt my attention had turned to the new cam and was leaving the old cam.  Now, as most professional photographers don't just get rid of all your equipment.  This is now going to be my backup body, but STILL.  I felt like I was betraying it!  I felt like my relationship and that time & investment over the past couple of years was just stopping and moving to the new camera.  I can't explain it, but I felt how much I connected to that old cam this morning.

We had become ONE with each other. :)

Now, for the next level of learning and moving forward....tomorrow I'm shooting a Ju-Jitsu event...and I'm taking both cams with order to have some fun with the shots and really get warmed up to my new camera.  After all, I'm shooting a wedding next week - and I wanna have lots of time in on it so I can be fast & ready when I'm assisting!  :):):):)

On top of being amazed at the upgrade....I'm also amazed with the range I have now with my ISO.  It is like a huge blessing to have "paid my dues"...and learned from the bottom up.  I have worked and learned & failed & succeeded.  I feel like I'm in a place in life where what is next is going to blow my mind. I can't wait! :)  I am ok with not knowing....because I love surprises! yay! :)  God, you do your thing. :)

Meanwhile I leave you with these. :)

 In the last 24 hours...I have tested the WIDE range of ISO - even up as high as H2....and then experimented in Lightroom 3 for noise reduction.  (middle photo).  I am amazed and I love being creative & learning this stuff.  Herez to new change...and new things! :)


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