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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am just excited!

I love how when just when I THINK there might not be anything interesting this week..BAM! I get a phone call from a local talk show host. :)  She was referred by a friend of mine....and in order to have some MORE fun, we talked about being ON her show.  :)  Me, as a guest. :) 

I was so excited.  Seriously? 

Well, this week just officially went UP a notch! As i'm getting the everyday things done...checking things off my list, I get another breadcrumb on the way to another vision point, a spot in the road on my way to big things.  Why was I picked? Well, cause God picked me and qualified me.  It is nothing more than that!  I didn't beg or plead.  And i haven't spent hours or years pursuing this.  It has finally started to pursue me! 

The years leading up to my creative divine moment were just years....years of idle moments, forgetful moments...decisions that lead me to that 9-5job where I just worked, paid the bills and came home to do it again the next day. 

Here I am.  Living the dream.  Fulfilling the passions of my heart.
It is a great day to be alive!
It is a great YEAR!


Thatz me.

In this package.
take it or leave it!
and most of all, LOVE.

peace out


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