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Thursday, March 29, 2012

What's behind the curtain???!!!???

So just on a whimsy today, I thought it would be fun in the spirit of home and ask a few people that either have been to my studio space...or my home in the last 7 years. :) 

Can you remember....what is behind this curtain????

If you have never been, GUESS!!!!


Leave your guesses on here! I don't care how silly!!!!
I will reveal later today!!!!


Monday, March 26, 2012

What I did Saturday.

There are things that come my way.....that I don't expect....but I welcome them openly.

One of my many challenges as a person (in general) is setting up "events" for group photography shoots.  It is very hard for me to devote energy to something without energy for it.  I was pretty tired from shooting the wedding (emotionally/mentally!)...and then had setup this shoot as well...which, let's face it - when it involves more than me and just 1 is a madhouse trying to keep up with!

BUT.  It usually turns out so fun, I dont' even care.  I cannot be held responsible for every single person's wills/desires/lives...I am simply setting the stage for someone to enjoy some creative time. :)

Thanks to all those that made it out...I appreciate it!!!!
To all those that couldn't, hope to see you the next time. :) 

In the spirit of last minute get-togethers...I give you teaser images from Saturday's shoot with Dee'Vine Kreations.



Sunday, March 18, 2012

Congrats to Lindsey and Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't get pinched!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I have been EAGER to release some of Lindsey's fun photos from her bridal shoot....
it was very fun, and challenging and yet inspired me to create some wild images. :)  I hope you enjoy them!!!!! I have a little of everything...from traditional, to funky :)

TO SEE MORE!  :  Lindsey's Bridal Portrait Album
AMAZING STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a BLAST.

Thank you Sam and Lindsey!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to one of my fav models!

So almost a YEAR AGO to the DAY.................Maria and I played around w/ some pictures...

A year later...she is a week away from her birthday again, just by CHANCE...we happened to meet up again and make some creative time.  Not lots of props, just 2 dresses....and had some fun. ;0 

I've heard she is a HIT in the Ukraine. :) *wink wink*

Hello to everyone out there!!!

and Happy Birthday to you Maria! :)


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I am a habitual slideshow watcher.

Ok, fun fact...............

When i get through editing ANYTHING...i will sit and watch a slideshow...sometimes to get 2nd, 3rd and 4th looks at things to see if i still like them....or if they still speak to me...or if i wanna "nix" them. :)  I've watched Paige's slideshow about 5-6 times now.  There may only be a few that I would nix out of them...just because they weren't as strong...but so many of them were so awesome...I added 18 to my slideshow. I couldn't help it! :):):):):) 

Seriously! :)

I need to get an updated web page up dedicated only to my wedding features...cause it is hard to try and pick those 1-2 images that encompass what you are trying to say.  I get it, I really do. :) 

But I did wanna share some additional images that I thought were awesome.

a far away view....tricky lighting...but fun nonetheless. :) 
It does have a feel of walking up the stairs....but i did want something a tad closer we could get her skin/hair/ verrrry pretty!!!!
going back to wide...we see more of the architecture...and how the sun seems to hit each window a tad differently...totally backlighting her.  This is a nice lil nook where ppl get married....
same windows....just close ups...and varieties of posing...the one on the left...was coached by my lovely friend...and the wider shot looks amaaaaazing, and the one on the right...a totally natural moment...:)  talk about pretty!
In this one, I played with the dark on the left....with a slight b&w or vintage feel and on the right I was playing with the light hitting the floor while still getting the archway. :)  Had I really stopped a moment, I think there would have been ONE more i would have tried!!! :)
Now, adding to our already fun day....we decided that the elevator needed some love.  But on the first floor where the cool floor was. :)  Now the one on the right I cropped on purpose, not in camera.  I love that both arrows are going up...and my lovely friend inside is holding the button "OPEN" :) lol!!!!!
The one on the left i think is one of my FAVORITE of the elevator series...I love how the light hit the sides of the elevator...with obvious reflections on the interiors because of the metal! :)  The RIGHT picture, I could honestly not believe my eyes....Look at the shadowing on the sidewalk, HOW did none of that hit her!  She was completely in a sweet spot apparently and i "cloned" out a couple sitting on a bench in bright shirts. :) lol.  SO COOL these shots.
I hope you enjoyed some of Paige's images.................I tend to float in and out of traditionals v. the art world....and I am just habitually watching her slideshow in order to see details I can miss...or details I can appreciate about our journey. :) 

I hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

To see more:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Being SETUP for what you love.

I know know know that this past weekend....I'll have SO MUCH MORE to write...but for now, I'm going to say this simply.....when you GET IN LINE with what God is designing for your begin to really really SEE the things you truly enjoy....for me, I KNOW...........I love creating and collaborating.  I get the best of both worlds...I get to create...and help others create or feel beautiful (when shooting pictures). 

For all people, we all have our things.........those things we "don't like" about ourselves....but is SO beyond what God sees.  What we may see as flaws...he sees as beauty and how he created us.

I wanted to share my wonderful art piece that I whipped up in less than 10 minutes today....and this was the FIRST draft, not my usual 6-8 drafts....I am so happy I could experience this today.


I am praying to continually being SETUP to do what I love.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The weekend!

For those of you that don't know anything about me.

I make dreams happen.
My own dreams in particular most times, and those out there my me make dreams happen too!  A long long time ago on a message board far far away....I met a lot of people that were like-minded, yet diverse in the music/art world.  Blue Man Group has an amazing diversity of fans...and I have the pleasure of knowing some of the coolest ones out there.  :)  My trip to Florida was super duper, even though my flight in was about 3 hours late. :)  I met some cool people on the plane....and then met up with a local Orlando fan to crash at her place...and then spent most of the day at Universal enjoying the company of the fans, sound check, the Bluephoria Lounge and the 9pm show.  AMAZING time.  AMAZING people.

Here is a montage video of our day.....


I hope you can start to see a little more about me...and what I love.
I tend to just really enjoy exploring and connecting with folks everywhere. :)

our mini-meet and greet after the show in the lounge THANK YOU BMG for making it so wonderful.  Matter of fact, it was pretty awesome to experience this part for the first time.
One of our great group shots. :) 
Me, 27, Lux, Sonia and Rotcav - some of the "older" fans from the previous BMMB.  I saw my first show in 1996.
THANK YOU Darlene for letting me crash with you!  Herez our departing duckfaces. :)
This is a little time travel, but SUCH a great photo - Alissa and I were "wiggling" for our Times Square moment for the montage wiggling video. :)  <3  We had a blast...there were tears shed and love spread.