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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Use what you have....

If you are anything like me...*human* sometimes see others doing very well..and wonder what and why you are not up on the same levels!

So you study, you read, you practice...but sometimes it boils down to equipment.

To be real honest, I get frustrated when I read certain blogs and watch certain videos put in front of me for education. Mostly because everyone is already WAY ahead of where I am. Not so much in talent or in EQUIPMENT.

But herez the deal, some of us just can't go out and spend money on an L lens...or much less a 5D or 1D. (if you are canon folks)....If you've done the know those things cost almost a used car or new car! lol!

However...wherever you are...there are a few things you can learn and still get great pictures. Just don't feel bad or sad when you can't "copy" the pictures you see from certain photographers. Understand that 800 ISO on a less professional WAY different than 800ISO on others. Your grain that shows up on your pictures will differ on the scale of professional cams to hobby cams.

I've personally just come to terms with how to use the equipment i have to still get amazing pictures...because a great photographer can work with what they have and still get AWESOME shots. Not everyone is going to be "technically" correct...but thatz not the point is it. My teachers always said..."itz how YOU want it, not about the technicality".

SIDE NOTE: This is also another reason why I don't use RAW right now either. For what i'm doing, i really don't need to. I'm sure there are awesome benefits to it, but not EVERY picture i've ever taken digitally could possibly be RAW. Itz just not a priority for me! One day, maybe it will become necessary - but I hate when ppl make is a "moral imperative" and make you think you HAVE to use it or you SUCK! Not true, make your own decision about it. :)

My style is not your style...your style is not my style.
Figure out YOUR style...and be yourself!

until next time.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Well this wedding came up on me via an internet site. It was a total match from the start! We met up briefly at a starbux & discussed what they wanted and it was a "we like your style, do what u want" kind of thing! I was too excited to hear that.

Here are some teasers that I put through lightroom tonite...nothing too fancy - just some fav images so far. I'm sure there are more of course...but u know how it goes...:):):):) Everything went pretty i felt i was really lucky to get ANYTHING! hahaah!!!! :) We got some really fun AND funny ones. Love it!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

another shoot in the works! :)

I have to say...i'm 100% done with all my *pending* projects....

I finished the Carr/Cooper wedding photos...and am uploading them NOW onto my store. I figure getting them up allows the family/friends to see that day all over again...and I was so sorry that i was late!!!!! But now, tonite - i'm almost done!
Meanwhile, today...

had me some creative fun with a concept that i like to call "fishnets". :)

Chrystine is someone i've only worked with twice now - i love the fact that when u talk to her about modeling or ideas - she has those things that can help bring your vision to life.

So here we go:
This was SO fun. and there are so many more i haven't even finished yet!

The last one is a mask i flipped upside down...and asked her to close her eyes...the shimmer of the powder on her eyes looked interesting...and NOW when i look at it? I totally get a "transformer" feel!!! do you? :):):):)
Happy shooting!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Last minute shoot....

I had been waiting for another opportunity to shoot with leighann...and today we had a last minute *hour* of time.

Course, by the time i made it to that abandoned car lot i was thinking of...someone had decided to purchase the property and start working on it, possibly re-opening a business. HMM.

So we ended up in downtown Addison...after all, I had wanted to stop in there anyways.

I started off kinda *eh* with ideas...and even forgot to pull some ideas that i had stashed in my brain. Course i forgot them ALL...and ended up in the watertower taking some interesting pictures. I love architecture and mod things. A friend of mine mentioned the NYLO...i might even consider that someday....:) HAH!

So here is what i shot today - briefly.
course, more are located on my smugmug.

I told leighann, someday i should really submit her photos in some way to magazines or other places of fashion, she has a great high-fashion type face. :)
here ya go!

This is sitting on a table/stool...just letting the lovely light come in from the windows...and lightroomed to make it pop.
This brick wall was out there next to the building...just kinda passed it..and said..OOOO

Trying something a bit new...shooting through an opaque door. Actually turned out quite was a white door & this is a cross-processed preset in lightroom. :) (and border)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A moment in time...

