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Friday, April 27, 2012

creation tip #4353748597

So, I dont' know about you....but we have clothing pieces we love....and me...
I LOVE TANK TOPS!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love them.  I love all the shapes and colors I can find...and I wear them out...and sometimes, get rid of them....

However, there are a few tops I didn't wanna give up on...and get a few more wears and tears out of pulled out the sewing machine today...and did what I do....take that saggy old tank top and make it "new" again!!! 

I don't even care if it is a striped or can get away with it :)
For me, I put the old tank on....and gather it in the back..and guesstimate how much I need to take in...
somtimes really, it is just the backside you need to take in.  Or, if you have really gotten a tank that is too huge and can take in seams too! :) 

Anyways..............I flip it inside out...and sew a diagonal right up the back.
Thatz right !!! A diagonal!!!!  Start at like 3 inches out...(from the fold)...and then zoom your machine up to almost the top of the shirt. WHAMMO! done. :)

I've done 3 total now...and going to start another project too...of merging a tank top and rainbow dress. :)


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Little Calendar....

So I did a shoot a couple years back....and it was kinda focused around fitness and fashion...i had a blast learning and shooting...and troubleshooting everything that goes with big shoots/models. :) 

I decided this last week to just go ahead and print my own personal calendar of the moments I helped to was super fun...and i'm always going to be passionate about fitness. :) 

And in May...there is someone special there too. hhaahaha Well, we are all special, you get the idea. hahahahahaahh :)


sorta the "front" of the calendar.

Yep, that's me!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pocket full of Possibilities....

so, this book was one of those things...I got to be a part of....I am so happy to share this with ya!

I got to capture the cover photo, then see it transformed to a magical art piece. :)

I love this, because it has a backstory in itself...and dreams dreams dreams....

I heard part of the backstory on Friday...and I get my copy this week...I am excited to read more about what is inside...and see what possibilities come of this!!! :)

Congrats Shuronda! This is AWESOME.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A tip for all the brides and their shoes!!!!

Have you ever wanted to just be COMFORTABLE?????

Well, one of the tips I gave myself when I was thinking about my wedding...was comfort and being able to WALK without hurting for hours and hours.

I think what is key is that when I planned my dress and wore went straight down to the ground...and you couldn't see my shoes.  I figured, why would i want to be in pain the whole time? :)  So i had bought a very comfy dress and years before, had bought WHITE platform skechers...which i might affectionately call my "frankenstein shoes".

Take a looksie here:

I guess my MAIN TIP is, the last thing you want to do on your wedding be uncomfy and miserable!   Find alternatives that are still true to YOU...and your style!!!  But don't be ashamed or afraid to say LISTEN! I wanna be comfy and party all nite!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA :)

I hope you enjoyed a little piece of my past.  This means, these shoes are well over 7 years of April 2012 I have been married for SEVEN years. I love you baby! :)

Much Love


Thursday, April 19, 2012

There comes a time..........

Loving the days.

I am counting down the days til my vacation...I feel like by the time it gets here, I'll have "earned" it.  I know that is kinda weird...but sometimes I feel that hard work and dedication can have that "reward".  At least every year, my hubby and I simply celebrate every year we are married by jetting off somewhere without technology and reconnect.  I think it doesn't matter WHERE you go, but go somewhere you will enjoy....and reconnect with your loved ones. 

So, I have to pause and be back....cause I have a shoot with a GI coming up. :)


Saturday, April 14, 2012

A nice, WINDY, weathery day at the FAIRE!

I wanna say CONGRATS to Dana and Stephen....they are now officially married...
I know there is even more to their they met, how all this came to was definitely unique...and always more to tell. ;)  For now, I give you some quickie pics. :)

Handfasting Ceremony + Bagpipes walk to Reception!
Hatchet Throwing.
At one point, she had THREE butterflies on her and she didn't know :)  I captured this lil guy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I still have lots of wedding goodies to feast upon.  But here is a mix of things I did so far........some very simple.........some not even really edited.  Some just awesome...some just u know.


thank you ladies for bearing with me to get this shot!!!! :) LOVE THIS
truly, do they take bad pictures ever? Not according to the wedding party.
I fell in love with this mirror.
Finally, happily ever after. :)
The trees say "you are blessed".

Friar Tuck says....

A toast!
a true "Golden-Lock" bride. :)
First Dance.

Moments of peace.
These shoes never made it down the aisle.
I hope you enjoy some of these...and by all means...keep checking my gallery at:

and see more images that make their way out into the world....

Thanks to ALL my brides/ are all AWESOME.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

day four.

day four consists of the fun of working weddings....!!!!
unexpected turns & twists...
love and light.

I find myself up late again...making some more art...realizing in all these times...I find exactly out more about i'm helping others with their dream....i'm still living my own.

I love when ego steps aside and truly passions can come alive and be CELEBRATED.

there is much more to come...but first...i need to fly home.

thank you to Julie and her family.
This experience was priceless...and quite moving....
I can't wait to see where things go for me and for her.

I can't wait to see what lies ahead in the very near I complete my creative tasks of my weddings...and very soon, shoot some more special things...that will produce memories and artwork.

see you soon.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

day three.

here is a few pieces of day three.

ran back over to Mission Beach, with mission: shopping! :) and walked 5 miles.
Prelude to wedding day...a stop at the church.
the beginning of a new chapter.
The personas.
when we create, things happen. 

 The wedding is tomorrow!
I plan on a  FUN FUN FUN TIME. :)

I will be exploring for creativity and light tomorrow!!!
I will find it! YES I WILL.

Friday, April 6, 2012

day two.

letz trolley!

my first california sunset.

the couple that made it happen.

yellow submarine.

drinks with friends!

holding the first sunset.


for ma line

listen to bob.

the direction of your dreams.

seaport village

the train on the "sun dial" i'm calling it.

i met this girl in high school summer camp :) we are still buddies.

view towards downtown.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

day one.

So i'm in san diego. These are the moments I choose to capture, right now.

sunrise.  6am flight.  "long morning"
sunrise, moments later - as time changes quickly.
I'm heading to California - and the sun is behind me, all the way.
Lord knows there will be dry places and hilly places.
But, in the end, my destination is clear. :)