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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun Creative Things!

I have had a great weekend full of creativity...and rest! :) I like a little of both! yea!

Friday: I had a quick shoot with a local musician Iris Leu - you see her pop up in the Art Love Magic world...and play her soft melodies...I enjoyed playing with my studio stuff, playing about with random objects...and she brought a toy piano for us to play as well.  I had lots and lots of fun...and I hope she likes some of the images!!!

Saturday: we had lunch with my mom after running errands and had a great visit time!  Then I got a surprise call from a NYC designer that is coming to Dallas for a fashion show!  She found my ad out there in internet-land and by chance called me!  I'm looking forward to this SO MUCH.  I was lit up at the fact that someone from NYC was calling me.  It was the coolest thing.  So Feb, 12th - I will be shooting a fashion show and models!  Itz going to be unique because it is plus-size and very out of the ordinary.  I LOVE THAT. :) 

Sunday: I had a mini shoot outside in the cold today...I warned was SO COLD!  The first few minutes was ok....but my hands started to freeze we hopped into a local fast food place and I snagged a few more shots. I love being free & creative.  There is nothing like a quick creative time...and then the after-processing of the digital art.  Where will I push next? 

This week will be a mixture of everything...but most of all I'm amazed at my life...and how embracing what comes to me is the key to joy & happiness as I grow in my relationship with God. I don't have time to sulk...but I do have time to feel, express and be creative in any way I can. :) 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

See you on the flip side!
Cause you know you love flipping!  *hop hop hop*

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Up & Down time!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh what a great weekend yall!
I finished it strong on Sunday with my very first re-creation of an inspiration of the vintage pin-up girls.  I won't say who or what yet.  I'm keeping a lot of it a secret until after Valentine's!  I find that folks love giving romantic gifts around that holiday. :)  They are also still recovering from Christmas! HHAH! 

I got commissioned for art piece part 2...and i was excited to TRY something new.  Thankfully I know some great models that are talented in their own right and VERY creative.  We worked together to get a perfect image for the art.  I chose a great one and made it my own.  I'm meeting the client on FRIDAY, so we'll see what he thinks!!!!!

Today I have felt the need to step away from the computer, but have not done it yet.  After having such a fun weekend of nonstop photo taking...I forget to just stop for a bit and rest!  Sunday I had my Re-creation then our photo life team and ended up shooting with a friend of mine who looks like a doll when you photograph her.  Monday I had a lovely shoot with a woman from Kenya...and we had a blast.  Been having lots of fun trying new things....and just trying to push myself with lighting systems that aren't relying on the sun.  I have a desire to learn it all and be able to move in and out of lighting situations to create an amazing image. :)

I look forward to the ups and downs of busyness.  And for now, I would like to sit DOWN and enjoy the rest of my evening. 

On a side note! Welcome my new nephew...Asher to the world!  Congrats to Andrew & Faith!!!!! 

On another side note! we said goodbye to little Cash Samples this week...I got to hang with her most of 2009 at 1-2 times a week. :)  She was the sweetest bulldog of the DFW metroplex!  I'm not even a dog person, but she was so special!!!!  My heart is with Hal and everyone else who lost this lovely dog in their lives.

I hope everyone is doing alright out there...
don't focus on the negative, focus on how you can help bring in the positive!
Through every challenge and tragedy - there is OPPORTUNITY.

Much Love to ya!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

I have the BEST job in the world!

Well, really the "best job" anyone can have is their passion!!!! RIGHT!?!
Well today was evidence of when creative people get together and make things happen.
Just wanted to share a few creative images!!!!

This is my dear Dee & Snow. :)

Happy 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well, it is only 5 months later!!!!!

So 5 months ago (wow really? only 5 months) I was in an ALL GIRL art show called Atomic Pink (aka girlShow) with Art Love Magic.  I have to say that moment of 2009 was crazee for me.  Not only was my face/graphic plastered all over deep ellum, but it was on t-shirts, in hair....everywhere!  I had never had so much fun in my life being an inspiration with something.  I appreciate the creativity of these people SO much.  To say it was about "me" was an understatement, but I have to tell you - it was a dream come true!

And so i was getting pumped up again about 2010...i came home and decided to spend my christmas money! (finally right?)...I got the Atomic Pink 2009 tattoo I have been pining over since July 09.  :)  The show was in AUGUST. :)

Oh, the feeling of pure needles in my rear...was all worth it.  Itz going to look fantastic when the final vision gets done.  I'm telling you - wow. :)  Itz simple and to the point!

Here is the inspirational photo by Hal Samples Photography

Here is the inspiration graphic that came out of ALM's Crew:  (put on posters, flyers, murals, tshirts)

When it was on the 10feet high wall on Good-Latimer
One of the most memorable experiences of my life.  Here I am now, finally getting that simple tattoo to remember how there were a LOT of awesome things that came of 2009.  I will never forget this and NEVER forget what Art Love Magic did for me.  It was amazing.

here is a BAD picture of it!  - just got it, so itz puffy & red! hahaahaha

Much Love & Art!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Taking time for yourself!

When you have a busy life and things going and flying around is SO important to take some time for yourself.  I just bought an interesting devotional in regards to that...and as soon as she talked about an "exhausted heart" I identified with the feeling of emptyness, having nothing left to give, being resentful and more.  While you are giving to your family, your job, your business and the world...that is all find & good when you are doing it out of the overflow that God gives you, but when you are doing it all on your own with no help - you turn into a martyr.  You wear yourself thin, you become moody, angry and resentful of EVERYONE! 

During your day, take some time to re-charge yourself!  You would be amazed about how dedicating an hour of quiet time or just positive reflection time will change your attitude around.  I took my first yoga class the other day...and actually wasn't so much relaxed but FOCUSED.  When you are a person that is too busy to even "FOCUS" on something, you can have a lot of issues that you never address.  This is why also when I workout - i don't read and sometimes just kinda have the tv on as background noise (v. the whir of my elliptical).  Focusing some time to chill actually helps you in your day.

The most crazee excuse is "I don't have time" .  We all have SOME time.  Our problem is time management.  When you face that fact and examine your life, you will see where you can carve the time out.  Stop neglecting yourself and take some time to LOVE yourself.  When you are running yourself ragged, you are NOT loving yourself.  Yes, it is wonderful to give, but you can't give what you DONT have.  If you don't have peace, you can't be a peacekeeper.  If you don't really love yourself, how can u truly give LOVE to someone?  Think about it.  Don't respond to this, THINK about your life and where you can fit more time in just for YOU!

Much love and peaceful thoughts towards you today!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

When the years go by!

There is nothing more special to me than when I get to be a part of someone's life for a really long time...and see a full cycle of their lives beginning as husband and wife! :)

Back when I first started my photography business...I hadn't taken a single class...nor did I know how to work my camera.  If I had stayed that way - It would have taken me a much longer time in order to reach the knowlege I have I took a beginning class of photography.  This is where I met Kathy.  Kathy, such a sweet strong woman...with a GREAT family.  Her daughter had just gotten engaged so I was hired to do their engagement photos AND THEN their wedding!  (You see, Kathy was in the class too....and she was striving to do photography as well!!!!)

Last year...I was hired by her daughter to do the TWU Pinning Ceremony for the new nurses coming up into the world!  She had made it through nursing school and there was nothing finer than to see her hard work pay off and see her walk across the stage and be pinned by her husband. :) 

And now, here we are today in January...and they are pregnant with their first baby!  A little boy!  I love this couple so much because of the ideas they bring.  They aren't afraid to express themselves and ask for things!  They do it effortlessly.  I was merely a director.  I love that from the beginning we were able to work well with them ...and here we are at her maternity.  This is one shot that I won't soon forget.  Thanks Kris & Holly, as a bystander watching your lives, you inpsire me!

Live Long and Prosper!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Exciting Creativity coming!

So I do have a maternity tomorrow with a long time client....(did their engagement, wedding & her nursing graduation!) I'm excited to take their ideas and try some stuff. We'll see how it all goes!

After that.....
I'm going to start thinking about building/designing a set for a couple of shoots i have coming up that will be super creative. I'm going to let the ideas fly...and see what happens! I have started an idea book....there are just some things I am beginning to keep more private. THEN I reveal them as I go! :)

So i'm expecting GREAT things....and day by day...growing & learning and moving in what God has me do, see, say, express.

Here we go!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

What is new? MY WEBSITE!

After months of frustration...I had finally found an awesome template I could live with and make my own.  From the get-go this website was totally "me".  This is what I love about my photographer and artist friends...when you see their art or even their websites you KNOW, it is them. 

My hopes are for you to see more of ME.  Most of you will probably still have lots to say regarding this & that...but the point of this launch was so that I would be happy with the results and still attempt to get "me" across to you.  Communication is becoming a key for me as an artist. 

I have come from a place of chaos to create this more cohesive, yet simple look.  I'm still very chaotic as you will see, however that is a quality I do love about myself and I'm not that easy to "change" that.  :)  I just want you to see who I am now...and what I have accomplished.  (and WILL accomplish)

I have THREE main things you need to know as my potential customer:
#1 - NEW WEBSITE! is my online business card.  It is my first impression.  If you need or want to know more, I have a phone & email listed for what I can do creatively for you.  I have put myself out there into the world, and you may feel free to contact me back!  All PRICING will be listed soon, but for right now, you will need to call me for your FREE QUOTE on your service. mmk!?!

#2 - BLOG!  I have this little blog here!  While it's face may change over this next will still be me writing about life, creativity, photography and more.  I don't JUST want to be pinned as a photographer, I want to IMPACT people with creativity on all kinds of levels.  :)  The journey...starts here & now!

#3 - ONLINE STORE!  YOUR PHOTOS: When you book your sessions, events & weddings with get to purchase really cool things for your friends & family and yes, YOURSELF. You get your own album of images to choose from!!!  I have been happy with the products that area available right now and I encourage you to go buy something with your photos or art! 
ARTWORK: I have my VAULT of treasures of artwork, photography that I have created.  Even if you aren't going to buy, go take a look and see what images speak to you!  I was born to SHARE this with you.  These are not for my eyes only.  Go. Enjoy!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tapping into the wealth of ideas!

I've noticed in the more focused time I have....I'm getting more ideas...that really involve a lot of areas of my life...change....a good word, a scary word....and all for the best! :) 

I'm learning to reach out to be mentored and ask questions without fear.  Recieve without hesitation and get the "ugly" feedback in order to make things happen! :)

I'm in this cocoon of change...and when I will be another layer gone, a new me...and new wings. :)  I'm ready to fly where I have never gone before.  I love it said best on Hal Samples get things you have never had, you gotta do things you have never done. 

So goes life.  I'm going to purpose to just DO...and BE.  It doesn't matter if anyone encourages me...and it is a good place to be to push past any umbilical cords...or ties to things that would baby me.  I can't afford to use those or stay connected to things of my past.   It is time to move forward...with sometimes the feeling that it is just God and me accomplishing day by day...His work in me and this world. :)

Can you be in the dark room with no contact with humans and be content?
Contentment in all things.

Yes. Contentment. and Contending for Purpose. :)

It's all good.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Itz a Scarborough Faire Wedding! YEA! :)

I have officially as of yesterday...booked a Ren Faire wedding! It is going to be amazing.  I met with the groom on Sunday and saw the rings and heard about the outfits. They are going to be delightfully unique!  Sword fights, pirates, and a lovely queen-like princess gown. :)  Can you say YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyways - I hope your 2010 brings JOY, DESIRES and fulfillment in all areas of your life!

Love Jen

Here is a shoot I did with a friend who LOVES the Faires out here...and we celebrated her b-day at Medieval Times!  You can't not have these fabulous costumes and NOT have a shoot.  This was from April 2009.  ENJOY :)  I can't wait for the Ren Faire Wedding - coming soon - May 2010.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh the TEASING!!!!!!!

I have to say 2010 has started off AWESOMELY!  I can't tell you how hard it was for me to get to this place of less fear and MORE faith! :)  Itz a place of believing for things to happen! AND then watching them happen!  I'm trusting that God alone holds my life in his hands...and my marriage...and my business.  This is going to be an AMAZING year. ;) 

Yesterday I started a 21day fast.  What I am fasting is all the bad foods and just eating fruits & veggies for that amount of time.  What I am also doing is adding more time in God's word & worship.  I have said this before and I'll say it again - I cannot REPEAT cannot have sanity, peace & joy without God.  I'm learning day by day to just be a human BEING and not a human doing.  Learning about true rest...and finding that place again where I am ok with my life and what choices I need to make.  I'm so glad to have a wonderful husband that wants the best for me as well as Jesus who DEFINITELY wants the best for me. 

You will find this blog may come in & out of my personal life and that is ok.  You will find that as you partner up with me in business - I will be vocal about how I am feeling or what I'm believing is for me in this season.  I'm excited to say...I think i'm on my way to getting my website up 100%.  I am slowly working on the graphics...and the html...and the flash.

How many photographers do you know that does almost everything by themselves?  I do have to say buying a template that I LOVED was most important to me.  I can't just choose something that won't reflect me.  This is why I'm really excited.  What I have made is so "me".  I can't wait to share more of what I'm about with the world.  My art is amazing and quite frankly I've had hidden treasures for these many years...that are just waiting to be SEEN by you. 

Here is a teaser.  This is not going to be my page, not a main page, not anything - this is just a teaser version of what is coming.

Here is another piece of art that came to life when I was at my in-laws over christmas.  However, I finished it a grander scale. :)  I'm amazed at how quickly these ideas came as soon as i put my TIME down on the altar and devoted some time to myself AND my business.

So there you go....this is a beginning to a VERY CREATIVE year.
Let's run with this...and make an impact!

Love Jen