While most ppl prolly had a lazy sunday today...I felt like I was out there doing "stuff" out of normal routines. haha!!! We helped some friends and we also had lunch at an indian buffet w/ them. I had to run off early before they finished the project to go see an online friend!

I was thankful she let me know she was in town...whenever available...I like seeing my friends AND supporting their causes. Or just seeing them...I love hanging out!!!

Her cause that she has been exploding with passion in is the ladies of the strip clubs. Not a lot of people realize that these are human beings that need love. She has stepped up to be that anchor, that vessel of love! I met her through 2 other ladies that have their causes that are contagious. Annie Lobert of Hookers for Jesus....and Heather Vietch of JC's Girls. All of these ladies have deep passions to help and be in relationships for the long haul to LOVE people.

In my times on earth...i've come to discover that i have a passion to help & encourage...while i may not always do what they do, or go to a club and help them - I know that I can do so much to encourage them & support them. Be that buying a tank top from HFJ...or supporting Brenda her talks at a Fort Worth church.

I just wanted to thank Brenda for letting me know that she was coming out...and being such a great online friend! I'm continually inspired by her REALness, her love for others...and her ACTIONS of love for others. I'm happy to say I love that i'm meeting more people from Austin. Itz a place that I would like to get to know. :)

Keep doing what you do girl....
much love!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Give Give Give! :)

What i've found in doing my that being a giver is such a great thing! You can invest your time, your talent and many other things into helping others!

ESPECIALLY with your photography!

If you look around you will see so many people are in need of just documentation of their pictures...or even special events that you could capture for them!

This week I'm set to capture the Hispanic Networking Group....and later this week...the Makeaway in May event. Thankfully I've got the time to invest...and know that giving back is something I can ALWAYS do! :)

So while building your portfolio and your business...think about ways you can give back...even with nothing in return!!!! :)

Have a super duper day! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

"Just let the moment happen, don't force it"...

I'll have to be honest about some aspects of photography....

I respect those that do the "setups" of the moments of life...but I think what I enjoy more is the moments we capture and the folks don't know it. I like knowing we are seeing true feelings, true actions...and that true person...rather than a "setup" of what we think they want or what they think they want in their photos.

If they are happy, it will show.
If they are shy, they will come out of their just takes time. :)
I personally would love to just get rid of all "formal-ities" of wedding photography...u know what i'm talking about...the "posed" shots...I love them for what they are : a record of how they looked, how many were there supporting them, but that is about it! There is nothing super-creative about those kinds of shots to me. Even when you go out and "pose" them uniquely...itz still just EH.

(which is why i'm excited for my june 13th wedding....)....more to come on THAT one! yea!
But here are the teasers from the wedding I just shot....
real moments captured, not set up....
The flower girl was admiring herself in the mirror...the only thing i did was move to capture the bride getting ready in the background. I won't tell you which phase this was...but ...u was a great & funny moment.

This was just one of those moments that always come along during a wedding...the bride & groom watch as their friends & family cut it up on the dance floor! I loved the fact that this was a great white tent...where i could bounce my flash...and still leave a lil mystery to who is behind the couple...we just know they are watching...and in love.

Communion : a common union. Where time alone up front with each other...and whomever speaks the words of what marriage means...and what it means to share communion when you include Jesus in the mix! Itz a moment of reverance and reflection...and u may or may not hear or listen to the words of the you are in that dazey process of being married...and u are probably on your knees thanking God...for what he has done! :) I just captured a moment w/ the pastor in focus and the couple out of focus. Just wanted to capture the intense reflective moment of the ceremony together. :)

More to come on my smugmug over this week....I have quite a few photos to surf through...but was able to put up some teasers in a few places for the family. :) There is nothing like the joy of re-living the day without the WAIT. :)

P.S....i really had an overwhelming awesome feeling...because they loved their engagement photos so much....they actually used them in the invites, the rehearsal dinner invite...the photo to display...and their slide show. I felt like it was an art show/gallery my work was on display...and they loved it THAT much to actually use it. I felt like an artist! :) You may think this happens often? Not to me! :)

Enjoy your Monday....