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Sunday, January 10, 2010

What is new? MY WEBSITE!

After months of frustration...I had finally found an awesome template I could live with and make my own.  From the get-go this website was totally "me".  This is what I love about my photographer and artist friends...when you see their art or even their websites you KNOW, it is them. 

My hopes are for you to see more of ME.  Most of you will probably still have lots to say regarding this & that...but the point of this launch was so that I would be happy with the results and still attempt to get "me" across to you.  Communication is becoming a key for me as an artist. 

I have come from a place of chaos to create this more cohesive, yet simple look.  I'm still very chaotic as you will see, however that is a quality I do love about myself and I'm not that easy to "change" that.  :)  I just want you to see who I am now...and what I have accomplished.  (and WILL accomplish)

I have THREE main things you need to know as my potential customer:
#1 - NEW WEBSITE! is my online business card.  It is my first impression.  If you need or want to know more, I have a phone & email listed for what I can do creatively for you.  I have put myself out there into the world, and you may feel free to contact me back!  All PRICING will be listed soon, but for right now, you will need to call me for your FREE QUOTE on your service. mmk!?!

#2 - BLOG!  I have this little blog here!  While it's face may change over this next will still be me writing about life, creativity, photography and more.  I don't JUST want to be pinned as a photographer, I want to IMPACT people with creativity on all kinds of levels.  :)  The journey...starts here & now!

#3 - ONLINE STORE!  YOUR PHOTOS: When you book your sessions, events & weddings with get to purchase really cool things for your friends & family and yes, YOURSELF. You get your own album of images to choose from!!!  I have been happy with the products that area available right now and I encourage you to go buy something with your photos or art! 
ARTWORK: I have my VAULT of treasures of artwork, photography that I have created.  Even if you aren't going to buy, go take a look and see what images speak to you!  I was born to SHARE this with you.  These are not for my eyes only.  Go. Enjoy!

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