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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The beginning of weekend fun....

I had a lot of fun today...taking random pictures at my friends' wedding...itz quite different to be in the "guest" shoes v. actually WORKING at the wedding. I had to hold myself back from going nutz! haha!!! I did have some fun though - I ended up taking my lil point & shoot and taking small videos of pieces of the wedding & reception. It was soooo fun. Also, to know that maybe my friend might just appreciate those lil videos!

So here are the highlights from today:
from my point & shoot with no flash.

The bride & groom getting the ceremony on! yea!
This cake was pretty! And from what i heard, quite yummy. I had the chocolate!
The photographer at the lovely friend Jose! :) I was sporting my camera shaped earrings and my lovely vintage springy dress. :) It was a great day!!! Congrats to Sabrina!
More to come tomorrow - as we explore downtown Carrollton with our Photo Life Team.

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