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Sunday, May 10, 2009

My own personal family photo record!

I think I set my highest record of a family photo so far! At least, I believe this is my largest so far. :) There were 17 lovely faces in this photo and I'm so glad the pictures worked out great. I had to do some tweaking & ended up setting my flash on manual and popping it a lil higher for a good exposure! I also took my large reflector w/ gold on it to aim at the faces! A little light or reflection helps fill in darker spots!

After our indoors shots, we were able to enjoy the lovely CLOUDY weather outside. I had still accidentally under-exposed some pictures, but thankfully they are always fixable. There were 9 grandkids in we decided to let their energy just flow! We did 2 pictures that i enjoyed very much. Them all running together...and them all holding hands & jumping. Even the baby joined in!

No matter how big or small your family is - document those moments - because those moments pass so fast...before you know it- 20 years pass and you are looking back at them...with smiles & laughter & love!

Have a GREAT Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!

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