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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The teasers of Brian and Bailee!!!!!! BOAT WEDDING

Wow, i have to tell you after Bailee won a special package at a bridal show...who would have thought we ended up here in october....ON A BOAT....and capturing her day today!!! I'm really pleased how this day turned out.  We had a lot of twists and turns...but her dress was MAGNIFICENT....the folks were friendly and warm...and fun....everyone had a BLAST!!!!  I wanted to post a few teasers...because I usually can't help myself. :)

I'll give a short snippet for each image. :)

A moment stolen outside a store at the reception - I love the crazeeness of the light, the blurred shapes...but you can tell there is a passionate embrace going on here.  I'm very happy!!!!
Overboard!!! The ceremony was on a boat - and this was a request!
Another great idea - let's fall backwards on the bed!!!! :) This was just one of the shots.
Minutes after being pronounced Mr and Mrs.

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