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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Introducing: the Aurora Borealis Bride! :) September 2011

I'm posting this picture...because to me, it is significant to what I do. :)
Plus, I was inspired when I PRINTED this!!!! It was very beautiful.!!!!!
This is from a September 2011 wedding.

So maybe most of you don't "get it".

That is ok!  The great thing about being an artist is just that.  There are a lot of things that I may do in this lifetime that make no sense to you, but simply are reflections of visions within ME.

This picture came about FIRST by observing the colors of the stained-glass windows of the Catholic Church....and having her sit among those colors to give a very interesting and different perspective on a bride to be.  Everyone has their own voice & style - and she is no different.  She is unique!

After I took this, I was pleased with the original outcome, but wanted to take it a step further when I saw this same phenomenon reflecting on the floor during the ceremony.  Then, with all my creativity in motion - I created this cloudy swirl of haze surrounding her.   I do call this my Aurora Borealis bride - because if you have ever seen those lights in real life or in picture - they kind give this kindof GLOW.  You know?

So, I ask you - photographers out there - what kind of lighting scenario can you capture today, that gives you that same "feel"?  Is it a streetlamp?  An oven light?  A laser pointer?  Go out and play and find your light!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I had the pleasure of taking a very very VERY quick trip to Seattle and hang with my friend Becka and go to a Con at the Seattle Center.  It was really really fun.  I almost wish there had been more time for me to bounce around between all the workshops - because I only got to go to a few.  And it would have been neat to learn some more stuff - but there were some DISTANCE issues between several of them, and I just coudn't walk fast enough - nor did i bring a compact mode of transportation to make it FASTER! Either way, I had a are some highlights!!!!

This was my view coming towards Seattle the last minutes of the flight! AMAZING!!!!
The Fremont Troll - thanks to Becka for us finding it - sad to say he was he looks like he is wearing some bad makeup. :) lol!
Made it to the Pike's Market to see flying fish and we bought FABULOUS vintage hats. :)  I almost gave up til we found the Duffers store and found my AWESOME pink hat!!!!
This is Becka's ab-fab tea hat I like to call it. :)  It is a fabulous orange with ribbony tulle feeling stuff woven around it. She got TONS of compliments!
If it is not rainbows seeking me out, I thought it was hilarious that I found another green stripey shirt!  I love it, so I took a picture! of course! :)
A puppeteer from the movie Labyrinth!
From the PUPPET making workshop - I only had 10 minutes to make a puppet cause I was SO late.  But I made it in time to see a few other awesome puppets people had made!  SO FUN!
Me, with the OE girls.  I stood first in line for an hour to see their panel and meet them.  Then i was fortunate to hang for a bit later that nite after the Con.  Good thing too, they played the WHOLE movie Labyrinth at the end! WOW!
It is moments like this - that i love!  A random mini photo shoot in the bathroom at the Con!  A Monarch Henchgirl....and I could NOT pass up this amazing tile and coloring with her yellow and orange fabulousness. Thank you!
So, I had PLENTY of spare time since I missed the YODA PUPPET workshop...and they wouldn't let me i went to the space needle and had a few great moments with just me and my camera. :)  The view was really great too! (from up top) and got my obligitory souvenir photo in the blog post below. ;)
OK! and SHE didn't miss the Yoda puppet workshop, so I took her picture!  This way I can make my own sometime.  You know, just for fun!  She also had an r2d2 HAT plus made a Yoda and R2D2 stick puppet!  The large yoda is a paper sack. :)  It all works out in the end, and was GREAT fun.  I vote for a longer workshop next time.

Thanks to everyone!  I think you are all awesome!!!!
My trip was fast and fun.

I hope to go back someday. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where was I ?

You have 1 guess!

My green screened token tourist photo. :)
I will expound....later.... :)