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Friday, May 29, 2009

The Rehearsal....

whoo! well, the rehearsal was great!!!!I decided to NOT take out my slr...and use my point & shoot to have some fun...and take some random videos just for fun....i think about how they will look back years from now at the fun times, the nervous times...and the PREwedding fun! :)

There is tons of candy in jars.....
we have a full day ahead of us tomorrow!!!!

Wedding...we get there around 3.....and the wedding starts at 7pm.....

until later.............

Thursday, May 28, 2009

NEWS coming up....and today's reflective post.

August 7th & 8th 2009...there is a show coming up that i'm in....called "Atomic Pink"....itz an all girl artist/photography/musician/poet, etc kind of show where it is all women participating. It is open to all the public and the DFW area!!!! I'll have more details as the time grows closer...but here is the flyer!!!!
(yes, this is me...and that is my pink hair- itz named after me)
for more info & checking up :

Also, today I ventured out with a great photographer friend of just capture WHATEVER we came across. Find the mysteries...Find God...what have you!

Today's image for me was a door laying in the water. But i'm not going to post the "before" picture...i'm posting the after picture. I kinda got this brief idea of the door opening into a whole new world...between light & dark...between smooth & textured. I'm sure this is a work in progress...and COULD end up in my show in August...but i make no promises...

My one promise I do that these things...will be unseen to most of the public until the day of....
Here you go:

Take what you want out of it...i've found that "artwork" per say...isn't always so much about what i have to say...but what YOU have to interpret! Take a moment...reflect...and then go create your own!!!!!

Have a great day all!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Surprise weekend!

There are times in my life...when the "plans" aren't always what they day i have work...and the next week - i could not!

Thanks to some referrals and some nice folks....i had 2 shoots today....both lil family sessions...with some quick fun and GREAT weather. I've been praying away rain most of the weekend because the forecast for today WAS rain. LOL!!!!! However, this was not the case...we got some great intense sunshine - followed by pockets of cloudyness.

Either way...i had some fun people to work with today...and some great smiles to capture!
(the gallery is partially up on both shoots)

here is family one! A mommy & her son! FULL of energy!!!!! I love this picture very much because it just shows you part of his personality. Not afraid of anything...and wants to be a palientologist! lol!!!!
This photo is family #2 - i chose this one to show...because i think it was a fun, not over-thought image that i enhance by COLOR and by lowering the exposure of the sky in Lightroom. I love intense color....and of course, they were all wearing one of my FAV colors...GREEEEN!!!!!

Have a GREAT rest of your memorial day weekend!!!!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

A day in the life....

Sooooooooo we are meeting w/ our fellow photographers and learners this coming Sunday!!!!
Itz been a fun time getting together with whomever has time and is interested in being around other photographers to learn, grow, aspire and inspire.

We had a huge break in between meetings because Zak and I went on vacation...BUT we met up in downtown C for a fun day out the first Sunday of May. This should be a fun meeting this next time...we should also pick another location for everyone to meet at! :) What other cool FREE things are there to do in dallas????????????????? :)

Meanwhile, I booked a wedding in June with one of the kewlest couples i've met. You'll see why soon i'm sure, but when they don't care about the group portraits...i'm excited! That means I get to be totally creative...and move along quicklyfun! :)

I had a photographer's nitemare last nite. Yes, it was a dream...but to the point of almost tears for me! Have you ever cried in your sleep? I know I have at least once. :)

So i was supposedly at the wedding for this couple in June, but the location was all wrong. I was attempting to take pictures but my camera would not take them. The lens cap was off...the battery showed "fine"...but it would not take a picture when i wanted it to! I may have snapped a few before asking my husband to run and get our backup camera, the XTI. He comes back insinuating that it has been stolen...and that we spent all that money only so that i would be irresponsible! So, if that didn't bring me to tears...this next part did. I was still trying to continue to take pictures with the bum camera....when a family member takes a picture of me trying to take a picture...and I sarcastically tell them "well, at least you're getting the shots and your camera is working better than mine!"...Not a great thing to say to my customer ya think? Anwyays...after that point i was almost in tears...and then I WOKE UP. ahhaahah!

I woke up totally not happy...and GLAD it was a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever had any real photography nitemares? How did you solve them?


