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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Introducing: the Aurora Borealis Bride! :) September 2011

I'm posting this picture...because to me, it is significant to what I do. :)
Plus, I was inspired when I PRINTED this!!!! It was very beautiful.!!!!!
This is from a September 2011 wedding.

So maybe most of you don't "get it".

That is ok!  The great thing about being an artist is just that.  There are a lot of things that I may do in this lifetime that make no sense to you, but simply are reflections of visions within ME.

This picture came about FIRST by observing the colors of the stained-glass windows of the Catholic Church....and having her sit among those colors to give a very interesting and different perspective on a bride to be.  Everyone has their own voice & style - and she is no different.  She is unique!

After I took this, I was pleased with the original outcome, but wanted to take it a step further when I saw this same phenomenon reflecting on the floor during the ceremony.  Then, with all my creativity in motion - I created this cloudy swirl of haze surrounding her.   I do call this my Aurora Borealis bride - because if you have ever seen those lights in real life or in picture - they kind give this kindof GLOW.  You know?

So, I ask you - photographers out there - what kind of lighting scenario can you capture today, that gives you that same "feel"?  Is it a streetlamp?  An oven light?  A laser pointer?  Go out and play and find your light!


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