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Monday, March 22, 2010

I want to IMPACT the world.

I had this great blog typed and blogger ATE IT.

I am excited to share TWO things today!  I have to tell you that I have been given passion & tools to impact the world here.  Itz up to me to use them.  Not you, ME.  You can't take what I have and I can't take what you have.  We've all been given SOMETHING.

I have the photos up from the FASHION CITED fashion show!!! There was a lot of great clothing coming out and it was very inspirational.  I got some great photos to share with you...and really just took the time to practice basic photography in action.  (literally)
To see them go here:

This photo you will see below was an inspiration from a friends' photo on facebook.  I asked her if it was her hand that read "I WANT TO IMPACT THE WORLD" and she said no.  I suggested when we did our shoot that it was her turn to DECLARE she wanted to impact the world.  So we did.  Today, was my turn...I took my lovely point & shoot and took aim...and then created something in Lightroom i was happy with.
Anyone can "take" a photo...but can you MAKE it into something that says something....??? Makes an impact?  I ask myself this all the time.  How can my photos really make an impact in someone's life?  How does my gift work with helping others.

Take your passion and make it happen.


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