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Friday, February 26, 2010

More fashiony, headshoty stuff, fun stuff!

Here is a quick teaser from the fashion shoots i've had all day....starting at midnite...going til 330am...and then later today....ending finally at about 6pm.  I had a LOT of fun today...helping people and having fun.  Needless to say...i've learned a lot - and i'm definitely looking more and more forward to warmer weather. I would really love to get some architecture back into my portfolio!  and sunlight!!!!!!!!!! :) I can't wait. :)

I hope you are all having some fun out there....letz hope winter ends soon! (at least for us here in TX) ahahah!

Peace out!
have a super weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I can't wait for tonite!  I'm setting up some quick ideas for a fashion/modeling portfolio!!!
Gotta have some creative fun tonite! :)

What are you doing tonite? :):):)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Fenom Kimonos event!!! 2/21/10

So if you didn't know already - I got to shoot an event that was unlike any other!
A women's Brasilian Ju-Jitsu workshop!  (with Hillary Williams).

To see more about the event here is the blog!

I would have to say I was overall pleased with all of the photos I took!  It is always challenging for lower light situations if you do not have an "L" lens or a super-low Fstop lens.  But the great thing is?  It doesn't matter!  You can still get GREAT photos with any kind of light & lens.  I think it is a matter of attitude and really leaving yourself with an open heart at the event you are at.  Remember, great photography isn't always about equipment, it is about your heart to capture the events unfolding in front of you!

I took a half & half photos with my XTI (28-135 IS, 3.5-5 something)...and my 40D (17-55 2.8).  I was really happy with the reach of the 28-135, but really wishing I could have 2.8 on that lens!  AND I had to go up to ISO 1600 on the XTI and 800 on the 40D. :)  Great results...for a great event! :)

Have a super super tuesday!!!!!!!!

Much Love to you
Jen Sulak
Rarmai Photography
exploring 2010!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Keepin it REAL!

You know the one thing that some of us all have in common is NOT making time for ourselves! 

I know some amazing people, but they don't always take care of themselves. Even the simple tasks of life like sleeping, eating, listening, sitting. 

Hey, I've done it too!  Whether you are single, married, married with kids, HAVE to take some time for yourself!  If you don't?  While you are busy being busy, you start to lose your creativity and get caught up in the mundane and before you know it you are drained of life. 

I pray that everyone dealing with this right now begins to understand the importance of taking time to yourself away from friends, away from your spouse & kids....You should NOT feel guilty about taking this time!  It rejuvenates you!  It takes you to places inside yourself that you need to deal with.  It is easier for you to deny your emotions & feelings if you don't stop to address them! 

As a business owner, I know that my business doesn't run me, I run my business.  Just like anything in life, your job, your should not lose "control" in your time management.  If you are out of it, stressed, snippy and not feeling well, CHANGE what you are doing.  It makes a world of difference to know you have a choice to stop it. 

Believe me, I've made and SEEN every excuse.
No time to workout?  I dare you to take ONE MINUTE and do 30 seconds of jumping jacks and 30 seconds of high-knees.  That is SOMETHING.  You have that one minute, and before you know it - you can carve out 15 minutes for yourself.  Stop feeling like you HAVE to spend all day in the gym!  Now, if you have expectations for a certain body? Yes, it takes TIME, discipline.  But you can't have what you won't make time for. SORRY!  But you can do SOMETHING.

Believe me, I hate reading! It takes me forever to comprehend something because I can't sit still long enough to really ABSORB the knowlege.  It doesn't matter how much I just doesn't stick as well.
solution?  CDS, DVDS, radio, slide shows - get your sensory perceptors to where you can receive information!  While you are cleaning house or spending time doing those "mundane" things called maintenance...turn on a cd really really loud, be it music...or be it a life-encouragement educational cd.  I'm telling you, IT WORKS. :) 

People, it doens't take a rocket scientist or a booming voice from heaven to realize that you are not taking care of yourself.  All it takes is a loving friend, a little confrontation & intervention and CHANGE.  If you are not happy with how your life is...stop looking at everyone else's green grass..and WATER YOUR OWN.  You are uniquely made, which means only YOU can make the changes that work for YOU. 

Stop making excuses and start loving yourself enough to make YOU time.

Brought to you by the loving and always taking time for myself lady.....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

More for 2010!

