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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More fun images from Curt & Mary's wedding!!!!

It is no doubt these are enjoying the LOVE of the day!
I had quite a blast going through these images....a simple vintage look...a crisp day with an overcast feel...a quaint older chapel with a lot of history. ;)  Here are some images that I found fun....including a simple art piece I took using the little tiny mirror in the back of the left section of the church. :)  I thought it was quite a find....:)

Art Love Magic's GIRLSHOW 2012

I had a real blast at the girlshow this year!  I was able to be creating what I really love....which is digital artwork from images taken.  Kelsey was rocking her portraits and photo booth...and I took the images and made some fun art using the surroundings of the show!!!!

My initial involvement with Art Love Magic began a few years ago....when I began volunteering...and was able to help bring a great theme to the show via my hair color.  I don't really think I could personally top that year and what I accomplished as an artist.  A way to speak without speaking. ;0

This year, I got to just sit back and enjoy something new for well as a couple of pieces currently hanging in the gallery at Southside on Lamar.  Here are a few highlight images so far....

A nice lil phone pic with Becky, Kelsey, Josh and me!!!!
Some of the gallery setup - my piece is middle column top - by Carolyn Collins
A pic of me working while Kelsey is shooting - by Becky Taylor
Justin and his cape.
Candid near our booth! - by Lee Heath
One of the first art pieces I made that nite - a test shot of me and Josh. Photo by Kelsey.
One of my other simple art pieces - photo by Kelsey, art by me.

We hope sincerely that the next girlshow, you will BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is a blast.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I have TWO events this weekend....that are truly amazing.

the first, the I DO Bridal Soiree.....

SECOND.............girlshow 2012!

I'll be collaborating with Photographer Kelsey Paine in her booth, I'll be doing digital art with the photos.  I cannot wait to express myself in the digital arts!  We'll be pretty easy to spot at the event, and it will be super super crowded at Southside on Lamar!!! It is a big show, and great fun.

Please come out and support your local girl artists, musicians, painters, etc!!!!

The I DO Bridal Soiree!!!!! - Wedding Fashion Show and Party!

I decided to get involved with ONE MORE show this meet new folks, have fun and talk about my wedding photography!!!!

It is with the I do Bridal Soiree team!
They are having an event called the "Wedding Reception".  Kindof a mock party atmosphere with cocktail tables, lounges and more. :)

I am excited to have some fun...I even went out and had an AMAZING vintage dress altered to wear to this event!  Needless to say, this will be the most dressed up I've been ....AND photographing at the same time!!! Are you ready??????


Sunday, October 14, 2012

The teasers of Brian and Bailee!!!!!! BOAT WEDDING

Wow, i have to tell you after Bailee won a special package at a bridal show...who would have thought we ended up here in october....ON A BOAT....and capturing her day today!!! I'm really pleased how this day turned out.  We had a lot of twists and turns...but her dress was MAGNIFICENT....the folks were friendly and warm...and fun....everyone had a BLAST!!!!  I wanted to post a few teasers...because I usually can't help myself. :)

I'll give a short snippet for each image. :)

A moment stolen outside a store at the reception - I love the crazeeness of the light, the blurred shapes...but you can tell there is a passionate embrace going on here.  I'm very happy!!!!
Overboard!!! The ceremony was on a boat - and this was a request!
Another great idea - let's fall backwards on the bed!!!! :) This was just one of the shots.
Minutes after being pronounced Mr and Mrs.

Friday, October 12, 2012


I was amazed by these shoes. Not that I wanted to wear them - but the color and height made things really interesting. As i'm playing with images I thought to she walking on herself...or laying down on the shoes. I choose the peaceful look today. She is resting on the shoes, where the path is going for her...walking will be all good and done...but rest is just as important. Take your shoes off. Rest.

Monday, October 8, 2012

A few more images from Jenna + Jason!!!! :)

I'm still enjoying these images I started DIVING into them....
there were so many fun crafty and creative details...i was just excited.  We have so many ways we can express ourselves and our love.  I'm usually inspired by my clients...and really enjoy seeing them put together a day that reflect THEM v. just *things* :)


The bride....getting ready!
The girls listening and watching.....
These shoes ended up in several rooms everywhere!
really loved these decorations!
Before the ceremony, a first "peek" - they can't see each other...but the camera can!
Taking vows.
Happily ever after!
Cake and Couple.
Sweet moments.
Inside with the windows.
Thought the bride would LOVE this one!!!!
The cool tree out back!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The quickest mini-backpacking trip to NYC.

I've been fortunate these really see God working in my life....with the simple things to me, like travel.  I asked for an opportunity to go to NYC...and something came in the email later....a job to work with inventory....and part of my payment - was a couple of train tickets to NYC.  I will never take that for granted and will remain THANKFUL for these opportunities!!!!!

QUICK mashup fast fast

If you find yourself not even reaching close to your dreams...write it down...and attempt to make those steps towards it...and before you know it - you are THERE.

Here are some highlights.