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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The art is DONE and delivered!!!!!!!!

so yes, the lovely lovely art thanks to Chrystine & DONE.
the client wanted a very Bettie Page look...and described in his words what he was seeing in his mind. Needless to say, I delivered yet another winner for them. At some point towards the end of the month - i'll get to meet the guy whose gifts these are. :) I can't wait. I wanna video and photograph them. :) I love that somewhere someone is appreciating my art, that is has been given life and that life is now hanging in someone's home. *smile* :) Itz the greatest art show on earth!!!! oh yes. :)

Here he is:
and yes, he met my work at an Art Love Magic event...and fell in love w/ the style. :)
I'm so glad, because i love creating these. :)

to get involved locally:

Here is the proud 1/2 owner of the piece.

Congrats! and if you want something special made, please give me a call!  I'm creative. We can make something lovely!

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