So March holds a tv show guest spot!....
and a wedding ....
April holds a nice vacation with my husband of almost FIVE years! oh glory! :)
May holds a Renaissance wedding...of creative proportions!

skip ahead to October...
I would LIKE to settle something up for a solo art show!
My love love love of sharing light, reflection and love is about to become a cohesive collection.  That is a goal, a dream and soon to be a reality. :)

Not only thinking of pieces & theme for this show...
but LOCATION? :)

I know the puzzle pieces will start to make sense as the year rolls on...
I'm excited to see how this unfolds. :)

Meanwhile, congrats to a LOVELY couple and long time photography customer...Kris & Holly...and their new baby boy Zephan!  What a blessing to add to their lives! 

There will be so much more to come in the coming we have women's showers...weddings & engagements!  Oh! I love my job!!!!!!!!!



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am just excited!

I love how when just when I THINK there might not be anything interesting this week..BAM! I get a phone call from a local talk show host. :)  She was referred by a friend of mine....and in order to have some MORE fun, we talked about being ON her show.  :)  Me, as a guest. :) 

I was so excited.  Seriously? 

Well, this week just officially went UP a notch! As i'm getting the everyday things done...checking things off my list, I get another breadcrumb on the way to another vision point, a spot in the road on my way to big things.  Why was I picked? Well, cause God picked me and qualified me.  It is nothing more than that!  I didn't beg or plead.  And i haven't spent hours or years pursuing this.  It has finally started to pursue me! 

The years leading up to my creative divine moment were just years....years of idle moments, forgetful moments...decisions that lead me to that 9-5job where I just worked, paid the bills and came home to do it again the next day. 

Here I am.  Living the dream.  Fulfilling the passions of my heart.
It is a great day to be alive!
It is a great YEAR!


Thatz me.

In this package.
take it or leave it!
and most of all, LOVE.

peace out


Monday, February 15, 2010

I had me some FUN this weekend!!!!

So, Thursday & Friday....I spent working on the fashion show with EN V New York!!!!   We had a great time, the clothing rocked, the ladies stomped it out with an enthusiastic crowd. :)  I loved taking the photos for this as it was challenging and very lovely too :)    Thanks to Just Raymona and Rose Hill!  Both great folks!  Can't wait to see what is next for them. :)


Then Saturday we finished the Pirate Video!!!!!!!!!!  It went so well with all the pieces in place...everyone playing their parts.  I was so happy to be a part.  Coming soon - one of my photos will be a part of their website.  After all, itz a pirate's life!!!!!!!!!!!

It was all done on green screen, in case u were wondering. LOL!!!!  I'll post more about these guys later...but for now...just enjoy & laugh at these 2 photos!!!!  It was amusing and is for an interesting cause!!!!

I'm ready for my next big event!!!  Ready for those next projects that are coming my way!!!

Have a super Monday!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The art is DONE and delivered!!!!!!!!

so yes, the lovely lovely art thanks to Chrystine & DONE.
the client wanted a very Bettie Page look...and described in his words what he was seeing in his mind. Needless to say, I delivered yet another winner for them. At some point towards the end of the month - i'll get to meet the guy whose gifts these are. :) I can't wait. I wanna video and photograph them. :) I love that somewhere someone is appreciating my art, that is has been given life and that life is now hanging in someone's home. *smile* :) Itz the greatest art show on earth!!!! oh yes. :)

Here he is:
and yes, he met my work at an Art Love Magic event...and fell in love w/ the style. :)
I'm so glad, because i love creating these. :)

to get involved locally:

Here is the proud 1/2 owner of the piece.

Congrats! and if you want something special made, please give me a call!  I'm creative. We can make something lovely!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Highlights of the past 24 hours!!!!

did a LOVE LOVE LOVELY maternity session at a B&B with Sabre.  It was her wish & desire to go all vintage.  And boy did we!  You can see more of her photos at my store!
Thanks to Virgina Rose Inn in McKinney TX!  We appreciate you letting us use your space & lovely decor!

The evening came about and I showed up at a recording studio to document a pirate video!  Actually it was the rehearsal part of it, but nonetheless, watching them choreograph, laugh, ARRRRR! and more...kept me so entertained that I can hardly wait for Saturday's recording!  they are making a VIDEO of it!
To see all the photos:


TODAY is the fun fun stuff as well!!! I picked up my new business cards!!!!  They look amazing and I can' wait to unwrap them!!!  You'll notice just how artistic they are and some are just photography images.  I narrowed it down to 20 different images and everything thinks i'm crazy, but I love diversity!

