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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taking a picture anytime/anywhere with ANY camera.

You can take a picture anytime/anywhere with any kind of camera...just so long as the moments you capture bring about the feeling & art you are trying to make happen from the inside out. Dreams happen every day.
 It is important to NOT compare yourself/talents/equipment to is about the ART you make from your camera that matters most.  Some of the most awesome creative people i know, use point & shoot cameras.  Don't feel bad or insecure about your gift....make yours your own...and make dreams happen, every day.
 Taken with my video cam...crappy resolution, but does this really matter? NO.  :)  Make yours your own. :)

Friday, March 26, 2010


I WONDER what wonderland would be wondering about these?

So, I have taken a couple of days to really seek REST.  Rest doesn't mean sitting around, but really taking a "break" from being plugged into the matrix all the time, running around...doing the chores of life...making the phone calls...doing the laundry...but no, a real time to rest and get unplugged from the norm.

I had really only intended on dropping off a shirt...when Dee casually says, "oh goodie, I have a photo idea"....what started as mirrors and reflections, really turned into a wonderland experience for me.  Especially AFTER I took the photos.  My good friends really know how to just let things flow...and reminds me how to still have fun, be creative and not necessarily be "working" on anything. :)  Itz the coolest thing ever.

Here are a couple of images I post-processed for fun. :)

Remember, you can HIRE ME for this stuff...what are your dreams? what is YOUR wonderland?  How would you like me to help you find yours? call me 972.395.9156 and find me at

Please! ENJOY your weekend! Have a blast! Grab your camera...and create your own wonderland!!!!

Love Jen

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Fun!!!!

I'm about to do some interesting shoots this weekend...but meanwhile........
wanted to let u know that SPRING is practically here...and if you are needing photographic services of any kind...I'm here to help!!!!!!!

I offer my talents, explorations, skill, passion & vision to YOU!

Give me a call! Head to the WEBSITE! :)

peace out! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

I want to IMPACT the world.

I had this great blog typed and blogger ATE IT.

I am excited to share TWO things today!  I have to tell you that I have been given passion & tools to impact the world here.  Itz up to me to use them.  Not you, ME.  You can't take what I have and I can't take what you have.  We've all been given SOMETHING.

I have the photos up from the FASHION CITED fashion show!!! There was a lot of great clothing coming out and it was very inspirational.  I got some great photos to share with you...and really just took the time to practice basic photography in action.  (literally)
To see them go here:

This photo you will see below was an inspiration from a friends' photo on facebook.  I asked her if it was her hand that read "I WANT TO IMPACT THE WORLD" and she said no.  I suggested when we did our shoot that it was her turn to DECLARE she wanted to impact the world.  So we did.  Today, was my turn...I took my lovely point & shoot and took aim...and then created something in Lightroom i was happy with.
Anyone can "take" a photo...but can you MAKE it into something that says something....??? Makes an impact?  I ask myself this all the time.  How can my photos really make an impact in someone's life?  How does my gift work with helping others.

Take your passion and make it happen.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Jen in Anime!!!!

A long time Blue Man friend of mine sent me a sweet package as a thank you for many encouragements I've given over the years....I SO appreciate this!!!!  What almost made me tear up was this LOVELY anime portrait she sent!  She is SUCH a talented artist!  Yall just don't know!  :)  Thank you Brandy!!!! You made my day today!!! I can't wait to frame this! Itz so fun!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today was a pleasant surprise...and gave me the idea for my next project............
Here is a sneak peek!!!

Mind you, a few of these things were my creativity along with Venetia, Becky & Tamara!!!!

Becky was insisting she wanted some dark, gothic, vampire feel photos.
I deliver. :)

Peace & have a GREAT WEEKEND!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Surprise! SURPRISE!!!

Umm, about 15 minutes before 7:30pm...I got a call...
"your show is airing tonite".....

Due to some technical difficulties...they decided to air our show TONITE!!! (thurs nite that is)

literally right after I found out my friend knocks on the door and i'm like omg....shez like "can i watch too!"...yes yes yes! hahahaah
So while waiting..i'm blasting everyone on FB and other places....
and then it hit am I going to record this!!!!
Finally my video cam popped into my mind...and i pulled it out ready to go!
I remembered my segment not being very long..........sooo i took a chance. :)

I was the 3rd guest....and here it is:

I really don't think I said everything ok...but i did the best i could!!!!!! :)
YEA!!!! :)

thanks everyone for the love & support!!! IT WAS FUN!!!!!!! :)


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The talk show!