Monday, May 18, 2009

Congrats to the Graduates!

I spent a very large portion of my weekend taking photos and uploading photos for the TWU Pinning Ceremony! I have to say CONGRATS to all the graduates because you could tell all the hard work they put in and all the great times they had even in their personal photo slideshow. I lost count as to how many families I took photos of - but knew that after about the 2nd row I was starting to get a lil hand cramp! LOL :)

I enjoyed every minute of it - each graduate getting pinned were being pinned by either family, spouse, friends - whathaveyou. Some had so many great thanks & stories to share about their time in school and the trials they faced. I loved also that each person had a personal quote! hahaa!!!!

I joked and called it a "wedding with not one bride, but 70+"...AHAH!

I was thankful to have my husband there who reminded me of the small technical things I sometimes over look...but all in all - we had a GREAT time and I spent the next 24 hours living & breathing photos for all of them. :) I was pleased to upload them 100% Saturday evening...just in time to get an email out to everyone saying "they're up!!!". I felt that all my hard work was now payed off...and now they could just enjoy their pictures. :)

Here are a couple of examples!
Most everything else is up in the albums on my smugmug.
Congrats again to all the made it!!!!!!
and BIG THANKS to Holly for recommending me for this job. It was a pleasure to capture those lovely moments.
And now............the rest of the day!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Remembering AHA!

The church i've been going to for over 5 years now is closing their schooling program. There were many factors that played into it - but instead of being sad, a lot of folks have begun to move on. I was invited by my friend Joy to take some pictures for memories of the building, the classrooms and the feel of the atmosphere. They are doing a DREAM collage this coming Saturday. I can't wait to see how it all comes about and i've passed my AHA album to those that have worked there, have their kids there, etc.

Here are a few of the images that I liked....but there were many more!

I hope that all of you are capturing the memories of things that will pass away. There is nothing like taking the time to document something that may not be there for very long. The history books are full of pictures and WE are the historians!

Have a great day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My own personal family photo record!

I think I set my highest record of a family photo so far! At least, I believe this is my largest so far. :) There were 17 lovely faces in this photo and I'm so glad the pictures worked out great. I had to do some tweaking & ended up setting my flash on manual and popping it a lil higher for a good exposure! I also took my large reflector w/ gold on it to aim at the faces! A little light or reflection helps fill in darker spots!

After our indoors shots, we were able to enjoy the lovely CLOUDY weather outside. I had still accidentally under-exposed some pictures, but thankfully they are always fixable. There were 9 grandkids in we decided to let their energy just flow! We did 2 pictures that i enjoyed very much. Them all running together...and them all holding hands & jumping. Even the baby joined in!

No matter how big or small your family is - document those moments - because those moments pass so fast...before you know it- 20 years pass and you are looking back at them...with smiles & laughter & love!

Have a GREAT Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Friday!

I just spent some hardcore hours cleaning a studio today. I'm totally stoked because it may be something I do on a regular basis...and in so many ways - it can help me & my business. :) More to come on that part........

Meanwhile, today I'll share an image that my hubby took this past Sunday! When we were playing in downtown carrollton - he was playing with our XTI and the 28-135 lens. He tends to use that a lot anyways when we do a wedding together! :)

This by far is the funniest self-portrait i've seen from him! I love it! He cracks me up. His humor...his way of making things funnier than they seem...he always has a STORY for something! Hez not afraid to say anything - sometimes it scares me, but i love him soooo! :)

So I hope that you - a photographer & creative person - are taking the time for yourself. You just never know what can come out of it when you are around other people. Go out, get inspired!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A great Sunday!!!!

We spent most of the day chillin & watching caught up on all the rentals...and then 6pm came around for our life team for Photography....we started this group as just a way for people to meet each other, learn & grow from each other. I have a blast doing this...and helping others take time out for their creative eyes! :)

I have to say I was doing "ok" at first. But when I brought out my foam head prop, i started getting a little more excited. She just photographs so wild...that I usually have a blast playing with her. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot tonite. All have been touched in lightroom, because I believe these needed to be MADE into a picture, v. straight out of the camera. I like going over & above on these - because they ARE artwork.