KETTLE ART - art show & fundraiser!
Then the last thing on my mind so far KETTLE ART!!!!
They are doing a fundraiser called "For the love of Kettle"!  All sales of art this weekend will go to help Kettle Art Gallery in Deep Ellum.  They have been around for a long time and there is a line up of artists donating art & work to this gallery to help.  Please stop by and see the show & SALE on Feb. 13th starting at 7pm going til 10pm!  for more info:
Here is the piece I will taking over there.
it will be affordable and 100% goes to Kettle!

8x10 print with 11x14 frame.
Photographic Blended Art
"multi-leveled heart of love"

Thanks for all the love & support! 
make 2010 the GREATEST you have ever had!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a weekend!

I do what I love. AND I love what I do! :)

I'm so excited to share a few quick items with you!!!!

This is Stephany!  A local personal trainer who is about to embark on a fun journey...and we needed some basic shots in a black dress.  The great thing is - my idea book is starting to come in handy!  When you have ideas for "poses" that could make an impact, flatter, bring out someone's personality...this is one of the ones we found to be fun and flattering.  I love seeing & meeting strong women.  I'm looking forward to furthering this relationship and in the meantime, learn more about myself in the area of fitness & nutrition!  

As if that wasn't enough!?!  Oh my goodness I had some free time to think/create last nite.  So, I set up my lights & camera...put on a dress and weird makeup and a black wig.  :)  I've started a prop closet for fun things like this.  I've also got my idea book and some of this concept kinda starts to take form as I'm creating.  Some of the images were fine w/o editing - however it was the ART I was bringing forth, not myself.  Here are a few fun images!

This image is basically a feel of "floating" or "flying".  I tried an effect in photoshop to create this "blast off" image.  Sepia seemed the best fit for what i was doing.  I love what sepia does to LIGHT. :)   Yes, that is ME. :)  
This next photo is just fun as well.  I had done some silly makeup...and made faces as i'm doing all this stuff.  This scene i used what was around me as a backdrop and then swirled it.
This next can see a tad more....of my photoshop. hahaah!  I actually kinda took my arm off...because I felt it was a tad distracting.  The effect i put on turned the black hair kindof a blueish tint.  Itz always fun to play around...and i KNOW that black hair doesn't suit me, but in ART - i can work it.
This week I am doing a fashion show with a NY designer. If anyone wants to come out, it is going to be unique & fun!

FRIDAY NITE! 2/12/10  Rarmai Photography is EXCITED to help the designer with her show and her FASHION.  I have seen her work and look forward to working with this event!!!!!!  Take care all!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love & Curlers!


In this journey of creation...I've noticed that every job I get - I start to think about the client...what they want or need....Most have a clear picture of what they want...and some just need a little help.  This is my job.  I love it! 

What I wanted to share today was the creativity that comes from perseverance.  I know that not all ideas come easily or quickly.  But persevering through the normal circumstances take us right into greatness.  Sure, maybe not everyone gets that, but WE get it.  It is important that you discover your OWN creative process! :)  Me?  I had someone ask "How do you..."...I simply said...I'll be thinking about something and have a flash in my head.  That is the brilliance of knowing God and having his life and light.  He helps me everytime! :)  The previous post was Iris Leu...well those images were not my first images!  They were towards the middle and ending.  You see, creativity is just that, a process. :)  When your heart is open...and when your CLIENT's heart is have a great time AND get great results! :)  Here lately, I'm just pushing through any barriers or walls holding me back and I've started jotting down ideas.  I don't care where they came from, they came to me.  :) 

Meanwhile, as I'm building custom art pieces...i'm not just picking random images I already have in stock, I'm actually making images to be used.  For this up & coming piece I used a few objects laying around my house that came as a great idea to give me the look the client wanted AND the feel I wanted! :)

Here is one example. :)  I pulled out my mint green curlers from my Great-Grandma.  This is the art that came from it and became a part of the piece last week. I can't show it to you yet, but i was super-pleased w/ the results and so was my model AND the client.  This makes my heart soar!!!!!

Enjoy, and find your own creative groove.