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Friday, March 26, 2010


I WONDER what wonderland would be wondering about these?

So, I have taken a couple of days to really seek REST.  Rest doesn't mean sitting around, but really taking a "break" from being plugged into the matrix all the time, running around...doing the chores of life...making the phone calls...doing the laundry...but no, a real time to rest and get unplugged from the norm.

I had really only intended on dropping off a shirt...when Dee casually says, "oh goodie, I have a photo idea"....what started as mirrors and reflections, really turned into a wonderland experience for me.  Especially AFTER I took the photos.  My good friends really know how to just let things flow...and reminds me how to still have fun, be creative and not necessarily be "working" on anything. :)  Itz the coolest thing ever.

Here are a couple of images I post-processed for fun. :)

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Please! ENJOY your weekend! Have a blast! Grab your camera...and create your own wonderland!!!!

Love Jen

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