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Sunday, June 7, 2009

A moment in time...

While most ppl prolly had a lazy sunday today...I felt like I was out there doing "stuff" out of normal routines. haha!!! We helped some friends and we also had lunch at an indian buffet w/ them. I had to run off early before they finished the project to go see an online friend!

I was thankful she let me know she was in town...whenever available...I like seeing my friends AND supporting their causes. Or just seeing them...I love hanging out!!!

Her cause that she has been exploding with passion in is the ladies of the strip clubs. Not a lot of people realize that these are human beings that need love. She has stepped up to be that anchor, that vessel of love! I met her through 2 other ladies that have their causes that are contagious. Annie Lobert of Hookers for Jesus....and Heather Vietch of JC's Girls. All of these ladies have deep passions to help and be in relationships for the long haul to LOVE people.

In my times on earth...i've come to discover that i have a passion to help & encourage...while i may not always do what they do, or go to a club and help them - I know that I can do so much to encourage them & support them. Be that buying a tank top from HFJ...or supporting Brenda her talks at a Fort Worth church.

I just wanted to thank Brenda for letting me know that she was coming out...and being such a great online friend! I'm continually inspired by her REALness, her love for others...and her ACTIONS of love for others. I'm happy to say I love that i'm meeting more people from Austin. Itz a place that I would like to get to know. :)

Keep doing what you do girl....
much love!

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