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Monday, January 30, 2012

What do you REALLY want?

I'm sitting here listening to some inspirations and encouragements...and really gathering thoughts to write up a quickie blog....

What i've noticed about a lot of our we have dreams....right?
The question is....WHOSE dreams are they really?

Do you know that sometimes we try to live out someone else's say, our parents...or our friends...or someone we admire....we try to take that dream and make it our own...convincing ourselves...that THIS is my dream and MY passion.  But, really...think about it.....IS IT?

We have to be REALLY careful about how we sift out our true dreams....

I've had friends over the years fumble around in confusion for YEARS with so many supposed dreams...that they never even stepped out to make a reality.  Part of me it because you like the "IDEA" of that dream....but don't want to do the work or pay the price to make the dream happen.!!!?????

This was a huge revelation for me...just watching how my life is unfolding v. how I've seen others....

I think a lot of us LIKE the idea of doing some things, but we never really make it happen because we are forcing ourselves to like something we dont' even really like.  If you are truly passionate about will well up inside of you and won't let you go!  At least, that is how I feel about it. 

Here is the thing.............if you are on that path right your TRUE dream and walking your TRUE are still going to have obstacles to overcome.  You might think it gets easier, when in fact the battle will begin the moment you submit to the process of that dream. :) 

Don't ever think someone has had it "too easy"...when maybe we don't know the full story?  Believe me, I too have judged people for getting things so easily not even knowing their personal prices and sacrifices they made to get where they are.  Let's face it - sometimes it is the life connections (names and people we know)...that gets us further sometimes.  If someone said they were a Trump (of, or related to Donald Trump)...wouldn't you give them a priority or *first look*???  Come on now, don't lie!  You probably would. 

But if someone, let's say has been working in a field of their choice for over 15 years or so...comes up to partake, because they don't know the right people or aren't connected to those "big names" probably won't give them a shot, or maybe even try to know them.  It is a twisted warped way we do things sometimes. :) 

Anyways..........the point being....we all have a path to follow and a dream to manifest.  To me, NOTHING will stop me from fulfilling my calling.  I don't care if I don't have a big name behind me, because God's name is on me and in me.  He is the only one that will get the job done.  Believe me, I have had so many questions up to this point about my dream....and now I can say...I'm living the dream.  But it gets hard...and I have days where you just wanna throw in the towel.........but that INNER DRIVE and PASSION...never lets me stop.   I never give up. 

To you,
What is your TRUE dream? Are you living our YOUR passions or someone else's?  

Think about this...and what it means to your potential Joy and Happiness to live out your days...really accepting the call on your life.  Whatever it may be.

Listen to it.
Pick up the phone.
and talk back and then get moving.

Peace out.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

40% off my PHOTO BOOTH style photography for your reception!!!!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blog feature in Denmark!

In case you didn't see this in the first round of posting! Chrystine and Joe's wedding was featured on this lovely bride-to-be's they plan their wedding....and she did a little questionaire and used some of my photos! It was really neat. :) Featured in DENMARK. :) 
 She asked Chrystine a few questions about her special up on how they made their commitment...and see how the pictures tell a little bit of the story.:)
 Link TO:

The Medieval Bride Blog
Great fun for ALL of us! :) 

To see more of Chrystine and Joe's day....
Chrystine and Joe's Wedding Day
 I hope yall are having a wonderful week!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

EMAIL BLAST for the I DO SAVE brides!!!

If you were at the show on January probably just got an email blast from me!  If you didn't, be sure to check your spam!!! It will say, HELLO from Pink Light Images! :) 

Just a quick run down about the note.....................

The CONTEST!!!!  and $$$ off______________________
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The deadline for this has been extended to January 31st!!!!!
Winner will be announced February 1st, 2012. 
Everyone who enters the contest will receive $250 off automatically of your overall Wedding Package.  That is my gift to you, as I Do Save brides!  

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-Wedding & Reception coverage
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-Interactive Photo Booth style photography
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-Custom/Personalized Artwork creations
you may have noticed that I’m a tad on the artistic side of photography where I combine my gifts as an artist with my photography and YOU to make memorable images of your love.  If you decide that I am not your photographer for your wedding, you are welcome to hire me for commissioned pieces to keep forever!    I have varieties of mediums we can print and create for your home.

If I met you and you were love-stricken with my images and want to find out more then let’s CHAT!!!!   I try to only book ONE wedding per month, so my time is truly devoted to you.

Please let me know how I can serve you on your special day
and how we can make your dreams come true. 

Much love to you all,
May your marriages be a true reflection of love!
The wedding day…is only the beginning!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finding your way....

I've noticed a lot of us discussing following our paths lately....and sometimes we feel like we are doing backwards or forwards in life....

I like to see it like this now....our paths aren't always STRAIGHT...I can sometimes see our paths as kind of winding...through mountains, valleys - maybe a few waterways....maybe our path is like that of a butterfly...fluttering about with the wind in our we hop from flower to flower...gathering the energy we need as we rest for the next journey.

