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Sunday, March 7, 2010


So TONITE is going to be quite exciting actually.  I'm attending a FREE women's event based through my church up in Mckinney.  It is with the life coach that helped me get through some walls in my life...and help me to realize the changes in my THINKING had to change, in order for my life to change. 

Tomorrow, MONDAY, is going to be *catch up on projects* day!  Along with a cute little dance rehearsal I'll be documenting!!!!  I cannot wait to get started on these EN V New York photos!  I have finally gotten all the details wrapped up with the designer and we are moving forward!  I'm hoping that the ideas I have translate exceptionally into the photos!!!! :) 

I'm filming for the Leslie Taylor Hare show!  She is local and building the foundations for her talk show.  I'm so so so excited to be on there and even more excited that EVERYONE can watch it!  It will live stream online as well as I have the opportunity to purchase the interview on a DVD so I can upload to my youtube, or whatever else I want to.  After thinking yesterday, I think it would be amazing to apply for another talk show that is local, yet VERY global.  I'm not sure what will happen, but I ask myself right now....WHY NOT?  So i'm going to aim for the stars and have fun doing it.  This is truly HEAVEN on earth...when God's favor is here & now! :)

Please say a prayer for me this week that what needs to be said will be said!  I'm really really excited!

Much love to all reading and beyond...


This will be me in 4 weeks..........the beach & waves are calling :) 
this photo taken by Zak 2009. :)

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