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Thursday, June 30, 2011

July is FUN part 2.

Ok, so ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, JULY 23rd - I will be having some special artwork on the interactive photo & lyric wall.  You will have to go and find know, like a scavenger hunt! :)  Try and guess...which ones are mine! :) 

To get your tickets to the show:

Right before that, I'll be celebrating the big 3-5 Birthday.  I really don't feel like my number.  I don't like those kinds of numbers anyways.  I am just loving a big way.  I can't see myself any other way but happy and fulfilled.  There are ups and there are downs...but my HOPE never fades. :)

Would you like to see some previews of my art pieces? 

well, you'll just have to wait and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

girlSHOW 2011
8pm - Midnite
LIFE in Deep Ellum
2803 Taylor St, Dallas TX  75226

July is going to be FUN!!!!

Ok, so I've been waiting for this action in July for a while....
I have a July wedding that is giving me that chance to grow, enlarge my experience..and be a little creative.  It may not look like it - but sometimes I put a LOT of thought into my sessions and SOMETIMES a lot of it is spur of the moment.  This engagement session I posted last...was one of those moments where I had about 30 minutes to analyze what I had already done in that space...and where I could test myself on some new angles.  I was able to do a few things I had not done before with a few fun results.

I tend to travel light...if you hadn't noticed.  I don't normally use a flash or bring studio lighting when shooting.  I will in some certain cases, but most of the time it is just me and my camera.

For this couple, we explored more of Fort Worth.  I got to hear a little more how and where they met...and learn that it was QUITE hot standing in the sun...even though we were only in the stockyards for maybe 30 minutes.  Shooting IN the sun was brutal - but I still was able to have some fun with wide shots and close shots.

I kinda (at their request) did a few option for them in various types of Editing.  AND there were a few that were just amazing as they were...a really nice portrait with great color and position. :)

I can honestly say I'm very very excited to get her bridal portraits going...and the wedding is coming soon!!!!!!!!!  Then after that, I'm off to NYC. :)

Love Jen

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Itz getting SUPERLY hot here man!!!!!!!!!!
But, I made it through...and am posting a small teaser picture. ;)

Congrats to the bride & groom...cause their wedding is now less than a month away!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

There is nothing SUPER easy about walking in your purpose.

If you have dealt with ANYTHING, you have been fighting to find your identity and fighting to find your voice...and fighting to walk in your purpose. 

It all comes with a price, and a price most of you will not pay because "it is too hard". 

I keep paying the price every day.
Every week.
I keep moving forward despite all battles I'm facing.
When you KNOW who you are and more to the point, your will have to do some fighting.

A majority of my battles are very internal.
But once I reach out and really talk to someone, talk to God, talk to my husband about some things...I get a sense of accountability and motivation to keep going.  I feel very refreshed today, and not as stressed or worried.

I'm not going to sit here and say I'm happy-go-lucky every day of my life. 
To be honest, I get ticked off when people say "oh she never complains, she was ALWAYS this and ALWAYS that"...It is just not true.  Sure our grandmas and grandpas are like that NOW, but we ALL have fallen short...and be ok with that.
I just do not think it is realistic to paint this PERFECT life and this PERFECT person, because then we spend a lot of time trying to live up to that expectation - rather than living a very real, very open and very HONEST life. :)  THAT is the perfection I look for.  Those wonderful imperfections and weaknesses...where God makes us strong and comes in to help us.  Where we get a chance to change and make an impact in the atmosphere around us.  Oh, the possibilities!

I grew up having a picture painted for me.  (letz face it, most artists do have great imaginations) ...
But that picture was a lie and a false reality.
I'm still digging out the false realities of my life.
Digging into how God created me, who I truly am (not what someone else says)....
Digging into the things that hold me back and cause me to not be me.

Just get real, stop pretending. 
If you ever catch me saying something about myself that you know isn't true? Why not just call me on it every once in a while.  I fall into the same traps as most - thinking negatively about myself, or maybe painting a false reality of someone i "think" i am, versus my true actions.  These are the things i'm working on.  Doing what I say, and saying what I do.  I hope they match up one day.  I hope to keep staying true to my doing v. my saying.  If actions speak louder than words, then I hope that my future actions will continue to grow, perfect and become all who I am supposed to be.

I don't want to be afraid anymore.
I want to step out and be bolder and wiser.
I want to encourage others that need it.
I want to bring something to the table that NO ONE else can.

herez to becoming a REIGN maker.
and an image maker.

Letz grow.

Love Jen

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ring of Fire.

I didn't want to post any full-res stuff - but am having fun every once in a while with a creative whim....

so here are 4 images side by side....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

ONE KEY to your life : Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.


ONE KEY TO SUCCESS: get surrounded by inspiring folks to better yourself - and then put it into action for yourself. Get a coach. Get an accountability partner. Get a friend willing to keep it real and tell the truth. THIS is breakthrough. The physical is only ONE part of you. :)

My life is different and my perspective is enhanced - because of the people I surround myself with. I surround myself with those that have overcome obstacles in all areas of their lives. So that I too, have hope to overcome my own obstacles.

This is SUCH a huge key to growth : surrounding yourself with friends that inspire you to overcome. For me, I'm inspired by women whom have had kids, but make time for themselves by enlisting in this program.

I am secondly inspired by PREGNANT women that make the efforts for themselves and their child within to not just make excuses "well because i'm pregnant, i can't this i can't that". I'm inspired by those that take the wise ways and take care of themselves so they can take care of others.

THESE are the people I'm surrounding myself with.
No matter their age or how many kids they've had. They overcome everyday.

I'm inspired by myself - to push past MY limitations.

My most current results....with about 3 rounds of p90x - my weight & body fat stayed the same - but my TONE popped up.  Next up - a round of "Insanity" .  

I am 34 Years Young.  Picture taken 6/11/11


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A picture to close my day.

Night-time last weekend's wedding :) <3

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another season comes to a close....

For me personally....
seasons do seem to run in 9 month time slots.

Almost 9 months ago I started my first round of p90x - and while on this journey I had been battling a lot of internal battles...bad habits had been formed...some friendships had to be re-evaluated.  I can safely say I'm through the muck & mire...and into a happier place.  I'm still tempted from time to time to think about things and various situations negatively - but I'm getting quicker about spinning it positively and accepting things as they are, not as I "dream" them to be.

Growing up it was hard to make trust me when I tell you - most times I see everyone as my friends.  But it is not always reciprocated.   That has been my battle.  To truly see people as they are...and what they are in my life.  Are they the friends that stick around?  Are they the friends that float in and out?  Are they the friends that just eventually exit my life all-together.  I'm the kind of person that never likes to push people out of my life...but sometimes I just had found myself separating from unhealthy things.  The more I separated, the better I felt and the less turmoil I had.

This was a good thing.

So here I am 9 months later roughly...and I'm more accepting...a little more forgiving...a little less angry...and still VERY motivated to make dreams happen.  I get frustrated from time to time, but I will pick my battles and when the need arises for my passion to speak, I will speak. :)

Thanks everyone for standing with me, even when I didn't see you.  Cause believe me, I have felt very alone.

I know that I am not.

Everyone have a great week...I'll post more as it comes. :)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Featurette...on the Art Love Magic blog!

It is my pleasure to serve the DFW well as many others across the US and abroad.  As time permits, I hope to serve more and more...with my creative gift....

Thanks for all the love & support!