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Friday, January 6, 2012

Sunday's BRIDAL SHOW! - Jan 8th, 1pm.

Maybe you are stumbling upon this accident...or maybe a frequent reader...and u know someone that just got engaged? Are YOU engaged? :)  Well, this awesome INTIMATE (meaning, small) bridal show is happening Sunday January 8th, at 1pm.

Pre-Registered brides get in free - which is really neat.

I'm also currently working on my "booth" per say.  It is an open floor plan layout...with limited vendors so you are less likely to be overwhelmed while looking for a dj, food, or a photographer, wedding planner, etc. 

I was finishing up my last personal details of this mission of mine - to really show who I am more and more in my presentations/booth.  I'm really not a showy person....and kinda like to just go with the flow when it comes to these things.
This time, my flow took me to Michael's craft store...and as I was thinking to myself about my wedding...and the occurred to me that the obnoxsiouly LARGE gerber daisies were speaking to me!!! WHAT??? :)  I grabbed the colors of the rainbow (except black, why they had black I don't know)....and then as I was trying to finish up, I spotted a GINORMOUS champagne glass.  

one of my original champagne flutes and the XTRA large one! :)
To give you some perspective, therez the regular size on the left. lOL!!!!!!!
Anyways - the backstory - my wedding................

My mom did the decorations.  Very simple...and she used champagne glasses, gerber daisies and ribbons and potpurri. :)  Here is an example.....

pictures from my 2005 wedding - a basic table layout.
 I thought it would be really fun at my table - to bring a little spice from my wedding to the bridal show.  I did a lot of VARIETIES of colors...and was a fan of what mom did for all the little centerpieces.   So, inspired by my own wedding - I just took it up a notch with the oversized daisies and oversized glass....I added my own wedding flowers in pump up the color volume.  Thus, the reason i'm feeling REALLY REALLY nerdy right now. :) 

I hope you can hang on for the ride.............
cause 2012 is going to be a trip! LOL!!!!!

Much Love


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