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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun Creative Things!

I have had a great weekend full of creativity...and rest! :) I like a little of both! yea!

Friday: I had a quick shoot with a local musician Iris Leu - you see her pop up in the Art Love Magic world...and play her soft melodies...I enjoyed playing with my studio stuff, playing about with random objects...and she brought a toy piano for us to play as well.  I had lots and lots of fun...and I hope she likes some of the images!!!

Saturday: we had lunch with my mom after running errands and had a great visit time!  Then I got a surprise call from a NYC designer that is coming to Dallas for a fashion show!  She found my ad out there in internet-land and by chance called me!  I'm looking forward to this SO MUCH.  I was lit up at the fact that someone from NYC was calling me.  It was the coolest thing.  So Feb, 12th - I will be shooting a fashion show and models!  Itz going to be unique because it is plus-size and very out of the ordinary.  I LOVE THAT. :) 

Sunday: I had a mini shoot outside in the cold today...I warned was SO COLD!  The first few minutes was ok....but my hands started to freeze we hopped into a local fast food place and I snagged a few more shots. I love being free & creative.  There is nothing like a quick creative time...and then the after-processing of the digital art.  Where will I push next? 

This week will be a mixture of everything...but most of all I'm amazed at my life...and how embracing what comes to me is the key to joy & happiness as I grow in my relationship with God. I don't have time to sulk...but I do have time to feel, express and be creative in any way I can. :) 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

See you on the flip side!
Cause you know you love flipping!  *hop hop hop*

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