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Thursday, May 28, 2009

NEWS coming up....and today's reflective post.

August 7th & 8th 2009...there is a show coming up that i'm in....called "Atomic Pink"....itz an all girl artist/photography/musician/poet, etc kind of show where it is all women participating. It is open to all the public and the DFW area!!!! I'll have more details as the time grows closer...but here is the flyer!!!!
(yes, this is me...and that is my pink hair- itz named after me)
for more info & checking up :

Also, today I ventured out with a great photographer friend of just capture WHATEVER we came across. Find the mysteries...Find God...what have you!

Today's image for me was a door laying in the water. But i'm not going to post the "before" picture...i'm posting the after picture. I kinda got this brief idea of the door opening into a whole new world...between light & dark...between smooth & textured. I'm sure this is a work in progress...and COULD end up in my show in August...but i make no promises...

My one promise I do that these things...will be unseen to most of the public until the day of....
Here you go:

Take what you want out of it...i've found that "artwork" per say...isn't always so much about what i have to say...but what YOU have to interpret! Take a moment...reflect...and then go create your own!!!!!

Have a great day all!


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