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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I am a habitual slideshow watcher.

Ok, fun fact...............

When i get through editing ANYTHING...i will sit and watch a slideshow...sometimes to get 2nd, 3rd and 4th looks at things to see if i still like them....or if they still speak to me...or if i wanna "nix" them. :)  I've watched Paige's slideshow about 5-6 times now.  There may only be a few that I would nix out of them...just because they weren't as strong...but so many of them were so awesome...I added 18 to my slideshow. I couldn't help it! :):):):):) 

Seriously! :)

I need to get an updated web page up dedicated only to my wedding features...cause it is hard to try and pick those 1-2 images that encompass what you are trying to say.  I get it, I really do. :) 

But I did wanna share some additional images that I thought were awesome.

a far away view....tricky lighting...but fun nonetheless. :) 
It does have a feel of walking up the stairs....but i did want something a tad closer we could get her skin/hair/ verrrry pretty!!!!
going back to wide...we see more of the architecture...and how the sun seems to hit each window a tad differently...totally backlighting her.  This is a nice lil nook where ppl get married....
same windows....just close ups...and varieties of posing...the one on the left...was coached by my lovely friend...and the wider shot looks amaaaaazing, and the one on the right...a totally natural moment...:)  talk about pretty!
In this one, I played with the dark on the left....with a slight b&w or vintage feel and on the right I was playing with the light hitting the floor while still getting the archway. :)  Had I really stopped a moment, I think there would have been ONE more i would have tried!!! :)
Now, adding to our already fun day....we decided that the elevator needed some love.  But on the first floor where the cool floor was. :)  Now the one on the right I cropped on purpose, not in camera.  I love that both arrows are going up...and my lovely friend inside is holding the button "OPEN" :) lol!!!!!
The one on the left i think is one of my FAVORITE of the elevator series...I love how the light hit the sides of the elevator...with obvious reflections on the interiors because of the metal! :)  The RIGHT picture, I could honestly not believe my eyes....Look at the shadowing on the sidewalk, HOW did none of that hit her!  She was completely in a sweet spot apparently and i "cloned" out a couple sitting on a bench in bright shirts. :) lol.  SO COOL these shots.
I hope you enjoyed some of Paige's images.................I tend to float in and out of traditionals v. the art world....and I am just habitually watching her slideshow in order to see details I can miss...or details I can appreciate about our journey. :) 

I hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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