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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Salon Purple - fun salon in FORT WORTH!!!!!

be sure to go check out the folks at Salon Purple!  They have done a great job at a show I was at well as one of the ladies had done my orange and pink.  I had a lot of fun getting their updated salon headshots as well as some other things. :) 

Here are some fun ones.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


This is a day where we remember the AWESOME of the small business!!! Started with passion and determination....and moving towards GREATNESSSSS!!!!! :)

Please give me a call if you need the following:

Photography for your wedding of any shape/size/location.
Various headshots or promotional materials.
Customized ARTWORK and portrait enhancements for you/family/home.

Friday, November 23, 2012

TIS THE SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tis the season for ENGAGEMENTS!!!! get in touch with me now for my packaging and yummyness for your wedding day. I have more than enough awesome to go around for ya. 2013 will bring much fun to be had, much art to be jump on in, the water's fine! :) ♥ - get in touch now at: - THIS INCLUDES DESTINATION WEDDINGS!!!! I'm based in dallas, but an accomplished traveler.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Teasers !!!! - Heather + Jim

here you go! here are some quick fast-like teasers....i wasn't able to grab too much - but have some fun images to post!  This was more a sunset wedding out near the Science Center in Arglington! :)  Daylight savings definitely "saved" us light LOL :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

A few snippets from the I DO Bridal Soiree - featuring Gowns of Grace!

Here are some of the gowns that NANCY of Gowns of Grace was showing at the Bridal Soiree!  It was such a great selection of everything and the styling was wonderful.  I snapped a few casual shots outside the Rosine Hall for her.  It was a fun fun day - and the chihuly exhibit drew QUITE a crowd, WOW! :)


You can find Nancy at Gowns of Grace

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The spin art story.....the final....

Over the last 16 years....I've collected a wide array of spin art....I was able to snag a couple from NY....a chicago one (thanks to lime)...a vegas one (thanks to Dawg)....and i also think i grabbed one from our honeymoon...i'm not sure. I don't remember. :)

Anyways...last year...during the huge NY fan meet....actually LAST year (in general)....i was really wanting to complete my collection with one last one.  I didn't care where it was from, I just needed ONE.  Well, by that time - they stopped selling them at the show. (I had planned on buying one last one in NY)

They have started giving the pieces away during the show...(which is awesome) BUT u have to sit in a certain spot....basically 1st/2nd row depending on the venue. :)  So, needless to say...I didn't get ny (07/2011)....i didn't get orlando (3/2012)...i didn't get chicago (8/2012)...or NY (again) in (9/2012)....but i did get vegas....(10/2012)

I was on front row for fan meet nite....and i literally saw the blue man stare at me....and i was staring back like YES PLEASE........... PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  I started reaching out...I just had to have it....i had been waiting for over a year! :)  There was no other way I could have pulled that off - but the right place and right timing. :)

There is something extremely unique about this art....
Normally they use the basic 3 colors....

This show one of the paint balls dropped to the ground...and he picked up later to mix the color orange. :)
It was pretty awesome!!!! Given the fact that right now, my hair is pink and orange. I mean, really...this was the most amazing thing I could have never asked for, was better. :) BETTER!

wow.  Just in awe really - so much greatfulness for all these fans...all these staff folks...and the producers/directors/workers....CMP....i mean wow!!!!  I know that Mia had to have been watching...the creativity was undoubtedly there. :)

So here it is....THANKFUL beyond words and fits in a suitcase...

nice transitions from orange to pink here!

Vegas 3......

a sweet lil oasis! - Bellagio
sweet alex!
watching the processional....
the ride on top of the Stratosphere!
we have matching shirts!
a lil shot outside! YAY
sweet couple, with the city behind.
Fremont Street
us and Fremont St.
little needle.
lil robotic man.
oh yay, jason and michael showed up. as well as FOUR johnny depps (outside bellagio)
alex, joe and joe and the ride!
me and my bebe-  i actually got to spend time with him.