Whatever you feel your path is, just know that it leads somewhere important....
You are important....your life is important...and so are your dreams! :)

I am ON my path...and staying true to it...when it is so easy to get distracted...and try to do everything just like everyone else...when I need to just be me...being the BEST being you can be. :)

I hope that you are loving your journey so far in 2012....
It is about to get even better. :)

Much love

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shooting your Wedding, AKA letting my camera EAT UP THE MOMENT!

2 things I love about weddings..............



2 things my camera loves about weddings..........



My cam is a light saber and eats it all! And never gains a pound. :) 


have a great one!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It was a blast!

I still can't believe SUNDAY happened!!! That was an amazing time...and I had a fun fun time just meeting people and snarfing down a subway sandwich...and then it was nonstop for a few hours!  I felt like a train hit me by the end of the day...and loved EVERY minute of it.

I equate this to going to New York City....i go, it is usually WAY out of my normal life routine...and i'm usually pushing myself to do things and see things i wouldn't normally see!  It was a whirlwind...and then I come home tuckered out and in love with life. ;)

Thanks to everyone that came out...I really appreciate you stopping by..and I hope you won some great prizes!!!! :) 

Herez a quick pic with me taken by my assistant Vi. 
I was very proud of myself this time around...I learn something EVERY time I go anywhere....and most times I don't put in much effort at my tables...but this time, i added a lot of ideas and thoughts about my displays and images.  It was IMPORTANT to me to show range as well as tell the stories of my clients. :)  There is just something amazing about when the images kinda tell their own little story...with the colors and flow and love....I hope yall caught some of it too....I enjoyed talking about them!!!!

Also, here is a quickie from the bouquet toss from the fashion show...this was cute...and really I wasn't prepared to take many pics from the I snapped a few with my wide angle watching from the side....I got a kick out of this....

When we had a quick break....Vi and I slipped into the photo booth with the Mi Photo Booth guy...he is really fun...and has a blast at the shows with us! He does a super job.

Our favey was the top one...cause in the booth is says to look at the lens....right? LOL So we pointed! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH Love it.

have a great day everyone!


Saturday, January 7, 2012

TREASURE HUNT CONTEST!!!! (for brides)

This applies mostly to the BRIDES attending the I Do Save bridal show....but if you stumble on this blog, and are in the DFW area - this can apply to you!!!!  
Contest Entry will end - January 14th

Enter only ONCE
I will draw names for the winner!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sunday's BRIDAL SHOW! - Jan 8th, 1pm.

Maybe you are stumbling upon this accident...or maybe a frequent reader...and u know someone that just got engaged? Are YOU engaged? :)  Well, this awesome INTIMATE (meaning, small) bridal show is happening Sunday January 8th, at 1pm.

Pre-Registered brides get in free - which is really neat.

I'm also currently working on my "booth" per say.  It is an open floor plan layout...with limited vendors so you are less likely to be overwhelmed while looking for a dj, food, or a photographer, wedding planner, etc. 

I was finishing up my last personal details of this mission of mine - to really show who I am more and more in my presentations/booth.  I'm really not a showy person....and kinda like to just go with the flow when it comes to these things.
This time, my flow took me to Michael's craft store...and as I was thinking to myself about my wedding...and the occurred to me that the obnoxsiouly LARGE gerber daisies were speaking to me!!! WHAT??? :)  I grabbed the colors of the rainbow (except black, why they had black I don't know)....and then as I was trying to finish up, I spotted a GINORMOUS champagne glass.  

one of my original champagne flutes and the XTRA large one! :)
To give you some perspective, therez the regular size on the left. lOL!!!!!!!
Anyways - the backstory - my wedding................

My mom did the decorations.  Very simple...and she used champagne glasses, gerber daisies and ribbons and potpurri. :)  Here is an example.....

pictures from my 2005 wedding - a basic table layout.
 I thought it would be really fun at my table - to bring a little spice from my wedding to the bridal show.  I did a lot of VARIETIES of colors...and was a fan of what mom did for all the little centerpieces.   So, inspired by my own wedding - I just took it up a notch with the oversized daisies and oversized glass....I added my own wedding flowers in pump up the color volume.  Thus, the reason i'm feeling REALLY REALLY nerdy right now. :) 

I hope you can hang on for the ride.............
cause 2012 is going to be a trip! LOL!!!!!

Much Love


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wonderland Art World

You saw me post about wonderland already....
but today I took myself a little further in the journey of their images............

and i'm so excited to share something i'm going to print IMMEDIATELY! hahaahah!!!

I love it!

I asked them to make out in the bathroom stall - to capture the uniqueness that the entire venue had to offer.  Then, just today, I took it up a notch by creating the checkerboard wonderland feel ...and the geometry of what we were experiencing!  I hope you love this as much as me!!!!!
I am supremely giddy right now...I don't know why, but I have never felt so geeky and silly and emotionally embraced as of right now! hah!!!! :)  I hardly know these 2 here...but what I do know?  Their images speak for themselves...and how much fun they were having at their wedding all night, and more importantly...the journey of marriage after. :)

All my best Chris & Priscilla!!!!