What do you see?
You can see more here at my facebook album:
This is a bridge on the left...and a grain silo on the right...with me looking up at the sky and holding the head out in front of me! :)
This is exploring the construction site. There are always large yellow metal bins out there. This particular effect in lightroom made me feel ...i still don't have the WORDS for this picture.

This is another perspective shot...i took several versions of these, but opted to keep the one w/ the head in focus v. the ground. :)
Oh, this is one of my favs so far!!! These are the bridges/highways above her and i set her right in the middle of the perspective shot - then in lightroom i used the "negative" preset and then "lightened" her face back up because it was all black. I thought this turned out so neat...i was verrrrrrrry happy w/ it! :)

My encouragement to all of you photographers of any level...
We have busy moms, busy dads, people who work full time with creative gifts. The only way to keep those gifts alive is to stretch them and use them! Take some time out of the week to devote solely to your craft. Whatever it may be...and before you know have really expressed yourself in a way that others can see & in turn help THEM reflect in their own lives! We all have a voice, itz just that some of us talk at a whisper and some of us scream.
Don't be afraid to speak!
have a super nite.
Until next time!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The beginning of weekend fun....

I had a lot of fun today...taking random pictures at my friends' wedding...itz quite different to be in the "guest" shoes v. actually WORKING at the wedding. I had to hold myself back from going nutz! haha!!! I did have some fun though - I ended up taking my lil point & shoot and taking small videos of pieces of the wedding & reception. It was soooo fun. Also, to know that maybe my friend might just appreciate those lil videos!

So here are the highlights from today:
from my point & shoot with no flash.

The bride & groom getting the ceremony on! yea!
This cake was pretty! And from what i heard, quite yummy. I had the chocolate!
The photographer at the lovely friend Jose! :) I was sporting my camera shaped earrings and my lovely vintage springy dress. :) It was a great day!!! Congrats to Sabrina!
More to come tomorrow - as we explore downtown Carrollton with our Photo Life Team.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Going into Space....

Some around have probably started seeing me aroung a place or talking about Space Studio. I have been following Hal Samples' work since i first met him (and other creative peeps) for over a year now! There was never an opportunity all of 2008 to be around that atmosphere. I was still in a full-time job and part-time photography. I never had enough time to really devote some time to anything other than those things.

I'm thankful that 2009 is here because I'm in a new place of photographic fun & challenges! I'm now doing Photography FULL TIME! I now have the time to invest in hanging out with other people that are creative!!!! I've taken every class I wanted to in the metroplex on photography. I've met some great new friends and teachers. I would recommend if you wanna learn more about photography - go take a class - it WILL HELP! I fought it for months, but then ended up taking every class in the DCCCD districts. Look up the "continuing education" classes! There are a lot!

Richland College - Mr. Simmons classes were so great! He is so eager to help you UNDERSTAND the boring parts/technical aspects. He will spend extra time with you too! Learning the basics of the camera from him were VERY helpful. He is my recommendation for those that don't have a clue about working their camera in manual.

Brookhaven College - both Mr. Martinez and Mr. Levengood were great. Levengood has moved away, but Mr. Martinez still teaches out there. The classes are just long enough for you to really dig in and learn! I took a LOT of studio classes. This is important if you wanna learn more about lighting people. :)

CCCCD - (courtyard center) I also took Architecture/Landscape and Flash Photography here. Terry Weir's class was very helpful in understanding nite lighting and long exposures. He was also just very knowlegable in Lightroom! It was amazing. The Flash class was helpful in a few ways for me. I'm still too challenged with flash - but Mr. Kirby helped us think outside the box with lighting too.

An example of non-flash, longer exposure, HIGH ISO shot....
Taken with the thought of a rock band...grain didn't matter!
The "recipe" was ISO 1600, fstop 2.8, shutter : 1/2 second

I did end up cropping the sides in because this was shot ON the floor and there wasn't a convenient way to crop in my camera. Then i also lateron added a lightroom effect to "punch" it up just a little. I'm liking the ART that i can make in lightroom more and more.

You'll notice just some punches in contrast & color. I'm a big fan of color and rockin crazeeness! This isn't your normal "portrait". I especially liked how the lighting was hitting the drums. It was like he was playing "light". :) ENJOY

For more info on Space Studio and what they do: