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Friday, January 8, 2010

Tapping into the wealth of ideas!

I've noticed in the more focused time I have....I'm getting more ideas...that really involve a lot of areas of my life...change....a good word, a scary word....and all for the best! :) 

I'm learning to reach out to be mentored and ask questions without fear.  Recieve without hesitation and get the "ugly" feedback in order to make things happen! :)

I'm in this cocoon of change...and when I will be another layer gone, a new me...and new wings. :)  I'm ready to fly where I have never gone before.  I love it said best on Hal Samples get things you have never had, you gotta do things you have never done. 

So goes life.  I'm going to purpose to just DO...and BE.  It doesn't matter if anyone encourages me...and it is a good place to be to push past any umbilical cords...or ties to things that would baby me.  I can't afford to use those or stay connected to things of my past.   It is time to move forward...with sometimes the feeling that it is just God and me accomplishing day by day...His work in me and this world. :)

Can you be in the dark room with no contact with humans and be content?
Contentment in all things.

Yes. Contentment. and Contending for Purpose. :)

It's all good.

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