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Monday, February 22, 2010

Keepin it REAL!

You know the one thing that some of us all have in common is NOT making time for ourselves! 

I know some amazing people, but they don't always take care of themselves. Even the simple tasks of life like sleeping, eating, listening, sitting. 

Hey, I've done it too!  Whether you are single, married, married with kids, HAVE to take some time for yourself!  If you don't?  While you are busy being busy, you start to lose your creativity and get caught up in the mundane and before you know it you are drained of life. 

I pray that everyone dealing with this right now begins to understand the importance of taking time to yourself away from friends, away from your spouse & kids....You should NOT feel guilty about taking this time!  It rejuvenates you!  It takes you to places inside yourself that you need to deal with.  It is easier for you to deny your emotions & feelings if you don't stop to address them! 

As a business owner, I know that my business doesn't run me, I run my business.  Just like anything in life, your job, your should not lose "control" in your time management.  If you are out of it, stressed, snippy and not feeling well, CHANGE what you are doing.  It makes a world of difference to know you have a choice to stop it. 

Believe me, I've made and SEEN every excuse.
No time to workout?  I dare you to take ONE MINUTE and do 30 seconds of jumping jacks and 30 seconds of high-knees.  That is SOMETHING.  You have that one minute, and before you know it - you can carve out 15 minutes for yourself.  Stop feeling like you HAVE to spend all day in the gym!  Now, if you have expectations for a certain body? Yes, it takes TIME, discipline.  But you can't have what you won't make time for. SORRY!  But you can do SOMETHING.

Believe me, I hate reading! It takes me forever to comprehend something because I can't sit still long enough to really ABSORB the knowlege.  It doesn't matter how much I just doesn't stick as well.
solution?  CDS, DVDS, radio, slide shows - get your sensory perceptors to where you can receive information!  While you are cleaning house or spending time doing those "mundane" things called maintenance...turn on a cd really really loud, be it music...or be it a life-encouragement educational cd.  I'm telling you, IT WORKS. :) 

People, it doens't take a rocket scientist or a booming voice from heaven to realize that you are not taking care of yourself.  All it takes is a loving friend, a little confrontation & intervention and CHANGE.  If you are not happy with how your life is...stop looking at everyone else's green grass..and WATER YOUR OWN.  You are uniquely made, which means only YOU can make the changes that work for YOU. 

Stop making excuses and start loving yourself enough to make YOU time.

Brought to you by the loving and always taking time for myself lady.....

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