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Sunday, May 3, 2009

A great Sunday!!!!

We spent most of the day chillin & watching caught up on all the rentals...and then 6pm came around for our life team for Photography....we started this group as just a way for people to meet each other, learn & grow from each other. I have a blast doing this...and helping others take time out for their creative eyes! :)

I have to say I was doing "ok" at first. But when I brought out my foam head prop, i started getting a little more excited. She just photographs so wild...that I usually have a blast playing with her. Here are some of my favorites from the shoot tonite. All have been touched in lightroom, because I believe these needed to be MADE into a picture, v. straight out of the camera. I like going over & above on these - because they ARE artwork.

What do you see?
You can see more here at my facebook album:
This is a bridge on the left...and a grain silo on the right...with me looking up at the sky and holding the head out in front of me! :)
This is exploring the construction site. There are always large yellow metal bins out there. This particular effect in lightroom made me feel ...i still don't have the WORDS for this picture.

This is another perspective shot...i took several versions of these, but opted to keep the one w/ the head in focus v. the ground. :)
Oh, this is one of my favs so far!!! These are the bridges/highways above her and i set her right in the middle of the perspective shot - then in lightroom i used the "negative" preset and then "lightened" her face back up because it was all black. I thought this turned out so neat...i was verrrrrrrry happy w/ it! :)

My encouragement to all of you photographers of any level...
We have busy moms, busy dads, people who work full time with creative gifts. The only way to keep those gifts alive is to stretch them and use them! Take some time out of the week to devote solely to your craft. Whatever it may be...and before you know have really expressed yourself in a way that others can see & in turn help THEM reflect in their own lives! We all have a voice, itz just that some of us talk at a whisper and some of us scream.
Don't be afraid to speak!
have a super nite.
Until next time!

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