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Friday, March 5, 2010

I hope to be creative for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!! :)

I've discovered many things on this creative journey...and most of it involves relationships with not only clients, but fellow photographers.  I have found that helping others is SUCH a any it smiling, hugging...taking their pictures and helping them feel the joy that I feel when I capture their true beauty. :)

I helped a new friend of mine out today at the Dallas bridal fair that is going on at the Dallas Convention Center. Today was just their setup day, Tomorrow is the event.  I learned so much just by being in the building and observing the setups and imagined what it could be like to set up at a place like that.  I admire those that have the courage to step out and do those things.  I love being around people with vision and not just that, they SHARE their vision.  That is not always an easy thing to do!  But I just get inspired watching others do what they set out to do.  They make it happen.  They are confident even through fears & insecurities.  They find the strength to DO what it takes to help make those dreams happen. :)

I can only imagine what the future holds for me...I can tell you it is BRIGHT...and I cannot let anyone or anything stop me from this journey that I began.  There is freedom in this journey and I can imagine doing nothing else!  I thank God for encouraging words when I need to hear matter who they come from...i'm glad those words come in & sit for a while.  I'm moving to new places...and with that...comes new things that I'm doing & trying.  I will forever be an explorer of life & the creative world.


Oh, and welcome baby Zephan!!!!
Such a joyful family......i was happy to take the newborn photos! We had fun & kept it simple!  I give my clients what they want, and toss in a creative idea or two.  I try to make images that are specific to each client...the kind of images that light me up...that I created out my vision/brain.  Here you go. :)
Much love!

 This image popped in my head on the drive up to where they live.  They are amazing clients that give just as much as recieve.  I'm thankful for them and their family! :)

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