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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It was a blast!

I still can't believe SUNDAY happened!!! That was an amazing time...and I had a fun fun time just meeting people and snarfing down a subway sandwich...and then it was nonstop for a few hours!  I felt like a train hit me by the end of the day...and loved EVERY minute of it.

I equate this to going to New York City....i go, it is usually WAY out of my normal life routine...and i'm usually pushing myself to do things and see things i wouldn't normally see!  It was a whirlwind...and then I come home tuckered out and in love with life. ;)

Thanks to everyone that came out...I really appreciate you stopping by..and I hope you won some great prizes!!!! :) 

Herez a quick pic with me taken by my assistant Vi. 
I was very proud of myself this time around...I learn something EVERY time I go anywhere....and most times I don't put in much effort at my tables...but this time, i added a lot of ideas and thoughts about my displays and images.  It was IMPORTANT to me to show range as well as tell the stories of my clients. :)  There is just something amazing about when the images kinda tell their own little story...with the colors and flow and love....I hope yall caught some of it too....I enjoyed talking about them!!!!

Also, here is a quickie from the bouquet toss from the fashion show...this was cute...and really I wasn't prepared to take many pics from the I snapped a few with my wide angle watching from the side....I got a kick out of this....

When we had a quick break....Vi and I slipped into the photo booth with the Mi Photo Booth guy...he is really fun...and has a blast at the shows with us! He does a super job.

Our favey was the top one...cause in the booth is says to look at the lens....right? LOL So we pointed! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH Love it.

have a great day everyone!


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