So I finished the talk show today...and had a blast!
There were 2 other guests besides me...and it all turned out really great!  I almost wished I had more time...and am excited to see the results. :)  I saw that my hair definitely stood out and I found myself wanting more. :)

The images came up on the screen very nicely...and I was very very excited!!!

The show is scheduled to air March 25th @ 7:30pm on Channel 34.
I'll be sending a blast out to everyone when the date gets closer! :)  is where you can watch the online streaming! :)

Thanks to everyone who made this possible...and I look forward to the NEXT adventure! :)
March is going to be amazing. :)

Next up?  We will see!

Much love to you!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


So TONITE is going to be quite exciting actually.  I'm attending a FREE women's event based through my church up in Mckinney.  It is with the life coach that helped me get through some walls in my life...and help me to realize the changes in my THINKING had to change, in order for my life to change. 

Tomorrow, MONDAY, is going to be *catch up on projects* day!  Along with a cute little dance rehearsal I'll be documenting!!!!  I cannot wait to get started on these EN V New York photos!  I have finally gotten all the details wrapped up with the designer and we are moving forward!  I'm hoping that the ideas I have translate exceptionally into the photos!!!! :) 

I'm filming for the Leslie Taylor Hare show!  She is local and building the foundations for her talk show.  I'm so so so excited to be on there and even more excited that EVERYONE can watch it!  It will live stream online as well as I have the opportunity to purchase the interview on a DVD so I can upload to my youtube, or whatever else I want to.  After thinking yesterday, I think it would be amazing to apply for another talk show that is local, yet VERY global.  I'm not sure what will happen, but I ask myself right now....WHY NOT?  So i'm going to aim for the stars and have fun doing it.  This is truly HEAVEN on earth...when God's favor is here & now! :)

Please say a prayer for me this week that what needs to be said will be said!  I'm really really excited!

Much love to all reading and beyond...


This will be me in 4 weeks..........the beach & waves are calling :) 
this photo taken by Zak 2009. :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

I hope to be creative for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!! :)

I've discovered many things on this creative journey...and most of it involves relationships with not only clients, but fellow photographers.  I have found that helping others is SUCH a any it smiling, hugging...taking their pictures and helping them feel the joy that I feel when I capture their true beauty. :)

I helped a new friend of mine out today at the Dallas bridal fair that is going on at the Dallas Convention Center. Today was just their setup day, Tomorrow is the event.  I learned so much just by being in the building and observing the setups and imagined what it could be like to set up at a place like that.  I admire those that have the courage to step out and do those things.  I love being around people with vision and not just that, they SHARE their vision.  That is not always an easy thing to do!  But I just get inspired watching others do what they set out to do.  They make it happen.  They are confident even through fears & insecurities.  They find the strength to DO what it takes to help make those dreams happen. :)

I can only imagine what the future holds for me...I can tell you it is BRIGHT...and I cannot let anyone or anything stop me from this journey that I began.  There is freedom in this journey and I can imagine doing nothing else!  I thank God for encouraging words when I need to hear matter who they come from...i'm glad those words come in & sit for a while.  I'm moving to new places...and with that...comes new things that I'm doing & trying.  I will forever be an explorer of life & the creative world.


Oh, and welcome baby Zephan!!!!
Such a joyful family......i was happy to take the newborn photos! We had fun & kept it simple!  I give my clients what they want, and toss in a creative idea or two.  I try to make images that are specific to each client...the kind of images that light me up...that I created out my vision/brain.  Here you go. :)
Much love!

 This image popped in my head on the drive up to where they live.  They are amazing clients that give just as much as recieve.  I'm thankful for them and their family! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An opportunity to be on TV???

Yes!!!!!! I had a referral come in for headshots for a local dallas talk show host...and she suggested that I be on the show & discuss topics of photography.  I will have about 5 different photos on there & talking about how I shot them and found them.  I'm REALLY excited!!!!  I'm expecting to have a blast...

What i've found in talking with friends is that I'm really discovering who I am more and more and coming to terms with how I work.  I'm not a "hey look at me"...but I do have a voice & perspective that God has given me to share with the world.  He has also given me the art & visions to share as well with each client. :) 

I am taping the show next Tuesday...and I'm not sure when it will air!  I'll be sure to post the most up to date information!!!! :)  Referrals are what make things happen, THANK YOU! :)

Welcome to MARCH!!!!