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Monday, January 30, 2012

What do you REALLY want?

I'm sitting here listening to some inspirations and encouragements...and really gathering thoughts to write up a quickie blog....

What i've noticed about a lot of our we have dreams....right?
The question is....WHOSE dreams are they really?

Do you know that sometimes we try to live out someone else's say, our parents...or our friends...or someone we admire....we try to take that dream and make it our own...convincing ourselves...that THIS is my dream and MY passion.  But, really...think about it.....IS IT?

We have to be REALLY careful about how we sift out our true dreams....

I've had friends over the years fumble around in confusion for YEARS with so many supposed dreams...that they never even stepped out to make a reality.  Part of me it because you like the "IDEA" of that dream....but don't want to do the work or pay the price to make the dream happen.!!!?????

This was a huge revelation for me...just watching how my life is unfolding v. how I've seen others....

I think a lot of us LIKE the idea of doing some things, but we never really make it happen because we are forcing ourselves to like something we dont' even really like.  If you are truly passionate about will well up inside of you and won't let you go!  At least, that is how I feel about it. 

Here is the thing.............if you are on that path right your TRUE dream and walking your TRUE are still going to have obstacles to overcome.  You might think it gets easier, when in fact the battle will begin the moment you submit to the process of that dream. :) 

Don't ever think someone has had it "too easy"...when maybe we don't know the full story?  Believe me, I too have judged people for getting things so easily not even knowing their personal prices and sacrifices they made to get where they are.  Let's face it - sometimes it is the life connections (names and people we know)...that gets us further sometimes.  If someone said they were a Trump (of, or related to Donald Trump)...wouldn't you give them a priority or *first look*???  Come on now, don't lie!  You probably would. 

But if someone, let's say has been working in a field of their choice for over 15 years or so...comes up to partake, because they don't know the right people or aren't connected to those "big names" probably won't give them a shot, or maybe even try to know them.  It is a twisted warped way we do things sometimes. :) 

Anyways..........the point being....we all have a path to follow and a dream to manifest.  To me, NOTHING will stop me from fulfilling my calling.  I don't care if I don't have a big name behind me, because God's name is on me and in me.  He is the only one that will get the job done.  Believe me, I have had so many questions up to this point about my dream....and now I can say...I'm living the dream.  But it gets hard...and I have days where you just wanna throw in the towel.........but that INNER DRIVE and PASSION...never lets me stop.   I never give up. 

To you,
What is your TRUE dream? Are you living our YOUR passions or someone else's?  

Think about this...and what it means to your potential Joy and Happiness to live out your days...really accepting the call on your life.  Whatever it may be.

Listen to it.
Pick up the phone.
and talk back and then get moving.

Peace out.

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