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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Countdown Begins!

I'm have a ball just counting down til the time off.............:)
I love spending good quality time unplugging from all technology....
and spending time with my hubby! :) 


I leave you with 2 images I thought were so fun from the weekend.

green lizard on green leaves.
brown moth on brown bench
These are some fun pics for you!! ENJOY!
I love that spring is here...but SUMMER is right around the corner!!!!!

Love Jen

Friday, April 22, 2011

When everything seems to go wrong....FOCUS on the things that go right!

Today was just ONE of those days.........
you know?

I was tired...and was tired all day.
It seemed like most of us were dealing with SOMETHING today.
Our days didn't go as we had planned.
The weather changed MID-traveling.
Plans kinda just went along...........and minute by minute.

So, we ended up in Paradise....
and this is what we captured today.

a lovely mother-to-be...only barely pregnant, but why does she have to wait for her pictures?  So we had fun today. :)

(c) Pink Light Images
Mom to be: Sherry
Styling/Wardrobe: Julia
Photography: Jen Sulak

I hope you have a wonderful Friday, today was Thursday...and it was all over the place. :)

To you, much joy today!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seniors 2011........(and maybe even 2012) ahaha!!!

So, I have been a goof and forgot to mention...umm............I love love love shooting portraits too! You know!  So if you have some Seniors in high school in your life...that are graduating, but may have forgotten to get awesome photos?  Well, bring them to me!!!!

contat me now for YOUR senior sessions.

Monday, April 18, 2011

.......the weekend....

I did have a blast this weekend at the Ren Faire!  I was able to help share a glorious moment between a good friend & co-creator...Chrystine. :)  I was able to dress as a "fairy" to enjoy the good times and creativity all around me. :)  I am currently working on their images...but have a few up on my gallery at : 

Meanwhile, check out a couple of images I took for the bride....she is very very lovely and it was so cool to see all the personal touches she gave to her special day - with her daughter all "fairied" up...wings & everything...down to the details that they chose for their wedding attire.  (purchased separately, but matched perfectly!) 

Thanks to everyone at the Scarborough Festival - I see the hard work and heart you put into what you do! Thanks for serving the bride & groom, and thanks for serving me too. :)  Much Love, Jen

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Making amazing out of seemingly "impossible" :)

I just got this amazing testimonial from Carlisa and had to share...this is why I do what I do! Only they and I know the struggles and intricacies that led up to her big day...and when it came - we had FUN!  No worries! No stresses!  Just plain ol celebrations! :)  Thank you Carlisa and Jason. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Line Love.

when i started....these are the things that stood out....

they still do :)

this morning.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


It was a great day today! I hope to share some images with you as time goes on....of my little shoot today....meanwhile...the ARTS event for Japan went really well.  I wasn't able to really donate a piece for it, but found that a lot of my friends did - and excitedly so - I saw most of them tonite.  I love my new growing family.  I love seeing everyone connect in so many ways...and how we all come together to do something MEANINGFUL to make a difference.

If you didn't see already - herez what just happened tonite:

There may be a good chance that you can donate or buy pieces afterwards...or in your own way, give back to the world.  I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures coming soon...but for now...just enjoy some of the stuff you can already see on the Facebook Pages. :)

I am still finding and accepting my place....
I just know that trusting every all I can do. :)

Meanwhile, I'm about to make a difference the next 3 days....

I will see ya on the flip side!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's play a game!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to my store:

Go to the DEEP ELLUM album....

and find the picture that matches THIS "behind the scenes" look at my setup there....
(photo taken by Kelsey Paine)

I love how fun this is - she took it at almost the SAME moment i took my picture....and the girl REALLY REALLY loved go find it!

Which photo in my album, matches this one?

Thank you ART LOVE MAGIC and Deep Ellum.

I have to say today was a nice ending to my long long weekend.  I know that everyone that worked and VOLUNTEERED their time/passions for this festival - you inspire me...and I hope you get some REST after the long hours you put in.  You are precious. :)  You give me hope as an artist to be around others and learn & grow and love.

If you took pictures with me down in DE, you can see them here!
and go to EVENTS! :)

More to come this week, those are only some previews...

Have a great Monday all.

Love Jen
Pink Light Images.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

"It is time"...

You know I still haven't written about my experiences at last week's conference...but what I can tell you is the pieces I picked up....was about "REIGNING" in my domain.  We have all been given a sphere...and help accountable for that purpose we have been given here on earth.  I didn't catch it all, but those words definitely stuck with me.  What I've been given charge over, I want to embrace. :)

So, tonite a surprise came about...that had been thought out and "planned"...but happened differently than we expected, BUT still...happened.

I was taken back to the moments that I saw my friend Sherry get engaged....and how I got to know ahead of time....and watch it unfold...and tonite was no exception to what we felt that same day.  Just so happy to SHARE that moment. :)

I hope to share my thoughts soon about what I have learned so far...
but for now...I'm going to finish out today...celebrating my wedding anniversary...and go help people...and then Sunday, do my photo sessions in Deep Ellum.

I love my life and what I've been given.
The doors of opportunities, I'm staying attentive to them.

Hello again, 2011.