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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Surprise weekend!

There are times in my life...when the "plans" aren't always what they day i have work...and the next week - i could not!

Thanks to some referrals and some nice folks....i had 2 shoots today....both lil family sessions...with some quick fun and GREAT weather. I've been praying away rain most of the weekend because the forecast for today WAS rain. LOL!!!!! However, this was not the case...we got some great intense sunshine - followed by pockets of cloudyness.

Either way...i had some fun people to work with today...and some great smiles to capture!
(the gallery is partially up on both shoots)

here is family one! A mommy & her son! FULL of energy!!!!! I love this picture very much because it just shows you part of his personality. Not afraid of anything...and wants to be a palientologist! lol!!!!
This photo is family #2 - i chose this one to show...because i think it was a fun, not over-thought image that i enhance by COLOR and by lowering the exposure of the sky in Lightroom. I love intense color....and of course, they were all wearing one of my FAV colors...GREEEEN!!!!!

Have a GREAT rest of your memorial day weekend!!!!


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