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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh the TEASING!!!!!!!

I have to say 2010 has started off AWESOMELY!  I can't tell you how hard it was for me to get to this place of less fear and MORE faith! :)  Itz a place of believing for things to happen! AND then watching them happen!  I'm trusting that God alone holds my life in his hands...and my marriage...and my business.  This is going to be an AMAZING year. ;) 

Yesterday I started a 21day fast.  What I am fasting is all the bad foods and just eating fruits & veggies for that amount of time.  What I am also doing is adding more time in God's word & worship.  I have said this before and I'll say it again - I cannot REPEAT cannot have sanity, peace & joy without God.  I'm learning day by day to just be a human BEING and not a human doing.  Learning about true rest...and finding that place again where I am ok with my life and what choices I need to make.  I'm so glad to have a wonderful husband that wants the best for me as well as Jesus who DEFINITELY wants the best for me. 

You will find this blog may come in & out of my personal life and that is ok.  You will find that as you partner up with me in business - I will be vocal about how I am feeling or what I'm believing is for me in this season.  I'm excited to say...I think i'm on my way to getting my website up 100%.  I am slowly working on the graphics...and the html...and the flash.

How many photographers do you know that does almost everything by themselves?  I do have to say buying a template that I LOVED was most important to me.  I can't just choose something that won't reflect me.  This is why I'm really excited.  What I have made is so "me".  I can't wait to share more of what I'm about with the world.  My art is amazing and quite frankly I've had hidden treasures for these many years...that are just waiting to be SEEN by you. 

Here is a teaser.  This is not going to be my page, not a main page, not anything - this is just a teaser version of what is coming.

Here is another piece of art that came to life when I was at my in-laws over christmas.  However, I finished it a grander scale. :)  I'm amazed at how quickly these ideas came as soon as i put my TIME down on the altar and devoted some time to myself AND my business.

So there you go....this is a beginning to a VERY CREATIVE year.
Let's run with this...and make an impact!

Love Jen

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