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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Love & Curlers!


In this journey of creation...I've noticed that every job I get - I start to think about the client...what they want or need....Most have a clear picture of what they want...and some just need a little help.  This is my job.  I love it! 

What I wanted to share today was the creativity that comes from perseverance.  I know that not all ideas come easily or quickly.  But persevering through the normal circumstances take us right into greatness.  Sure, maybe not everyone gets that, but WE get it.  It is important that you discover your OWN creative process! :)  Me?  I had someone ask "How do you..."...I simply said...I'll be thinking about something and have a flash in my head.  That is the brilliance of knowing God and having his life and light.  He helps me everytime! :)  The previous post was Iris Leu...well those images were not my first images!  They were towards the middle and ending.  You see, creativity is just that, a process. :)  When your heart is open...and when your CLIENT's heart is have a great time AND get great results! :)  Here lately, I'm just pushing through any barriers or walls holding me back and I've started jotting down ideas.  I don't care where they came from, they came to me.  :) 

Meanwhile, as I'm building custom art pieces...i'm not just picking random images I already have in stock, I'm actually making images to be used.  For this up & coming piece I used a few objects laying around my house that came as a great idea to give me the look the client wanted AND the feel I wanted! :)

Here is one example. :)  I pulled out my mint green curlers from my Great-Grandma.  This is the art that came from it and became a part of the piece last week. I can't show it to you yet, but i was super-pleased w/ the results and so was my model AND the client.  This makes my heart soar!!!!!

Enjoy, and find your own creative groove.


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