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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finding your way....

I've noticed a lot of us discussing following our paths lately....and sometimes we feel like we are doing backwards or forwards in life....

I like to see it like this now....our paths aren't always STRAIGHT...I can sometimes see our paths as kind of winding...through mountains, valleys - maybe a few waterways....maybe our path is like that of a butterfly...fluttering about with the wind in our we hop from flower to flower...gathering the energy we need as we rest for the next journey.

Whatever you feel your path is, just know that it leads somewhere important....
You are important....your life is important...and so are your dreams! :)

I am ON my path...and staying true to it...when it is so easy to get distracted...and try to do everything just like everyone else...when I need to just be me...being the BEST being you can be. :)

I hope that you are loving your journey so far in 2012....
It is about to get even better. :)

Much love

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